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Basketball Courts Would Come to Forest Park (Finally) Under New Proposal. Click to enlarge Among St.

Basketball Courts Would Come to Forest Park (Finally) Under New Proposal

Louis' 109 public parks, basketball courts are a relative rarity. Only 25 of them have the necessary court and hoops, and a map of their distribution shows a distinct bubble around the center of the metro area. Most glaringly, despite its many improvements and splendor, Forest Park remains hoopless. That could soon change. Putting basketball courts in the 1,300-acre park has been tried before, including a 2016 effort by then-Alderman Antonio French. Vaccaro was reportedly inspired by French's 2016 bill, though it's interesting to note that Vaccaro and French approach the issue with very different backgrounds. Loop Trolley Corridor Photo Tour: DeBaliviere - nextSTL. As the Loop Trolley project nears completion let’s look at the changes to the streetscape and the condition and potential of the adjacent land.

Loop Trolley Corridor Photo Tour: DeBaliviere - nextSTL

A goal of the trolley is to encourage development along the route. Neighborhood and TOD plans for the area express a desire to build urbanity. Beyond creating a great walkable neighborhood, more productive land uses are imperative to cover the cost of infrastructure and services in the long term. Public investment should follow private investments so as to minimize the public’s risk. Parts of the trolley route are quite productive, so the route may have a good combination of supporting productive places and “built ti and they will come.” A Sewer Runs Through It. ST.

LOUIS—Deep down a sunlit shaft, 175 feet under the North Riverfront neighborhood on the city’s far edge, Shayne Peck’s crew is beginning to hack a giant tunnel out of the limestone. Three men hang in the air on lifts, cutting into the rock face at spots marked with red paint. “They’re drilling holes,” says Peck, whose son is one of the drillers, “so we can load ’em with explosives.” Homeless Population Increases at Downtown Library. ST.

Homeless Population Increases at Downtown Library

LOUIS (KMOX) – The St. St. Louis struggles to attract immigrants — and Trump complicates the effort. After looking at some new census numbers last year, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of St.

St. Louis struggles to attract immigrants — and Trump complicates the effort

Louis added two new employees, almost doubling its staff to five people. One of those new workers is solely devoted to growing membership. “We learned there’s 3,000 Hispanic-owned businesses, and we don’t even have 10 percent of that (as members),” said Hispanic Chamber President and CEO Karlos Ramirez, who has headed the organization for six years. “When I started, it was me and a secretary.” Strengthening business and social networks among ethnic minorities is what demographers and immigration experts say ultimately attracts new immigrants. The entry points of the country — cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Miami — are still taking in the bulk of new immigrants, but their offspring are increasingly looking beyond those cities. For the last several years, St. “Cities like St. Slow-growth blues. Tug-of-war nearly derailed NGA's move to north city. ST.

Tug-of-war nearly derailed NGA's move to north city

LOUIS • He was a huckster. 2016 St. Louis area homicide map. Humans of St. Louis : HEC-TV. St. Louis Police Union Spokesman Jeff Roorda Blames Dallas Tragedy on Barack Obama. Aldermen vote down measure banning lobbyists on the floor. Do not fear, lobbyists — your place on the floor of the St.

Aldermen vote down measure banning lobbyists on the floor

Louis Board of Aldermen is safe for the foreseeable future. The city's rules committee on Wednesday voted down a piece of legislation sponsored by Alderman Megan-Ellyia Green, D-15th Ward, that would have banished lobbyists to the hall, the galleries, or the side rooms at City Hall. Just one committee member, Alderman Christine Ingrassia, D-6th Ward, voted yes. Criticism of the measure was at times unusually personal, and the specter of the now-defunct plan to fund a new National Football League stadium hung over the entire debate. "I think this is a mistake to support this," said Alderman Joe Roddy, D-17th Ward. He said he viewed the attempted ban as nothing more than legislative one-upmanship, and that he was frustrated with Green's "holier-than-thou" attitude.

"I’ve had no one even contact me ever about this. Green said she was simply trying to bring St. Section of Forest Park Parkway to close for an entire year. St. Louis, Entrepreneurial Boomtown. Cracking the code: Cofactor Genomic's DNA work has helped make it a startup success story in St.

St. Louis, Entrepreneurial Boomtown

Louis. Back in the mid-oughts, Jarret Glasscock was happily ensconced at the Genome Sequencing Center at Washington University in St. Louis, working on the federal government’s Human Genome Project. He and his fellow scientists were exceptionally good at what they did: they could sequence the DNA of a cell for about 1/100,000th the cost of traditional methods. Pharmaceutical companies soon came knocking on their door with contract offers to do DNA sequencing for drug development purposes.

So, in 2008 Glasscock and a few colleagues pulled together whatever money they could, rented a former photographer’s studio downtown off Craigslist for $700 a month, and filled the office with half a million dollars’ worth of used genetic sequencing machinery—which they cleverly managed to convince the company that sold it to them to finance. To many Americans, St. St. Louis prepares for NGA's billion-dollar move. ST.

St. Louis prepares for NGA's billion-dollar move

LOUIS • Otis Williams said he looked at Charlesetta Taylor and saw someone who could be his mother. Williams, the head of the city’s economic development agency, was charged with getting Taylor to leave her house of 70 years to make way for the planned $1.75 billion National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s western headquarters.

Taylor, 80, didn’t want to leave. St. Louis prepares for NGA's billion-dollar move. On Apologies and Misogyny. On Apologies and Misogyny This was the statement that I prepared to offer to the Board of Aldermen in efforts to put all of the events of the last few months behind us and return to the business of the people.

On Apologies and Misogyny

I was not allowed to finish my statement. I am publishing it online under the request of constituents. After the Alderman from the 23rd Ward threatened legal action in the Post-Dispatch, my legal council recommended that I not attend the hearing on Wednesday. Thus, I didn’t. Some Aldermen feel that I owe this Board an apology. First, I want to apologize to Alderman Moore, as I understand he felt personally attacked by my comments. A City Divided: Housing Polarization in St. Louis. Editorial: Even without Kroenke, Maryland Heights project is a bad idea. The 9 boroughs of a greater St. Louis. We have all heard that there is too much fragmentation in St. Louis. Duplication, waste and inefficiency abound, and there is no way to bring about change because the kings and kingdoms are firmly entrenched. With worldwide focus on Ferguson, and municipal courts under scrutiny, a new structure laid out on a blank sheet of paper offers an opportunity for a timely discussion.

Now, more than ever, St. Louisans are saying, “Anything is better than what we have.” 104-year-old man loves his high school, John Burroughs. Forward Through Ferguson A Path Toward Racial Equality. Hawthorn Leadership Academy opens as Missouri's only public girls' school. ST. LOUIS • Girls in white shirts and pleated gray skirts streamed into Hawthorn Leadership Academy on Monday, through the arched limestone doorways that overlook North Kingshighway. The lobby filled with jitters as Hawthorn — the first girls-only public school in Missouri — was about to start its inaugural year. Kimmeran Cade, a sixth-grader, said she was excited but nervous. Her classmate Sophia Beckmann smiled and gave her mom a hug goodbye. “I thought it was an amazing opportunity,” Cathi Beckmann said of the school as she turned to leave.

Hawthorn Leadership Academy is a tuition-free charter school that focuses on science, technology, engineering and math — known in the education world as STEM. Application.pdf. The readers speak: 17 St. Louis restaurants they miss.