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EPI Langues et cultures régionales

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Custom Passport Invitation Cards. Passports for any event or occasion.

Custom Passport Invitation Cards

We will custom design your passport invitation to fit your event or special occasion. This is a Blank USA Passport that you can do yourself. Just write in your info, stick in a few photos and you have customized them yourself! Our Price : $2.25 ea This Teddy Bear Passport is plain and simple. Our Price : $35.00 ea. 13+ Premium Printable Passport Templates. Passports are issued by the government of a country to their citizens and serve as gateways to other nations.

13+ Premium Printable Passport Templates

One cannot travel to a foreign nation without a valid passport on his name in his possession.A passport is the one single identity to determine your authenticity before you are granted permission to step into a new country by its immigration authorities. It also keeps records of all the travel that you have done over a period of time which is accounted by the immigration stamps that you can see on different pages of the passport. A passport is also required to apply for a visa to any country across the world. Without citing your passport number, there is no way that you will be granted an entry and stay visa to a country!

Hence, applying for a passport is essential for everyone especially in this global world. Printable stamps of famous cities round the world, passport style stamps. .

Printable stamps of famous cities round the world, passport style stamps

These world stamp printables make great additions to book covers, mirrors, decorations for cell phone covers, or add add them to other family crafts. Transparent background makes them great vinyl stickers to print. To print: click on on the yellow print button at the top right of the sticker sheet. This will start the print process. You can print on any size paper, but most use 8.5-11 or A4.

Which sticker paper should you use: You'll need to use no-cut, white sticker project paper, full-sheet labels or white photo sticker paper. More options - There are over 200 pages to print for free. If you have any questions or problems, please use the contact link at the bottom of the page. Robyn's Nest!: DIY // passport to fun. If you remember, my husband & i went on a roadtrip for our Christmas gift this year. however, we did do a small stocking for each other as well. we set a really small budget for it - so that meant being creative!

Robyn's Nest!: DIY // passport to fun

I saw this idea & thought it would be a great thing to make for Thomas because [1] he hates flying, so we probably won't ever travel to all of these places, [2] it fits in a stocking, [3] i already own a printer, ink, & scissors - so it doesn't cost a thing, and [4] it's the gift that keeps on giving all year!


Off to Australia, New Zealand and French Polynesia. Strait Through: Contents. Alaska Sea Kayaking Adventure. Take to the sea in a kayak in one of the wildest places on Earth.

Alaska Sea Kayaking Adventure

Along Alaska’s southeastern coast, little is accessible by road. Glaciers tumble down from high mountain slopes, scattering icebergs across inlets and bays. Ferns and moss carpet the floor of the ancient Tongass Forest, and waters rich with salmon and nutrients lure wildlife of every sort, from humpback whales and sea otters to brown bears. Exploring from the intimate perspective of your kayak, encounter the forests and shores of beautiful Chichagof Island close up. Venture far into Glacier Bay and spend three days paddling through this otherworldly wilderness of ice and mountains. Trip Highlights Experience the thunder of calving glaciers on a three-day kayak expedition into Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve. Itinerary - 9 Days Day 1 — Juneau, Alaska/Gustavus.


CHINA. Cuisines du monde. 28 Avril, Barcelone - Fleur Australe - Expédition maritime de Géraldine Danon et Philippe Poupon. Nous quittons Formentera de nuit, la Lune est pleine, elle inonde le ciel étoilé.

28 Avril, Barcelone - Fleur Australe - Expédition maritime de Géraldine Danon et Philippe Poupon

Brève escale à Ibiza, le temps de saluer un ami et nous filons toutes voiles dehors vers Barcelone. L’arrivée est belle, le ciel d’un bleu radieux. L’équipage de la Belle Poule, le bateau école de la marine nationale, une belle goélette, nous salue, le pont s’ouvre et nous accostons au quai de la marina Réal Nautico, à deux pas des Ramblas. Le soir j’emmène Philou boire un verre d’absinthe dans le bar d’Hemingway, on est plongé dans un autre monde, le temps semble suspendu, les murs sont en lambeaux et les étagères ont plié sous le poids des bouteilles qui n’ont plus d’âge. Le lendemain nous partons à l’assaut de la ville, un petit tour à la Sagrada Familia et surtout une visite du Camp Nou que nous avions promis à Loup.


FAMOUS MONUMENTS. INDIA. COSTUMES and TRADITIONS. TAHITI. Reva Tahiti N°68 by Reva Tahiti magazine. CANADA. NEW ZEALAND. Images costumes traditionnels du monde. English-at-first-sight: EPI Voyage. EPI : A chacun son Voyage A.

English-at-first-sight: EPI Voyage

Niveau scolaire visé : → Quatrième B. NEW YORK. IRELAND. AUSTRALIA. SAN FRANCISCO. SOUTH AFRICA. SCOTLAND. WALES. Eyes of the world India.