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How to Criticize (and Take Criticism) Dealing with criticism is a skill every well-adjusted man should possess.

How to Criticize (and Take Criticism)

We give and take criticism among our co-workers, our friends, and our family. A Crash Course in Real World Self-Defense. Editor’s note: This is a guest article from Eric Flynn.

A Crash Course in Real World Self-Defense

Self-defense is an art that every man should know, not only for protecting himself, but also his friends and family. When it comes to learning this art, there are a wide variety of combat disciplines and systems one can study, and nothing can take the place of training with an experienced coach. The reality is, however, that sometimes you just might not have the money or time to take up lessons, or you’ve started them, but you’re still pretty green. Given that conflict seldom cares about your budget, schedule, or experience, what should you do if you find yourself in a self-defense situation, without advanced skills for handling it? Ways to never run out of ideas. If You Ask Yourself This Question Every Single Day, You’ll Be Ahead of 99%

50 Notorious Comebacks That Shut People Down Immediately. Being in an argument, whether voluntarily or not, is one of the most emotionally draining situations you can get yourself into.

50 Notorious Comebacks That Shut People Down Immediately

It raises your blood pressure, and you may feel trapped by the opponent trying to prove their point no matter what. It gets even more frustrating when the person you’re arguing with is proving a point that, in your eyes, doesn’t make any sense to begin with. Whether it’s anti-maskers, anti-vaxers, flat-earthers, or conspiracy theorists, anyone can have their own opinion, but as such, everyone can stand up for their own beliefs. I Tried Living Like A Stereotypical “French Girl” & It Changed My Life. What is Neurohacking? The term ‘hacker’ has its origins in computer programming subcultures from the ‘60s, and was used to describe people who wanted to take on hard problems in a spirit of playful exploration and a resistance to ‘unearned’ authority.

What is Neurohacking?

Although the methods, means and intentions of hackers varied widely, all seemed to share a unique ethos that mixed a deep commitment to individual autonomy and agency with an equally deep commitment to collaboration and co-creation. .jpg (500×501) Walt Disney Had a 3-Step Method for Crafting Visionary Ideas. How introverts can learn to speak up. Picture this: You’re crammed into a humid, overcrowded New York City subway car, lurching along the tracks with no air conditioning.

How introverts can learn to speak up

Suddenly, the guy three seats away from you grabs a standing rider’s behind, and squeezes. She yelps and takes a few steps away, and is visibly shaken—but no one else in the car seems to have noticed what just happened. This Psychological Theory Explains Why Insecure People Brag So Much. In the early 1980s, psychology researchers Robert A.

This Psychological Theory Explains Why Insecure People Brag So Much

Wicklund and Peter M. Gollwitzer at the University of Austin led a series of experiments about self-completion theory. In a 1981 paper, they sought to find out whether how secure someone felt in their identity affected how much they felt the need to influence others in that area. 30 Adults Share Basic Life Skills That They Failed To Learn. As a child, whenever you had a problem you most likely went to your parents or some other adult to solve it.

30 Adults Share Basic Life Skills That They Failed To Learn

But as you grew up, you learned how to do things on your own. Part of being an adult is having a grasp on certain basic life skills — however, as it turns out, not everything is as 'basic' to one person as it is to the next. The New York Times editor Jenée Desmond-Harris recently shared on Twitter her landlord’s unexpected 'life skills blindspot', and then asked the internet to share their own. 33 Times People Witnessed Something Interesting At The Beach And Just Had To Share It. How to Sharpen a Knife. About a year ago, we wrote an article on why every man should carry a pocket knife.

How to Sharpen a Knife

A lot of you out there agreed that the pocket knife deserves a permanent place in every man’s pocket. After we wrote the post, we started getting emails from men who were first time pocket knife owners asking how to sharpen their new prized possession. Well today we’re going to answer that question. The Incredible, Edible, and Yes, Microwavable Egg. You might tend to scoff at microwaved meals.

The Incredible, Edible, and Yes, Microwavable Egg

Always better to prepare with “real” heat versus that artificial variety, right? In most cases, I’m totally with ya. There’s just no getting around the fact that microwaving foods messes with flavor and texture in unpleasant ways. How to Use the “5 Hour Rule” to Radically Improve Your Intelligence and Success. A system of constant learning used by Benjamin Franklin, Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates.

How to Use the “5 Hour Rule” to Radically Improve Your Intelligence and Success

In today’s business world, it seems like every second you’re not working there’s money being poured down the drain. Especially during hectic weeks, most of us just try to keep our heads down, our eyes on the screen, and distractions far, far away. But it turns out that devoting just one hour of purposeful distraction every weekday can actually enable you to be radically more productive and innovative in the long run.

So no matter how busy they are, many of the world’s most esteemed entrepreneurs, artists, and politicians share this quality. For a prime example, look no further than Founding Father Ben Franklin. - The Washington Post. Local.theonion. Local.theonion. The Lost Wallet Honesty Test. Casually Explained Hilariously Breaks Down the Levels of Thought. South Carolina man buys homeless person a meal at McDonald's. 20+ Times People Proved They Were Right In The Best Possible Way. Why I Can Be the Only 8% of People Who Reach the Goal Every Single Time. Losing weight, saving money, getting fit, quitting smoking… Haven’t you ever gotten excited about your New Year’s goals?

You’re not alone. Unfortunately, as studies show, most resolutions don’t go beyond the wishful thinking stage. A staggering 92 people out of 100 fail to achieve their New Year’s goals.1 When the “fresh start effect” fades away, motivation falters and the first bump on the road often signals the end of the journey. We end up the following year with the exact same goals, again and again –as if we were stuck in life. There may be many reasons why people end up giving up on our goals.

Picking up the wrong objectives;Not setting the goal properly;Setting the bar too high and feel overwhelmed;Lacking guidance and support;Not planning strategies for overcoming obstacles; etc. Things Never to Tell Children. Why We Lose Motivation Once in a While and How to Fix It Forever. Lifehack. Lifehack. 10 Things I Would Do If I Were Twenty-One. Podcast #307: Make Your Bed, Change the World. Improve Your Decision Making By Knowing Yourself Better.

The Perfect Personality Trait For Intelligent People. The most fundamentally important personality trait for a thoughtful person of any political hue. Being aware you could be wrong is a fundamentally important personality trait, new research reveals. People who are intellectually humble are better able to assess evidence and they also tend to stick to their principles, once established. In other words, the humble show more integrity. Professor Mark Leary, the study’s lead author, said: “If you think about what’s been wrong in Washington for a long time, it’s a whole lot of people who are very intellectually arrogant about the positions they have, on both sides of the aisle.But even in interpersonal relationships, the minor squabbles we have with our friends, lovers and coworkers are often about relatively trivial things where we are convinced that our view of the world is correct and their view is wrong.”

The research also revealed that there was no difference in intellectual humility between liberals and conservatives. Lessons from Charlie Munger: Destroy Your Previous Ideas & Reexamine Your Convictions. Reexamine your deep-rooted ideas Here is one of the many nuggets of wisdom from the 2016 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting. At the 4:39:39 mark in the meeting’s webcast by Yahoo!

Finance, Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger discuss an effective strategy for persuasion and argumentation: Charlie Munger: We try and avoid the worst anchoring effect which is always your previous conclusion. [Effective Arguments] Explain Your Opponent’s Perspective. “The man who can hold forth on every matter under debate in two contradictory ways of pleading, or can argue for and against every proposition that can be laid down – such a man is the true, the complete, and the only orator.” – Cicero “If you can’t imagine how anyone could hold the view you are attacking, you just don’t understand it yet.” – Anthony Weston, ‘Rulebook for Arguments’ Explaining the Other Side of the Argument.

How to Find Direction Using the Sun and Stars. 22 Questions to Reignite Love. Occasionally, our relationships need to get re-started. We love one another but a lot has accumulated that we haven’t properly dealt with. Certain things haven’t been said, resentments may have built up, playfulness has been neglected and there is a lot we should – but haven’t found the words – to express.

Box Breathing (the Navy SEAL breathing technique) from QuietKit. Breathe in sync with this: This Navy SEAL breathing technique, aka box breathing or tactical breathing, is used to calm yourself down, a simple 4 second rotation of breathing in, holding, breathing out, holding. How to Reduce Stress by Breathing Like the Navy SEALs.

Future - The secret to living a meaningful life. Your Answer to this Question will Determine Your Success in Life. Lifehack. You’re sitting in your living room watching a new Tony Robbins motivational documentary about changing yourself. Lifehack. Even the best, most ambitious people find it hard to get things done sometimes. Motivation doesn’t exactly greet us every morning or even make attempts to show up at the front door and ring the bell. Lifehack. A common piece of fitness advice is to “find comfort in discomfort.” The basic premise is that you cannot move forward and grow without pushing yourself past the boundaries of your comfort zone and into new territory.

What It Means To Be A Gentleman Today — Gentleman's Gazette. -100% ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (64) ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (24) TOP You hear it everywhere these days: the term “gent” or “gentleman” has become ubiquitous in men’s magazines, blogs, and conversations. Videos welcome “gentlemen” and everybody seems to use the word for a wide range of men. A reader recently took us to task by saying that anything other than the traditional definition of a gentleman is a disappointment. How To Live a More Meaningful Life.

Seven steps to a more meaningful life includes meditation, movement and maximisation. Top of the list for living a meaningful daily life is being more mindful, according to occupational therapist Dr. Bulletproof Mind: 6 Techniques for Mental Resilience from the Navy SEALs - Market Meditations. The Myth of Scarcity: 12 Stupidly Easy Things That'll Set You Apart from the Pack. How to Treat a Jellyfish Sting. Theconversation. We don’t need no (moral) education? Five things you should learn about ethics. - Shalom Y'all Ceramic Door Sign - Decorative Plaques. 18-Year-Old Model Edits Her Instagram Posts To Reveal The Truth Behind The Photos.

Self-Defense Moves That Can Save Your Life. Killer cops, drone wars and the crisis of democracy. Reviving Blue Collar Work: 4 Myths About the Skilled Trades. How to Create Habits That Stick (+Pavlok Giveaway) 5 Tools for Thriving in Uncertainty. Create More Joy in Your Life by Prioritizing Things You Enjoy Doing. Christopher Kimball’s brilliant cooking show, and Book Fight! talks copyright · Podmass.

John Boyd’s Roll Call: Do You Want to Be Someone or Do Something? The Four Types of Friends According to the Buddha. How Contemplation Changes Our Brains For The Better. The 10 Smartest Things You Can Do Every Night. The Way of the Bodhisattva: Living in the World. The 3 Elements of Charisma: Warmth. Get Fit Like a Wild Man: A Primer on MovNat and Outdoor Training. You May Be Strong . . . But Are You Tough? Could “braingasms” supplant meditation? How A Scientist Tricks His Brain Into Solving Ultra-Complex Problems.

The Secret to Breaking Out of Our Most Destructive Habits. Dig Deep: You’re Stronger Than You Think. 15 Things Kurt Vonnegut Said Better Than Anyone Else Ever Has Or Will. Science Has Been Misleading You About Some Fundamental Truths. How to Get Your Point Across Calmly and Effectively. What Strengthens and Weakens Our Integrity – Part I: Why Small Choices Count. Fathering With Intentionality: The Importance of Creating a Family Culture. Changing The Creepy Guy Narrative — The Benefits of Minimalism – Simplicity and Freedom. How to Criticize (and Take Criticism) How to Properly Praise Someone. How to Accept a Compliment With Class.

Life Is Practiced Rather Than Perfected: Balance Is Good Enough. Resiliency. Are You a Sheep or Sheepdog? Part III: Your Roadmap to Becoming a Sheepdog. On Being Neighborly. The Outlook Ain’t Pretty – But Looking Up Is Great! Are You a Sheep or Sheepdog? Part I. A Powerful Lesson in Self-Compassion: Are You Allergic to Honey? The Way of the Bodhisattva: Living in the World. How to Be a Gentleman Behind the Wheel. 10 Things Science Says Will Make You Happy. Three Fun and Easy Things Science Says Will Make You Happier.

Life: What are the top 10 things that we should be informed about, in life. Why Focus Makes Us Smarter. This Is Your Body On Stress (INFOGRAPHIC) Meditation Apps For Inner Peace (On The Go) How Our Machine-Based Way of Life is Not Only Destroying Nature, It Is Also Destroying Us. How to master your life - Leading a better life - Quora. The World Is a Kinder Place When You’re Kind. Manvotional: 4 Rules on How to Make the Most of Life.