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Pictures and Partitions of the Universe
World-Wide Pictures and Classifications
Domain-Wide Pictures and Classifications

The 11 nations of the United States. Shifting tides: Global economic scenarios for 2015–25. At the National People’s Congress in Beijing in March 2015, China’s Premier Li Keqiang announced a growth target of 7 percent, acknowledging that “deep-seated problems in the country’s economy are becoming more obvious.”

Shifting tides: Global economic scenarios for 2015–25

Three months later and thousands of miles away in Washington, the World Bank lowered its growth forecasts across the board and asked the US Federal Reserve Bank to delay any contemplated rate hikes. African Leadership Transitions Tracker. This evolution graphic will make you feel tiny - Business Insider. World's Largest Tree Of Life Visualizes 50,000 Species Across Time. Limits to Growth was right. New research shows we're nearing collapse. The 1972 book Limits to Growth, which predicted our civilisation would probably collapse some time this century, has been criticised as doomsday fantasy since it was published.

Limits to Growth was right. New research shows we're nearing collapse

Back in 2002, self-styled environmental expert Bjorn Lomborg consigned it to the “dustbin of history”. It doesn’t belong there. Research from the University of Melbourne has found the book’s forecasts are accurate, 40 years on. Top Brookings Infographics of 2014. If the old adage, "A picture is worth a thousand words," is true, then I hope you'll enjoy the ten thousand words below, all culled from the cornucopia of Brookings infographics published in 2014, and presented in no particular order.

Top Brookings Infographics of 2014

John Hudak cataloged presidential executive orders (through mid-June 2014), finding that President Obama, to that time, had been issuing executive orders at the slowest rate since Grover Cleveland. Bruce Jones, David Steven, and Emily O'Brien examined how energy issues are becoming more central to U.S. foreign policy, and showed China's energy vulnerabilities in this chart. In the latest "Foresight Africa" publication, Brookings experts explore top issues facing Africa in 2015. In one of the sections, Homi Kharas and Julie Biau measure sub-Saharan African nations' progress toward meeting the Millennium Development Goals compared to globally. 85 Years, 85 Ideas. Research Reveals That Apocalyptic Stories Changed Dramatically 20 Years Ago.

WebGL Globe. 163413_479288597199_8388607_n.jpg (2368×1179) Atlas of the World Wide Web - Aizendaf. How healthy is the web? (launched) Visualizing Global Web Performance with Akamai. - StumbleUpon. The Lewis Model - Business Insider#%21. ScienceMapFullColorPrint2_lowRes_b.jpg (3601×3366) Map of Science Looks Like Milky Way. The pursuit of human knowledge has a shape.

Map of Science Looks Like Milky Way

By crunching data from more than a billion user interactions on scholarly databases, Los Alamos National Laboratory researchers produced a high-resolution map of the relationships between different fields of science. They’re not the first to map science, though they insist that their map is best. Other topographers of knowledge, they say, aren’t up to date on what modern scholars search for, and rely too much on natural science databases. (Maybe that’s why the Los Alamos map, published in Public Library of Science ONE , looks a bit like the Milky Way, while this lovely scientific paradigm map — a favorite of Nature and Seed magazine — looks like an amoeba.)

The Los Alamos team analyzed click streams from 23 databases — Thomson Scientific, Elsevier, Jstor, Ingenta and multiple campuses of the University of Texas and California State University — and mapped patterns of interest and cross-journal citations. Map of Science. Big Pictures. Primary purpose Summary Potential benefits Who can use the tool?

Big Pictures

What resources are needed? Development, ownership and support Third sector examples Further sources of information Footnotes The Big Picture Primary purpose. The Linking Open Data cloud diagram. A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods. The Internet map. Management Theories. Chart.html. Reputation Institute. 40 Maps They Didn’t Teach You In School. By the time we graduate high school, we learn that they never taught us the most interesting things in there.

40 Maps They Didn’t Teach You In School

Sure, you might be able to name the European countries or point New York on the map, but does that give a you real understanding of how the world functions? To fill this gap, we have gathered a great and informative selection of infographical maps that they should’ve shown us at school: every single one of these maps reveals different fun and interesting facts, which can actually help you draw some pretty interesting conclusions.

[Read more...] What makes infographical maps so engaging is how easy it becomes to conceive graphically presented information. The best part, there are brilliant services like Target Map that “allow everyone (from individuals to large organizations) to represent their data on maps of any country in the world and to share their knowledge with the whole Internet Community.” The Ultimate Lifestyle Planning Guide and Map. The Ultimate Lifestyle Planning Guide and Map. Occasionally I get in a silly mood and make things like this. I’ve used the phrase getting ahead, getting along, getting away before as a shorthand description of the basic challenge of living life (an overload of a 2-pronged phrase from personality psychologist Robert Hogan: getting along and getting ahead) and I like to use it to frame any writing in this general department.

The 9 Circles of Scientific Hell.