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RazorLAB - Laser Cutting and Engraving Service for Creatives

RazorLAB - Laser Cutting and Engraving Service for Creatives

Shadi Sajjad | Parametric Realizations Fall 2009 Final Board, Script and Images, Diego Urrego, Mazdak Jafarian, Shadi Sajjad Call Main() Sub Main() Dim k,l,u,v, strPt, arrPt, dblRnd, BBox, dblMaxHt, dblDif, strSrf Dim arrSrfs : arrSrfs = Rhino.getobjects (“Select surface”) Dim dblPer : dblPer = Rhino.GetReal (“Select your percentage”,0.85,,1) Call Rhino.EnableRedraw (False) For Each strSrf In arrSrfs BBox = Rhino.BoundingBox (strSrf) dblMaxHt = BBox(4)(2)-BBox(0)(2) dblDif = dblPer * dblMaxHt Dim intU : intU = 50 Dim intV : intV = 25 ReDim arrFrame(intU,intV) ReDim arrPtNor(intU,intV) ReDim arrPtNora(intU,intV) ReDim arrPtFlip(intU,intV) ReDim arrPtFlipa(intU,intV) ReDim arrSrf(intU) Dim UDomain : UDomain = Rhino.SurfaceDomain(strSrf, 0) Dim VDomain : VDomain = Rhino.SurfaceDomain(strSrf, 1) Dim UStep : UStep = (UDomain(1) – UDomain(0)) / intU Dim VStep : VStep = (VDomain(1) – VDomain(0)) / intV For l = 1 To intV-1 For k = 1 To intU-1 Else Call Rhino.AddCircle3Pt (array(arrPt(0)+(1/16),arrPt( Prototype Reveiw,Mazdak, Shadi, Diego Casting:

Aeroply by Karolina Ferenc Karolina Ferenc is a young designer from Poland who recently created this chaise lounge, called Aeroply, designed to fit a woman’s curves. SOFTlab « Scriptedbypurpose “flash babies” /2007 SOFTlab is a multidisciplinary digital design studio located in NYC. Created in 2005, the studio positions itself at the intersection of digital design and production. “parametric joint systemn” collaboration with 4-pli / 2005-present “screen prototype” /2006 “shelving system” /2007 “ceiling installation” /2007 “nBy table” /2006 Like this: Like Loading...

arcode Lamina Design 4-Dimensional Masonry Construction Axel Kilian « Scriptedbypurpose Axel Kilian recently completed a PhD and subsequent Post Doctoral position in the Computation Group in the Department of Architecture at MIT. He came to MIT on a Fulbright scholarship after completing his professional architecture degree at the University of the Arts in Berlin, Germany. Education Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA Post doctoral Associate in Computation Department of Architecture, MIT (Jan 2006- Jan 2007) Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA Ph.D. in Computation – Feb 2006 “Design exploration using bidirectional constraints” Department of Architecture. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA Master of Science in Architecture Studies. Berlin University of the Arts, Berlin, Germany Dipl-Ing. in Architecture. Awards 1st price composite structures tensinet competition with P. 1st price mini skyscraper competition with P. Publications Kilian, A. Exhibitions,Conferences,Lectures

Parametric Design & Digital Fabrication | aurelVR architecture Digital Design and Representation stand at the core of the education of architects and urban designers. Due to the proliferation of computers, the increasing computer literacy amongst incoming students and the fundamental shift in the profession towards the digital, digital design and representation needs to be re-assessed all together. Neither the computer, nor the program, nor the computer user are supposed to replace the classical role of the architect. Instead, the architect needs to embrace and understand the fundamental capacities and limitations of the digital. The overarching pedagogical concept is the model as information entity. Final review with 80+ students and collaborative models cnc-cut paper model - collaboratively assembled Card board laser model Fuse deposit model cellular foam model Relief CNC foam cut Layered laser cut plexi model

Digital fabrication « Maciej Burdalski Here is another project, that we were working on in WWA Architects with cooperation with Boris Kudlicka: Interiors for the Polish Pavilion for EXPO 2010 More information can be found on WWAA website: Currently I am working for WWA Architects in Warsaw. Here I am posting previous of some projects, that we were involved in lately: Competition for Cultural Center in Warsaw. Foam model and robot. Foam model 1. Foam model 2. Video of fabrication: Project description: Project tries to push forward the conception of personal fabbers, as a CNC machines that could be customized. A base for a personal CNC machine is “Serb” robot platform which assembly instruction is publicized under Creative Commons license on the website. Second modification of the robot was changing the drawing pen into the driller that enables cutting and milling of the material. Double-curvature surface is designed using CAM software. Laser cutting 1 Laser Cutting 2

digital fabrication – a pipe « workshops factory “A pipe”, praca wykonana w ramach zajec Digital Fabrication w Iaac pod kierownictwem Marty Male-Alemany, prezentuje mozliwosci jakie otwiera modelowanie 3D polaczone bezposrednio z technologia wycinania. Nasz wycinek jest czescia wiekszej instalacji na ktora skladaja sie rozne projekty polaczone w jedna calosc ( jak na zdjeciu ). Wszystkie elementy modelowane byly w Rhino a nastepnie skladane w calosc. Ponizej widac cala instalacje oraz nasza czesc : proces skladania, finalny projekt i pliki gotowe do wyciecia: A pipe, project done in the Digital Fabrication course in Iaac under tutorship of Marta Male-Alemany, conststing simply of vertical and horizontal sections, presents possibilities and potentials of 3D modelling directly transferred into lasercut files. Like this: Like Loading...

Sneak Peek at Edward van Vliet's Sushi Collection For Moroso Not yet on the market, Moroso's newest collection of seating, pouffes and rugs is named the Sushi Collection. This special combination of different elements is indeed the key characteristic of this collection, which unites simple, clean lines with exquisite patchwork embroidery, evocative of Japanese or Moroccan moods, and embroidered, ultra-modern geometric patterns. The pieces, as well as the fabrics in the collection have been designed by Edward van Vliet. Above: Dutch designer Edward van Vliet Edward van Vliet is a Dutch interior designer who started off as a fabric designer before moving into interior design and large-scale furnishing projects, including Derlon Hotel and NL Hotel in Amsterdam. He worked with Patrizia Moroso on this collection (shown above). The Sushi collection is a sophisticated wrapping concept inspired by universal layers, found also in nature and architecture. The donut pouffe incorporates some of the same geometric fabrics: The Sushi seat The Juju seat