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БЕРЁЗКА- BERIOZKA- ENSEMBLE FOLKLORIQUE RUSSE. Iraqi Refugee Empowers Youth To Share Their Stories With 'Narratio' How Facebook flouts Holocaust denial laws except where it fears being sued. Facebook’s policies on Holocaust denial will come under fresh scrutiny following the leak of documents that show moderators are being told not to remove this content in most of the countries where it is illegal.

How Facebook flouts Holocaust denial laws except where it fears being sued

The files explain that moderators should take down Holocaust denial material in only four of the 14 countries where it is outlawed, if reported. One document says the company “does not welcome local law that stands as an obstacle to an open and connected world” and will only consider blocking or hiding Holocaust denial messages and photographs if “we face the risk of getting blocked in a country or a legal risk”.

A picture of a concentration camp with the caption “Never again Believe the Lies” was permissible if posted anywhere other than the four countries in which Facebook fears legal action, one document explains. Facebook contested the figures but declined to elaborate. The files explain that “countries are not protected … people from a country are protected”. Critical Culture. In a Kolkata Market, the Flower Men Wear Their Wares.

This story appears in the May 2017 issue of National Geographic magazine.

In a Kolkata Market, the Flower Men Wear Their Wares

Walking In Their Footsteps At A Former Japanese Internment Camp : Code Switch. Hijabi by Mona Haydar. Politics Of Respectability And A Dragged Passenger : Code Switch. Demonstrators protest United Airlines at O'Hare International Airport on April 11, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois.

Politics Of Respectability And A Dragged Passenger : Code Switch

The protest was in response to airport police officers physically removing passenger Dr. David Dao from his seat and dragging him off the airplane, after he was requested to give up his seat for United Airline crew members on a flight from Chicago to Louisville, Kentucky Sunday night. The r/Place To Be – The Coffeelicious. Every year reddit takes part in April Fool’s Day by changing the site in some small way or adding a new temporary feature.

The r/Place To Be – The Coffeelicious

Some of the site’s big pranks in the past were Robin in 2016 and The Button in 2015. They were released without much explanation and led to users separating into groups rather quickly. Four things to know about Russia's 2016 misinformation campaign. The Internet has the power to advance democratic ideals by making knowledge more accessible and helping voters make more informed choices.

Four things to know about Russia's 2016 misinformation campaign

But the picture painted by witnesses at a March 30 bipartisan Senate hearing — a group that included academics, former intelligence officers, and cyber-security consultants — shows how the Internet also makes those ideals vulnerable. All six witnesses agreed that Russia was behind a misinformation and propaganda campaign intended to disrupt the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Their testimony went beyond the Jan. 6, 2017, intelligence community report that concluded Russian President Vladimir Putin himself "ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the U.S. presidential election.

" The six witnesses described Russia’s tactics as a modern version of Cold War "active measures," a Soviet-coined tactic for disrupting and influencing the politics of its enemies. I'm black. My wife is white. We saw 'Get Out.' This was our conversation afterward. Nostalgia: the yearning that will continue to carry the Trump message forward. In Battle Creek, Michigan, a town famous for making cereal, Sue Lunz is sitting with her husband, Jerry, 82, at the McDonald’s.

Nostalgia: the yearning that will continue to carry the Trump message forward

They have both spent their whole lives in the town. Both retired from lifetime jobs for Kellogg’s – he in a factory, she in an office job. Sue is soft-spoken yet firm, telling me one of the more quietly damning things I have heard from a voter: “I am 73 and I am glad I am not young now.” I push back, suggesting everyone would like to be young and have a long future, but she is thoughtful and serious. Israeli Comedian Assaf Harel - Apartheid / Full Story.

Houshi (english) Dissent is Patriotic – The Codex. Yesterday was the Day of Remembrance, the 75th anniversary of the Japanese American internment during World War II.

Dissent is Patriotic – The Codex

In remembrance, artists commemorated the experience, communities gathered in solidarity, and families shared their stories. Earlier on January 30, 2017, Google Doodle honored the 98th birthday of Fred Korematsu—a civil rights icon and face of the Korematsu v. United States (1944) Supreme Court case that questioned the constitutionality of the WWII Japanese American internment. The Most Influential Images of All Time. If The World Were 100 People. You’ve been seeing Africa all wrong. These stunning photos will fix that. Teaching kids empathy: In Danish schools, it’s … well, it’s a piece of cake. 100-Year-Old Portraits of Immigrants to Ellis Island Show the People Who Helped Shape America. To understand our present, we must first have a sense of our past.

100-Year-Old Portraits of Immigrants to Ellis Island Show the People Who Helped Shape America

The historic Ellis Island in the United States is a symbol of the “melting pot” that has come to define the country—it’s a place where many modern families got their start in America. In An Israeli Prison, Two Palestinians Found A Future: A Food Truck. Khaldoun Barghouti (left) and Abdul Rahman Rahim al-Bibi (right), behind the counter at their food truck.

In An Israeli Prison, Two Palestinians Found A Future: A Food Truck

The two men say they met behind bars in an Israeli prison, where they worked in the canteen. Lauren Frayer/NPR hide caption toggle caption Lauren Frayer/NPR. If It Were My Home. Kids explain mindfulness. Hundreds rally in sub-zero temps to show love, not hate, defines Whitefish. WHITEFISH – Love not only lives here, it apparently can survive in below-zero temperatures with no problem.

Hundreds rally in sub-zero temps to show love, not hate, defines Whitefish

Bitterly cold weather Saturday morning did not deter hundreds of people from showing up next to Depot Park to remind the rest of the world that Whitefish is more than a town that, these days, is often identified with a leader of the white nationalist movement. Speakers spoke, singers sang, dancers danced and children and adults painted signs promoting harmony among the human race at a two-hour event organized by two local women who decided they “needed to do something” in the wake of media coverage that focused on the politics of part-time Whitefish resident Richard Spencer and the so-called alt-right. They felt the stories didn't represent the views of most people in Whitefish. The ensuing internet “troll storm” brought death threats to local Jewish people, and the collateral damage was felt by several local businesses that were targeted by the trolls as well. Loaded: 0%

Study: Early Men and Women Were Equal in Tribal Society. Inequality among men and women is a feature of our post-agrarian society, not a quality inherent to earlier hunter-gatherer groups, according to new analyses done by anthropologists at University College London. The study opposes the notion that sexual equality is merely a goal of modern society that is mostly free of concerns over resource scarcity. Thousands of Muslims donate 10 tonnes of food to help homeless Londoners at Christmas. Muslim Londoners have donated 10 tonnes of food to help homeless people this Christmas. Thousands of people attended a food drive at East London Mosque in order to make and collect donations. An estimated 7,500 people attended in total, The London Evening Standard reports. After they attended Friday prayers volunteers gathered the supplies, which include rice, pasta, cereal, tinned goods and other items.

Donations came from local businesses, colleges, schools and universities. Sofia Jannok - sings in Sami. Women's secret films from within al-Raqqah of Islamic state. The secret language of South Asia’s transgender community. In South Asia, there is a hidden language known only to the region’s hijra community. Found in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, the hijra are an old and marginalized group, whose members identify as men born with the souls of women. More Than Just Male and Female: The Six Genders in Classical Judaism — SOJOURN. In The Mountains Of Georgia, Foxfire Students Keep Appalachian Culture Alive. Before European Christians Forced Gender Roles, Native Americans Acknowledged 5 Genders. ITALIAN WORDS you've been getting wrong... 20 Rules Italians never break. Meryl Streep Golden Globes Speech - Meryl Streep Talks Donald Trump at the Golden Globes. “Of course I knew my skin was a different color. But I didn’t think that that made us better or worse.” — Quartz.

What Americans don't know about Nordic countries. Review: ‘Embrace of the Serpent,’ Where Majesty Meets Monstrosity. #ShareTheLoad with English Subtitles. The Native American Taoist: July 2009. A Japanese sword, or nihontō (Japanese sword?) , is one of the traditional bladed weapons of Japan. These are categorised in several types according to size and method of manufacture. The most commonly known type is the katana, which, like the similarly formed tachi, is a single-edged and, usually, curved long sword which was traditionally used by samurai from the 1400s onwards; Wakizashi is the shorter sword; Tsurugi are double-edged long swords; Ōtachi or Nodachi are older but longer single-edged versions. The School of Life. Psychology. Pete Souza: photographing the real Barack Obama.