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Insect cultures

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How many species of edible insects are there? - EntoMove Project. Knowing which insect you can eat can be difficult, but the problem is solved.

How many species of edible insects are there? - EntoMove Project

The new list of edible insects has been published. After a lot of work, the entomophagy expert of Wageningen published the updated list of all the species of insects eaten around the world. The update list of edible insects The Wageningen University in the Netherlands is one of the world’s leader science research center about edible insects and entomophagy.

Insects as Human Food. The Human Use of Insects as a Food Resource. A Bibliographic Account in Progress Gene R.

The Human Use of Insects as a Food Resource

De FoliartProfessor Emeritus. Students try to overcome 'yuck' factor in Bug-Eating 101. Food security is an issue of major concern along with climate change, as water supplies become scarce and the world’s population continues to grow.Combined, these factors are expected to stress the world’s agricultural capacity.

Students try to overcome 'yuck' factor in Bug-Eating 101

But one solution may be right underfoot, so to speak. Insects are easy to digest and grow. They may even provide global food security in the future. Ethical issues in the edible insects industry - Entomofago. Interview with Dr.

Ethical issues in the edible insects industry - Entomofago

Mickey Gjerris, Associated Professor in Bioethics at Copenhagen University Can you tell us how did you get interested in the edible insects issues? I have been working on issues within animal ethics for many years. When I saw the reports coming out on the possibility to turn insects into a mass provider of animal protein for food and feed, I became curious as to what extent the animal welfare issues and broader animal ethics questions concerning e.g. the killing of animals and the possible violation of their integrity had been addressed. Quand la punaise met la santé publique à l’épreuve. « J’en ai marre de ces vampires.

Quand la punaise met la santé publique à l’épreuve

Je suis en dépression depuis l’arrivée de ces bestioles. Je m’en vais vers un monde meilleur », a écrit Louise avant de sauter du balcon de son appartement en HLM le 3 juin 2009. Le coroner avait conclu que l’infestation de punaises de lit dont était victime la femme, déjà fragile psychologiquement, avait poussé celle-ci au suicide. Louise, 62 ans, souffrait d’un trouble bipolaire et avait des problèmes de dépendance au jeu et à l’alcool. Six semaines avant sa mort, elle avait découvert des punaises de lit dans son appartement. La nuit fatidique, elle découvrit un peu de sang sur sa robe de nuit. Selon la Dre Stéphanie Burrows, qui a relaté son histoire tragique dans un journal scientifique, c’est le seul cas rapporté de suicide causé par les punaises de lit dans la littérature scientifique. État de choc N’empêche que les victimes d’une infestation souffrent souvent d’insomnie et d’anxiété, et ont des symptômes dépressifs.

Encore du chemin à faire. Compagnons forcés depuis des millénaires. How Eating Insects Empowers Women. The fried tarantula saleswomen of Skuon, Cambodia, claim the snacks they hawk have beautifying properties.

How Eating Insects Empowers Women

It’s a time-honoured sales technique, and the cosmetic attributes of the spiders known as a-ping have yet to be scientifically verified. But the true benefits of a-ping are more than skin-deep. The farming of insects (and arachnids) will play a significant role in the struggle for global food security. Top 50 Edible Insects List. Periodical Cicada Broods & Maps. Homepage: 17 & 13 Year Cicada Broods You might call them "17-Year Locusts", but they're actually 17-year Cicadas.

Periodical Cicada Broods & Maps

Brood V periodical cicadas will emerge in 2016 in parts of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Long Island, NY. Visit our Brood V page for specific locations and up to the minute news. Read this: This page is strictly for Magicicada periodical cicadas, aka 17 & 13-year cicadas, aka "locusts". The Brood Chart: The Brood Chart features the names of the broods, their life cycle length, when they will emerge next, which states they'll emerge in, links to Maps, the species that will emerge, other other information.

Tribeca Film Festival 2016: Bugs. Tribeca Film Festival 2016: Bugs | Review Among the many shock moments in Bong Joon-ho’s sci-fi production Snowpiercer (2013) was the revelation that the primary source of the protean blocks provided to non-elite passengers at the back of the train were bugs.

Tribeca Film Festival 2016: Bugs

And as Andreas Jonsen’s documentary Bugs depicts, it turns out bugs as food are not in fact necessarily the stuff of sci-fi. Bugs succeeds in eliminating the “EEEWWW” from its topic and presenting insect food sources as a watchable, valid idea. Jonsen accomplishes this in a little over an hour by presenting (rather than throwing and/or preaching) ideas at a mainstream audience. A giant art installation project that targets predator drone operators sitting thousands of miles away who refer to kills as BugSplats. Now they’ll see a child’s face instead. Why a diet of worms could be good for you. For hundreds of thousands of years, worms have been infecting humans, burrowing into our bodies, setting up shop in our organs and generally making themselves at home.

Why a diet of worms could be good for you

Until about 150 years ago, nearly everyone who ever lived was probably infected with some parasitic worm or other. Worms can cause intestinal problems, anaemia and, depending on the species, more severe problems, including seizures and paralysis.