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Photo and Picture Frame Crafts. 40 Decoupage Ideas for Simple Projects. Ever tried decoupage? One of the most terrific things about this type of craft is that it can be done both elegantly by adults and then also by kids to have fun. You may be surprised at how pretty your projects look, even on your first try. That simple glue and paper, attached to a surface such as a wood box, glass plate or even a ceiling fan can look so great. We’ve found you 40 projects to try and the best thing about our selection is the variety, so there is truly something for everyone. So whether you want to make a homemade gift or you’d like to keep the kids happily occupied on a rainy day, decoupage can be your go-to craft. DIY Layered Burlap Monogram By Decoupage Eggs From Decoupage Clothes Hangers At Decoupage Flowerpots Located at How to Decoupage Flower Pots From Decoupaged Dresser – In Memory of My Father By Easter Eggs Decorated with Napkins.

DIY Projects for Small Apartments. Ideas for Decorative Throw Pillows & Cases. Want to brighten up the decor in any room? One of the quickest – and most inexpensive ways – is to change the pillows. Pillows are eye catching and something that everyone notices & appreciates. If you are a crafter, you’ll also be pleased to know that this is often a quick craft to do. Many throw pillows and pillow cases can be created in an afternoon or some even in one hour! DIY Moroccan-Style Wall Stencil Tutorial. **UPDATE!

DIY Moroccan-Style Wall Stencil Tutorial

If you have any trouble making your walls snazzy, visit my FAQ post on this tutorial. I got lots of questions, so there're all here for you should you need some help. 40 Pretty Paper Flower Crafts. 51 DIY Paper Flowers. Signs & Ideas with Great Quotes. 15 Wax Paper Transfer Tutorials to Wood, Glass & Canvas. Paper transfer crafts are truly going to make any crafter smile!

15 Wax Paper Transfer Tutorials to Wood, Glass & Canvas

Because you are using your computer’s printer to create the image, it is easy to have a polished design that always looks colorful and terrific. This is a fun craft to try with kids, teens and beginner crafters because you can most often get beautiful results – even on the first try. You’ll also want to keep paper transfer crafts in mind for housewarming and wedding gifts, as this is a craft where you can create memory themed and personalized crafts that everyone will treasure. Get ready to enjoy transfer crafts. Happy Crafting! Transferring Images to Wood How to Make Botanical Wood Slices Stylish coasters or home decor are easy with this craft. By DIY: Pallet Wood Crate & Easy Image Transfer Pallet crafts have truly taken off. From How to Print on Wood Create a cutting board for friends or family that goes perfectly with their kitchen.

At The Art of Doing Stuff Waxing Nostalgic. 15 DIY Beginner Quilting Projects. Quilting has gotten a bad rap. What is traditionally thought of as a hobby for bored moms and residents of retirement homes can be as cool and fresh as all the whippersnappers. The ever-broadening range of styles and modern designs give plenty of reason to dip your toes in the patchwork pool. If you want to start but don’t know how, there are plenty of online classes that can show you the way and cover any possible topic you can think of. Quilting ain’t just for blankets anymore. Want to make a quilted bag or even a jacket? Make the Ultimate T-Shirt Quilt Click here to take the online class: The Ultimate T-Shirt Quilt Don’t let treasured T-shirts collect dust in a drawer. Showcase special memories in a personalized quilt!

Diamond Quilt Designs. 40 DIY Spray Paint Projects. 40 Easy Quilt Patterns. Are you new to quilting or curious about this type of crafting project? Quilting is a needlecraft and a way to make beautiful, soft bed linens. You will especially enjoy quilting if you are good with details and have a passion for matching patterns and colors together. One of the best things about quilting is that while there are many “classic” quilting patterns – no quilt is every like any other because of the individual quilter who makes it. You are always going to make color and pattern choices that are unique and unlike anyone else, this is just one of the things that makes homemade quilts so special. Quilting used to be something that every woman did, to help keep her family warm in the cooler months. Easy Quilt Make this classic, easy quilt. By OneShabbyChick A Taste of Marmalade Here is a sweet baby quilt, perfect for any beginning quilter to try. Located at AQuiltersTable Fast Four Patch Quilt Tutorial Create a classic and lovely quilt.

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