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Untitled. But while things have bumped along in the county, justice being served up in its usual imperfect way, chaos, rather than reform, has defined Gardner’s style.


Untitled. Ted Simmons and Maryanne Ellison Simmons pose with some of the more than 800 works of art they collected over the years that now belong to the St.


Louis Art Museum. Behind them are "Untitled (Bird Drawing)" (1995) by Kiki Smith (left) and "Untitled (After Yves St. Laurent)" (2016) by Enrique Chagoya. Antonio French: New election system, low turnout harmed Black voter influence. The next casualties were Reed and Andrew Jones.

Antonio French: New election system, low turnout harmed Black voter influence

The elimination of those two Black men now sets up a head-to-head contest between Spencer and Tishaura Jones. If Spencer, the only white candidate in the entire field, eventually wins, it will be in large part due to Proposition D. Regardless of the eventual outcome, that is something worth considering by the Board of Aldermen when they consider making changes to this law later this year — and perhaps by the courts at some point if a candidate ever files a lawsuit.

Higher south side voter turnout and a much higher rate of multiple candidate voting among white voters meant that predominantly Black north St. Maps of Yesterday's STL Mayoral Primary election results, first is most approved by ward. The next is 2nd most approved. Will try to make a margins map as well. Untitled. Untitled. Seventy-four million people voted for Trump in 2020, nearly 12 million more than in 2016.


It was the second-most votes for president in history, behind only Biden and his 81 million. And while I think it’s unfair to label every Trump voter a racist, I do think it’s fair to say that for those who don’t share Trump’s racist worldview, that view and its denial of the history and harm of systemic racism clearly wasn’t a deal breaker. Race played a large part both in Trump’s political rise and the deadly attack in Washington last week. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the insurrectionists had “chosen their whiteness over democracy.”

Whiteness in America has meant different things over the centuries. For many white Trump voters, America has reneged on a promise, a social compact made long ago. Untitled. Regarding “Deeper red: Trump chalked up big gains in rural Missouri even as he lost ground elsewhere” (Dec. 13): The story highlighted Caruthersville, in Pemiscot County, seemingly holding it up as an example of counties that voted for President Donald Trump in the 2020 election.


I don’t understand why because this area has historically voted Republican for decades and has been essentially a part of the South in so many ways, attitude and mind, especially in racial viewpoints. But my question is: What happened to northern Missouri? I recall this part of the state, including St. Louis, being Democratic and sent Democrats such as Stuart Symington and Thomas Eagleton to Washington. I want to know what did Democrats do to cause their voters to flip Republican. Letter: University City schools have plenty of room to improve.

Regarding Sherita Love and Sharonica Hardin-Bartley guest column “A season of hope for equitable education” (Dec. 26): The authors claim all manner of inequality in American education and that the pandemic has caused “unpleasant things in the national soil” to be revealed.

Letter: University City schools have plenty of room to improve

They wish a transformation in 2021 to equitable education for all. Hardin-Bartley is superintendent of the University City School District. If she wants to fight inequality, she has ample opportunity to do so. Her school district consistently ranks as one of the worst performing in the area, according to state test scores. Untitled. Antonio French: Compromise is key for next mayor. Because of the challenges presented by the unique structure of St.

Antonio French: Compromise is key for next mayor

Louis city government, the next mayor will need to be skillful at both building and — the decidedly more difficult part — maintaining coalitions. The eventual winner should heed the words of the motto of the Congressional Black Caucus: “No permanent friends, no permanent enemies, just permanent interests.” The fights in City Hall today are too permanent. Too personal. From one unrelated issue to the next, too many leaders are being led by the applause of their particular faction, which, however loud, is still only a tiny part of the whole.

Kenneth F. Warren: Why has Missouri turned so red? Rove’s strategy worked, especially in states with large, rural Evangelical populations like Missouri.

Kenneth F. Warren: Why has Missouri turned so red?

Rove’s Republican strategists in Missouri recognized the potential of turning out large numbers of Evangelical voters, a natural base within the Republican Party. While Evangelicals constitute 26% of the total vote nationally, they account for 37% of the total vote in Missouri. In 2016, 83% of Missouri’s Evangelicals voted for Trump, so clearly getting them to vote has been key to Republican wins in Missouri. The increase in votes for Republican presidential candidates since Bill Clinton’s 1996 win in Missouri reflects the trend toward Republican dominance. The most notable increases in votes for Republican presidential candidates occurred between 1996 and 2012. Recent voting statistics convey that the Democratic Party has fallen apart in Missouri. Untitled. Six years later, the Greene County Family Justice Center opened.


It’s the only such organization in the state. Willis, at the center, said it’s a game changer. Before, victims had to navigate multiple agencies across the sprawling city to get help, whether for legal support, housing, counseling or child services. Now partnerships among 10 public and private agencies provide an array of services for survivors of family violence, child and elder abuse, sexual assault and human trafficking — all in one safe place. “Domestic violence is not going to be stopped overnight, we’ve got a lot of work to do.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch e-Edition. FRANKLIN COUNTY — An eighth grade boy has died of com­pli­ca­tions due to the coron­avirus, the Wash­ing­ton School District con­firmed Sun­day.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch e-Edition

He is the first per­son younger than 18 to die of COVID-19 in Mis­souri, ac­cord­ing to state health data. Pey­ton Baum­garth, a stu­dent at Wash­ing­ton Mid­dle School, died over the week­end, district of­fi­cials said in a let­ter to par­ents. He last at­tended school on Oct. 22 and be­gan a quar­an­tine last week. He was hos­pi­tal­ized as his symp­toms wors­ened, of­fi­cials said. Fastest Shrinking Cities. Check Out These Spectacular Videos of the Meteor Over St. Louis Last Night. Posted By Jaime Lees on Tue, Nov 12, 2019 at 10:34 AM Yesterday morning when we asked “What the Shit is This Stuff Falling From the Sky? ,” we did not know that we’d be asking the same question later in the day, but with more curse words. St. Louis got an extraordinary light show last night when a particularly large screaming meteor streaked across our night sky. It came out of nowhere and lit up the St. Meteors occur when Earth passes through cosmic debris left behind by asteroids and comets.

Go ahead and make another wish as you watch the videos below. Untitled. CLAYTON — St. Louis County Executive Sam Page’s administration has drawn up a plan for how it would relocate hundreds of employees if the county were to break its lease for office space in the former Northwest Plaza, according to a presentation obtained by the newspaper through a public-record request. County Council ethics hearings after the newspaper’s report revealed that Stenger largely shut career county government employees out of site selection and negotiations and put his former campaign manager in charge of the project. Some county employees expressed dismay at the unusual process. After succeeding Stenger on April 29, one of Page’s first acts was to urge the owners of the complex, Robert and P. David Glarner, to renegotiate. Through a public records request, the Post-Dispatch obtained a slideshow laying out the Public Works Department’s plan for relocating employees.

Untitled. Sen. Roy Blunt Missouri Republican. St. Louis' Great Divorce: A complete history of the city and county separation and attempts to get back together. Lee scraps Post-Dispatch’s copy desk - Gateway Journalism Review. A reflection And then there were none. The executives at Lee Enterprises, which bought the Post-Dispatch in 2005, have been sloughing off accomplished journalists, writers and copy editors, helter-skelter, like a pine tree shedding cones in a hurricane. And they’re still at it. Lee announced, on Feb. 16, that the few, the proud, the survivors of the design staff and the copy desk would be jettisoned, as of May 1. The list: Jennie Crabbe, June Heath, Lacey Burnette, Evan Hill, Colleen Schrappen, Cara DeMichele, Scott Andera, Amy Verkamp and Mike Reilly.

Eisenhauer – who has tirelessly chronicled the layoffs, buyouts, resignations and deaths of P-D staffers wrote in an email, “I couldn’t bear to stay after seeing the way the copy desk was rounded up and told their jobs were going to a design/copy editing mill.” (Random thought: If this is Lee’s flagship newspaper, why do they keep striking her sails and keelhauling her crew?) View Mailing. February 27, 2019 Talking Transit Panel Discussion on MetroLink Safety & Security Recommendations and Local Response, March 1, 2019 at 8 a.m. at St. Louis Regional Chamber. Spring Ten Toe Express Kick-off, April 3, 2019 CMT Board Meeting, April 4, 2019 CMT's 35th Anniversary Celebration, July 31, 2019, Sponsor today.

Midwest/SW Transit Conference, Sept. 11-13, 2019, Kansas City, MO, Register Today CMT Annual Meeting, September 19, 2019. CVC officials to pitch St. Louis County on America's Center upgrades - St. Louis Business Journal. Untitled. Untitled. Forget fentanyl, oxy, and crack. Better Together: St. Louis city-county merger would save $4.9B over 10 years - St. Louis Business Journal. The History and Possibilities of a St. Louis City-County Reunification - NextSTL. The mere mention of the St. Riverfronttimes. Untitled. Eight months after picking the lead designer of the Chouteau Greenway, backers of the planned bike and pedestrian trail are closer to deciding how it will connect Forest Park and the St. XFL football to pay St. Louis $100,000 per game, 4 times what Rams paid. Chicago Blackhawks owners Bill Wirtz and James Norris owned the old Arena on Oakland Avenue before the Blues were born as a NHL expansion team. Goodbye-city-and-county-st-louis-would-get-new.

Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Two days after a scuffle broke out following the Class 4 District 5 semifinal football game between MICDS and Parkway North, there are allegations of racial slurs and unsportsmanlike behavior by assistant coaches. Retiring Parkway North head coach Bob Bunton said his players told him MICDS players directed racial slurs at them, including star senior safety Jalani Williams, who is among the most sought-after recruits in Missouri. “When that comes to you as a coach you don't ignore that,” Bunton said. “I have a few of my kids telling me racial slurs were used.” Untitled. JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — A growing movement to curb partisan gerrymandering will be put to the test Tuesday by several state ballot measures that are intended to overhaul the way congressional and state legislative districts are drawn.

While they differ in how to do that, the proposals in Colorado, Michigan, Missouri and Utah all have at least one thing in common: They’re receiving funding from a little-known organization bankrolled by a Texas billionaire couple. Two taxes even a liberal can’t support. I have long been accused of being a “tax and spend liberal.” Fair enough, if that describes advocating for adequate revenue for vital services — like safe water, good schools and transportation options — during my 18 years in the Missouri Legislature.

Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. A New Direction in 2019 — Ward 24 St. Louis. Lambert-airports-wish-list-the-nonstops-needed. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Lambert-airport-privatization-advisers-set-for-big. Riverfronttimes. - The Washington Post. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. After overflow hearing, University City gives residents another chance to speak on TIF proposal. No short-term fix for long-term problem. University City residents divided on $190 million Olive and I-170 development. Delmar Loop iNnovation Neighborhood. Olive-and-i-170-poised-for-a-234-million-makeover. Chouteau Greenway Master Plan. City's First Hi-tech Smart Apartments to Open April 1 - NextSTL.

Startup hopes to disrupt real estate by cooperating with agents instead of competing. St. Louis region falls out of the Top 20 metros in the U.S. Baltimore-overtakes-st-louis-as-20th-largest-metro. Missouri's movie stereotype is well-earned. Thousands of students of color attend public schools where no teacher looks like them. What went wrong with St. Louis’ Amazon HQ2 bid? Depends who you ask. - St. Louis Business Journal. The story of segregation in St. Louis. First Amendment expert calls Post-Dispatch editorial on protests ‘irresponsible’ and imprecise. Editorial: Making sense of senseless protest violence. Meet Me in St. Louis, Bezos - The New York Times.

Another-downtown-office-tower-gets-drastic. St-louis-is-tops-among-most-affordable-cities-for. Casa-de-salud-to-expand-with-1-million-mental. Basketball Courts Would Come to Forest Park (Finally) Under New Proposal. Loop Trolley Corridor Photo Tour: DeBaliviere - nextSTL. A Sewer Runs Through It. Homeless Population Increases at Downtown Library. St. Louis struggles to attract immigrants — and Trump complicates the effort. Tug-of-war nearly derailed NGA's move to north city.

2016 St. Louis area homicide map. Humans of St. Louis : HEC-TV. St. Louis Police Union Spokesman Jeff Roorda Blames Dallas Tragedy on Barack Obama. Aldermen vote down measure banning lobbyists on the floor. Section of Forest Park Parkway to close for an entire year. St. Louis, Entrepreneurial Boomtown. St. Louis prepares for NGA's billion-dollar move. St. Louis prepares for NGA's billion-dollar move. On Apologies and Misogyny.

A City Divided: Housing Polarization in St. Louis. Editorial: Even without Kroenke, Maryland Heights project is a bad idea. The 9 boroughs of a greater St. Louis. 104-year-old man loves his high school, John Burroughs. Forward Through Ferguson A Path Toward Racial Equality. Hawthorn Leadership Academy opens as Missouri's only public girls' school. Application.pdf. The readers speak: 17 St. Louis restaurants they miss.