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Wikipedia at 20: last gasp of an internet vision, or a beacon to a better future? Twenty years ago today, a tech startup called Nupedia launched a side project.

Wikipedia at 20: last gasp of an internet vision, or a beacon to a better future?

The company had been hard at work producing a free online encyclopaedia, but it was slow going: its strict editing process, comprehensive peer review and focus on expert authors meant it finished only 21 articles in its first year. The side project would do away with all of that. Instead, anyone would be able to write and edit articles. Ginella Massa is revolutionizing Canadian television…again. The history-making journalist discusses diversifying newsrooms and the conversations Canada needs to have before she premieres her new primetime show, Canada Tonight with Ginella Massa Courtesy of CBC Ginella Massa is hosting her own primetime news and current affairs talk show on CBC News Network.

Ginella Massa is revolutionizing Canadian television…again

The host of CBC News Network’s new show Canada Tonight with Ginella Massa is the first person to ever give me a shot on-air. In 2013, Massa was a producer at CTV News Channel. She invited the brown film critic writing for NOW Magazine to appear on a live national program, which was essentially an audition to be a regular film critic for the show. After Searching for a Decade, Legendary Hollywood Research Library Finds a New Home - Internet Archive Blogs. Need to know what an Igloo really looks like?

After Searching for a Decade, Legendary Hollywood Research Library Finds a New Home - Internet Archive Blogs

How about a Siberian hut? Or the inside of a 15th Century jail? For 50 years in Hollywood, generations of filmmakers would beat a path to the Michelson Cinema Research Library, where renowned film researcher Lillian Michelson could hunt down the answer to just about any question. Neuroscience Explains Why Instagram Is So Bad For Teen Girls. Thanks to ongoing brain development and increased sensitivity to dopamine (a neurotransmitter associated with motivation, pleasure and reward), teenagers are more likely to crave reward-based experiences.

Neuroscience Explains Why Instagram Is So Bad For Teen Girls

And, because their prefrontal cortex (the area associated with understanding, evaluation and decision-making) is still developing, social interactions greatly shape impulse control and critical thinking. In the past, we often thought of these as risk-taking behaviors like driving fast or attempts at fitting in to get approval from peers. But in the age of smartphones, social media, followers, and likes, reward-seeking behaviors in teens is increasingly associated with approval online. Study says it’s not if, but how people use social media that impacts their well-being. A new study from UBC Okanagan examines how using social media impacts happiness.

study says it’s not if, but how people use social media that impacts their well-being

Passively scrolling through posts may not result in feelings of happiness New research from UBC Okanagan indicates what’s most important for overall happiness is how a person uses social media. Derrick Wirtz, an associate professor of teaching in psychology at the Irving K. Barber Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, took a close look at how people use three major social platforms—Facebook, Twitter and Instagram—and how that use can impact a person’s overall well-being.

Fake naked photos of thousands of women shared online. Instagram censored one of these photos but not the other. We must ask why. Last week brought an issue to the attention of millions of Instagram users – one that we in marginalised communities have been aware of for years: the Instagram algorithm favours thin, white, cisgendered people and effectively censors the rest of us.

Instagram censored one of these photos but not the other. We must ask why

On Friday, Australian comedic juggernaut Celeste Barber posted the latest in her #CelesteChallengeAccepted series of parody images to her audience of 7.3 million: a side-by-side photo of her imitating a post from former Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel, clutching her bare breast and exposing side boob. But while both photos revealed the exact same parts of each body (Barber, in fact, added a string bikini), Instagram wouldn’t let fans share Barber’s post, notifying some users that it “goes against our community guidelines on nudity or sexual activity”. Swanepoel’s post, meanwhile, went unreported. Drivers wearing earbuds are distracted even if phone is dead: BC court.

A BC driver lost his appeal in a distracted driving case in which he argued that even though he had earbuds in, he was not distracted driving because the cellphone he had in the car with him was dead.

Drivers wearing earbuds are distracted even if phone is dead: BC court

In a BC Supreme Court this week, Chief Justice Heather Holmes ruled that the charge stemming from a 2019 incident will stand, stating that she found “no error in the judicial justice’s conclusion that earbuds connected to an iPhone “were part of that electronic device.” According to court documents, the original charge came when Patrick Grzelak was alone in his car, driving home after work. His iPhone was in the centre cubbyhole in the dashboard, but its battery was dead.

Grzelak had earbuds in his ears because, as he explained in the trial, he had been using them during a long day of telephone conference calls, and he had developed a habit of leaving them in his ears for the drive home to block out the drone of the highway. The Zoom Signal Protecting Domestic Violence Survivors.

Twitter to Roll Out Prompt Warning You to Read the Dang Article. Untitled. Facebook will block Australians from sharing news if a landmark plan to make digital platforms pay for news content becomes law, the digital giant has warned.


The sharing of personal content between family and friends will not be affected and neither will the sharing of news by Facebook users outside of Australia, the social network said. The mandatory news code has been backed by all the major media companies including News Corp Australia, Nine Entertainment and Guardian Australia, as a way to offset the damage caused by the loss of advertising revenue to Facebook and Google. “Assuming this draft code becomes law, we will reluctantly stop allowing publishers and people in Australia from sharing local and international news on Facebook and Instagram,” the managing director of Facebook Australia & New Zealand Will Easton said in a blog post on Tuesday. Untitled. Untitled. Written for Daily Hive by Martha Switzer, co-founder of Sprout Wellness.


My company, Sprout, is based in Toronto, but I am in Vancouver, so video conferencing has been our lifeline during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since we went into lockdown, I have been on more than 100 video calls with my team. It has allowed us to keep working, connect with friends, and see our families. The Illustrated History of Emojis. The 25 greatest video game consoles – ranked! The second true 32-bit machine after the FM Towns Marty, the 3DO was available via a unique business model: the 3DO Company (formed by Electronic Arts founder Trip Hawkins) licensed its technical specifications to third-party manufacturers such as Sanyo and Panasonic, which then built their own versions.

The 25 greatest video game consoles – ranked!

Unfortunately, this approach made the hardware hugely expensive ($699 at launch – equivalent to $1,267 or £990 today) compared with rival consoles that could be sold at a loss by their manufacturers. There were some excellent titles, including the original Need for Speed and the strategy-shooter Return Fire, but the PlayStation killed it stone dead. 24. Atari Jaguar (1993) Untitled. It’s almost midnight, and my son has been in bed for four hours.

My dog is under the covers, snoring on my feet. I’m still up, though, headphones plugged into my laptop as I watch YouTube makeup tutorials, one after the other after the other. My days always start at six in the morning, and I should really be asleep by now. How the 'Plandemic' conspiracy theory took hold. O have one viral sensation, Oscar Wilde might have said, is unfortunate. But to have two smacks of carelessness. And that’s what we have. Trapped in a hoax: survivors of conspiracy theories speak out. Conspiracy theories used to be seen as bizarre expressions of harmless eccentrics. Eight marvelous and melancholy things I've learned about creativity. Untitled. This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form. AMY GOODMAN: This is Democracy Now!

,, The War and Peace Report. Report and Reaction: Whitecaps’ exciting four play leads to tremendous Rapids climax – AFTN. The abuse and threats made to Greta Thunberg by people from Bristol. When teenage environmental activist Greta Thunberg announced she would be coming to Bristol more than a week ago, it created a huge buzz in the city. Tens of thousands of people turned out to hear her speak on College Green and join a march around the city centre calling for greater action from governments and corporations around the world to do more to tackle rising global temperatures.

Untitled. Tesla teardown finds electronics 6 years ahead of Toyota and VW. 'I was always told I was unusual': why so few women design video games. There’s a stereotype that women don’t play video games, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. The numbers don’t lie: 52% of gamers were female in the UK’s last major study in 2014. But if we look at the proportion of female workers in the games industry, it’s just 28% in the UK, and roughly 20% worldwide.

If so many women are playing games, why are so few making them? The problem lies in the feedback loop of under-representation in the video games industry. Women are less likely to see themselves represented in games, games advertising or working in games design and development roles. Why is YouTube Broadcasting Climate Misinformation to Millions? What They Haven’t Told You about Climate Change. Why taking Facebook quizzes is a really bad idea. Which Dr. Screen time kids study: Groundbreaking study examines effects of screen time on kids - 60 Minutes. Untitled. Untitled. In a major victory for privacy rights, a federal court has held that the federal government’s suspicionless searches of smartphones, laptops, and other electronic devices at airports or other U.S. ports of entry are unconstitutional. The ruling in our case is a recognition that the Constitution protects us even at the border, and that traveling to or from the United States doesn’t mean we give the government unfettered access to the trove of personal information on our mobile devices.

That Uplifting Tweet You Just Shared? A Russian Troll Sent It. After viral posts about abductions and sex rings, Abbotsford police address problematic issues with social media. Inuit sharing ancient knowledge of ice, sea and land with new app. How a CBC producer caught Trudeau on a hot mic gossiping about Trump. 10 Canadian songs that shaped the 2010s. A quarter of young people report 'problematic smartphone use': research. Detroit has a new old-school payphone that's free to use. Reporting in Indigenous Communities. Federal Court Rules Suspicionless Searches of Travelers’ Phones and Laptops Unconstitutional. What the digital age means for my music — and my paycheque. Mizzou Tweet on Diversity Goes Wrong, So Very Wrong.

Without encryption we will lose all privacy. This is our new battleground. John Oliver buys $15 million of medical debt for $60,000 and forgives it all, because he could. [Thread] 1/ I have compiled a lot of data over the past month on various Trudeau hashtags. In this analysis I compiled samples from the past 1.5 months In the following analysis, you will see pro-Trump accounts still dominating anti-Trudeau hashtags #cdne. Anxiety and burnout: I work with kids. Here’s why they’re consumed with worry. ‘Do you have white teenage sons? Listen up.’ How white supremacists are recruiting boys online. 89-Year-Old Grandma Says Video Games Keep Her Mind Sharp. Yes, there is a right way to write an email — here are some rules. Why Phone Conversations Are Better Than Texting. How To Stop Checking Your Phone: 4 Secrets From Research.

Ontario’s e-learning plan misses the mark. More than just a game: the zen power of Tetris. Inside the African essay factories that churn out university coursework for 115,000 cheating British students every year. The Amateur Radio Operators Preparing for Disaster. This Is How Borrowing Things From Our Neighbors Strengthens Society by Sarah Lazarovic. What you need to know about viral FaceApp's privacy policy. FaceApp Users Give Russian Developer 'Perpetual' License to Their Photos. In 1886, the US Government Commissioned 7,500 Watercolor Paintings of Every Known Fruit in the World: Download Them in High Resolution. Children wise to fear hand dryers, and 13-year-old proves it with published paper. Ravelry Bans Support of Donald Trump and White Supremacy.

Pelican Rapids Press: An anti-American rag! - Pelican Rapids Press. We Need to Talk About Digital Blackface in Reaction GIFs. Are You Using Social Media or Being Used By It? - Study Hacks - Cal Newport. My So-Called (Instagram) Life. The Science Behind Why We Binge-Watch - Wistia Blog. How China's 'social credit' system blocked millions of people from travelling. Mother Tongue - by Victoria Ying. The "Bulte Report" Redux: Canadian Heritage Committee Releases Embarrassingly One-Sided Remuneration Models Study. The Terrifying Potential of the 5G Network. Time. Blockchain 101: Breaking down the basics behind the buzzword. The Genderless Digital Voice the World Needs Right Now.

Ontario to ban cellphones in classrooms next school year. Are You Using Social Media or Being Used By It? Suicide instructions spliced into kids’ cartoons on YouTube and YouTube Kids. The curse of the Twitter reply guy. □□✊: How Ocasio-Cortez beat everyone at Twitter in nine tweets. 'How a smartphone saved my mother's life' Forget Screen Time Rules — Lean In To Parenting Your Wired Child, Author Says. B.C. radio host faces torrent of threats, abuse after criticizing Yellow Vest protesters. Parents’ Screen Time Is Hurting Kids. Social fretworks: life online 2018-12-21. Tether Yourself: The Enlightening Talk Parents Aren’t Having Can Keep Teens from a Damaging Drift.

Surgery students 'losing dexterity to stitch patients' A Dark Consensus About Screens and Kids Begins to Emerge in Silicon Valley. Kids Spend Less Time Outdoors Than Prisoners. How Collaboration in Tech is Changing and Why Developers Should Care. BBC Radio 4 - Seriously... - Seriously... - Five ways to burst your social media bubble.

PolitEcho. Gamergate: A Scandal Erupts in the Video-Game Community. How Gamergate Pioneered the Backlash Against Diversity. SXSW considering 'all-day event on harassment' after pulling gaming panels. The women who make a living gaming on Twitch. What Is Gamergate, and Why? An Explainer for Non-Geeks. RCMP requests better social media etiquette from witnesses after fatal crash. Cyberbullying Posters. 17 01192 EN OnlineSlang v2.

Lesson impact cyberbullying. TELUS WISE Helping our kids navigate cyberbullying. Stop Posting Pictures of Strangers on Social Media.