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RazorLAB - Laser Cutting and Engraving Service for Creatives

RazorLAB - Laser Cutting and Engraving Service for Creatives

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Cool Stuff – David’s Personalized Necklace Check out this interview with funky Ponoko member David Bizer, and also his video at the bottom of the post about his creation the Odb. Way out stuff! David Bizer (aka bza) Joined January 08 David, a Ponoko member from Berlin, has created one of the most awesomely unique necklaces we’ve seen so far. One that can be individualized by sound waves. Parametric Realizations Fall 2009 Final Board, Script and Images, Diego Urrego, Mazdak Jafarian, Shadi Sajjad Call Main() Sub Main() Dim k,l,u,v, strPt, arrPt, dblRnd, BBox, dblMaxHt, dblDif, strSrf Dim arrSrfs : arrSrfs = Rhino.getobjects (“Select surface”) Dim dblPer : dblPer = Rhino.GetReal (“Select your percentage”,0.85,,1) Call Rhino.EnableRedraw (False) For Each strSrf In arrSrfs BBox = Rhino.BoundingBox (strSrf) dblMaxHt = BBox(4)(2)-BBox(0)(2) dblDif = dblPer * dblMaxHt Dim intU : intU = 50 Dim intV : intV = 25

3D Printing Service i.materialise Oops...Seems your browser is blocking cookies. Please adjust your settings to accept cookies. Already a member? Log In Bookcubes: Souvenirs of Digital Reading I was recently asked by the good people at Proboscis to undertake a virtual residency, exploring their Bookleteer suite of tools. Bookleteer is described as “a platform for public authoring and cultures of listening—creating and sharing knowledge, stories, ideas and information”, and also as a form of samizdat for the twentieth century. I’ll be further exploring the Bookleteer API in a future post. Aeroply by Karolina Ferenc Karolina Ferenc is a young designer from Poland who recently created this chaise lounge, called Aeroply, designed to fit a woman’s curves. Laser cut way finding The Laser Cutter Roundup — a weekly dose of laser-cut love: #114 Hey, Sam here collecting the post from The Laser Cutter . Make sure you join TLC’s Facebook page . Above is a laser cut and etched map of Calgary from Solarbotic with artwork from David Byroe and cut at Protospace . After the jump, a lamp, feathers, and pagoda…

What a Shaman Sees in A Mental Hospital By: Stephanie Marohn with Malidoma Patrice Somé The Shamanic View of Mental Illness In the shamanic view, mental illness signals “the birth of a healer,” explains Malidoma Patrice Somé. SOFTlab « Scriptedbypurpose “flash babies” /2007 SOFTlab is a multidisciplinary digital design studio located in NYC. Created in 2005, the studio positions itself at the intersection of digital design and production. We believe the best way to generate ideas and creative solutions is to remain in a pliable state and re-format the studio according to the needs of individual design challenges.The lab is a network of talented people and cutting-edge equipment that facilitate all means of design and production including 3d animation, video, interactive design, CNC-manufacturing and rapid prototyping.the lab is : Jose Luis Gonzalez and Michael Szivos. “parametric joint systemn” collaboration with 4-pli / 2005-present

Handibot™: A Smart Digital Power Tool by ShopBot Tools A Handibot tool is a new kind of portable, digitally-controlled power tool for cutting, drilling, carving, and many other machining operations– a first Universal Digital Power Tool (UDPT) – or just, a Smart Tool. If you're familiar with industrial CNC (computer numerically controlled) equipment, think of the Handibot tool as a portable version of CNC. But instead of taking material to a stationary machine, you bring the Handibot to your material -- your jobsite, your remodeling task, your project, your work.

Cloud Engine - Embedded Tools Embedding a 3D Gallery Embedding Sculpteo's 3D gallery on your site allows users to visualize and choose from a multitude of models on the same page before making their choice of purchase. Embedding a 3D Gallery or a shop from Sculpteo Sculpteo's gallery of 3D models easily integrates to your site using an iFrame (an HTML element which can be copy-pasted into any site). Tatvamasi - You Are That Reached to : 4520 Citizens Shared: 1 Favorited: Tweets: Express below for the consciousness effected by this story/film... Contact This Story.Teller/Film.Producer Axel Kilian « Scriptedbypurpose Axel Kilian recently completed a PhD and subsequent Post Doctoral position in the Computation Group in the Department of Architecture at MIT. He came to MIT on a Fulbright scholarship after completing his professional architecture degree at the University of the Arts in Berlin, Germany. During his stay he also completed his Master of Science in Architectural Studies at MIT.His PhD research centered on design exploration in the context of architecture and design processes using computational processes, namely programming and parametric design in combination with fabrication. Recent projects range from architectural form finding applications, collaboration on concept car designs with the media lab, to a number of full scale installations.

Control a drone with SmartEyeglass and SmartWatch 2 [tutorial] Sony’s wearables offers an array of creative possibilities, and Sony engineers Peter Bartos, Jonas Hellström and Alexander Najafi decided to take this to the next level with their drone project. Starting as a spare time project, they created an Android app that uses the SmartEyeglass prototype and SmartWatch 2 as control devices for a flying drone. Learn all about it in this tutorial. Parametric Design & Digital Fabrication Digital Design and Representation stand at the core of the education of architects and urban designers. Due to the proliferation of computers, the increasing computer literacy amongst incoming students and the fundamental shift in the profession towards the digital, digital design and representation needs to be re-assessed all together. Neither the computer, nor the program, nor the computer user are supposed to replace the classical role of the architect. Instead, the architect needs to embrace and understand the fundamental capacities and limitations of the digital. The overarching pedagogical concept is the model as information entity. This virtual model can be enhanced with information as needed and later queried in various ways to produce various forms of architectural representations ranging from the classical plans, sections and elevations to advanced forms like building information models (BIM) or computer aided manufacturing (CAM) files.