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Artifacts of the Lost Global Civilization. UFO ALIENS Ancient artifact. Al Ubaid, Iraq. Antikythera Machine. BAGHDAD BATTERY. Burrow's Cave. Dogu, Japan. DROPA STONES. Funerary Stele of Ba, Egypt. Morona Santiago, Ecuador. The Gold of The Gods - Ecuador. 1 - The Gold Of The Gods To me this is the most incredible, fantastic story of the century.

The Gold of The Gods - Ecuador

It could easily have come straight from the realms of Science Fiction if I had not seen and photographed the incredible truth in person. What I saw was not the product of dreams or imagination, it was real and tangible. A gigantic system of tunnels, thousands of miles in length and built by unknown constructors at some unknown date, lies hidden deep below the South American continent. Hundreds of miles of underground passages have already been explored and measured in Ecuador and Pent. On July 21, 1969, Juan Moricz, an Argentine subject, deposited a legal title-deed (Fig. 1) signed by several witnesses with Dr. I quote the most important parts of it at the beginning of this incredible story of mine: “Juan Moricz, Argentine citizen by naturalization, born in Hungary, Passport No. 4361689 ... Fig. 1. 1. I first met Juan Moricz on March 4, 1972. His lawyer, Dr. He knew my books! Fig. 2.

Fig. 3. Fig. 5. Metal Pipe in Rock. Model of Concorde, Ecuador. 9000-4000 B.C. Moronga, Ecuador. Ohio Valley. Phaistos Disc. Piris Reis Map. Pyramid and Cobra Ecuador. Sri Lanka Meteorite Fossils. Tooth Wheel Russia. Underneath Crop Circles. Vaimānika Shāstra: The Curious History of the Ancient Indian Flying Machines.

A few years ago, reports surfaced on the Internet of a “vimana” discovered by the United States military in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan.

Vaimānika Shāstra: The Curious History of the Ancient Indian Flying Machines

As incredible as that, itself, sounds, the vimana was also allegedly encased in a “time well,” leading to the disappearance of at least eight soldiers who attempted to retrieve it. Hard to believe? Sure, but it’s an intriguing story nonetheless. Vimanas- Flying Machines of India. Betz Mystery Sphere: Alien Artifact or Doomsday Device? This bizarre, allegedly self propelled, seamless metallic orb was discovered by members of the Betz family in 1974, and rapidly became the object of fascination, controversy and alarm for scientists, military officials, ufologists and the general public as the story of this mystery sphere spread like wildfire through the international media.

Betz Mystery Sphere: Alien Artifact or Doomsday Device?

On May 26, 1974, Terry Mathew Betz, a 21 year-old pre-med student, along his mother Gerri and his marine engineer father, Antoine, were inspecting the damage caused by a brush fire that had raged across an 88-acre swathe of woodland that they had recently acquired on marshy Fort George Island, which is nestled just east of Jacksonville, Florida. At first the trio found nothing out of the ordinary, but before their expedition was over they stumbled across a peculiar highly polished, metal orb that was just under 8-inches in diameter. The trio then surmised that it might be an “old fashioned canon ball, which someone had silver plated,” as a souvenir. OBJECT FOUND AT BALTIC SEA? Bible in which 'Jesus predicts coming of Prophet Muhammad' Turkey. Vatican 'wants to see' 1,500-year-old ancient scriptHas been hidden by Turkish state for 12 yearsHandwritten in gold-lettered Aramaic By Daily Mail Reporter Updated: 17:14 GMT, 24 February 2012 A secret Bible in which Jesus is believed to predict the coming of the Prophet Muhammad to Earth has sparked serious interest from the Vatican.

Bible in which 'Jesus predicts coming of Prophet Muhammad' Turkey

London Hammer. Jomon Dogu « Ancient Aliens. During the Jomon period in Japan which began as early as 13,000 BC, Neolithic hunters and gatherers created figures of clay.

Jomon Dogu « Ancient Aliens

These wonderful, expressive figures are called Dogu (pronounced dough-goo). They took intriguing forms – some with heart shaped faces or triangular pointed heads. Some squat, perhaps in childbirth, others appear to be praying while some even seem to wear goggles and spaceperson attire. Many dogu have recognizably female characteristics with swelling breasts and hips, not unlike the fertility figures common in other cultures. Size ranges from two inches up to nearly two feet for the larger dogu. There is much debate about what dogu meant to the Jomon people and how they were used. These figures have been discovered in all parts of Japan with northern Japan yielding the most variety.

Like this: 400 MILLION YEAR OLD MACHINE FOUND IN RUSSIA. Ica Stones Coexistence with Dinosaurs Advanced Technology? It is a rare object that stimulates the curiosity of archaeologists, ancient astronaut theorists, and creationists all at the same time, but the Ica stones have done just that.

Ica Stones Coexistence with Dinosaurs Advanced Technology?

The Ica stones refer to the momentous collection of more than 15,000 engraved stones which curiously depict clear and detailed dinosaurs, complex medical surgery, and forms of advanced technology such as telescopes. Most believe the stones are nothing more than an elaborate hoax, while others maintain that they are evidence that an ancient race of humans who possessed advanced technology coexisted with dinosaurs.

The stones, which vary in size from pebbles to boulders, are composed of grey andesite with a granite semi-crystalline matrix. It is a hard stone that is difficult to carve, but the images are scratched through the oxidised surfaces. The images carved onto the surface also vary in complexity from simple pictures engraved on one side of the stone to designs of complex scenes. The Glorification Of The Eucharist. The Williams Enigmalith. Helicopter. Mysterious Metal Pipe in Rock. Ancient alien artifacts. GRASDORF plate under crop circle.

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