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Rotations Cultures - "Tracteurs animaux" volaille, cochons, ...

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FiBL poulets bio élevage. 20121218.fiche tech poules pondeusesVF2. Pasturedpoultry F6224B1B4027B. Small-scale poultry production. Under undomesticated conditions, poultry lay eggs in simple nests, perch in trees and spend much of the day scavenging for feed.

Small-scale poultry production

Chickens spend a large proportion of their time scratching to expose hidden food. Under the backyard and semi-intensive production systems, poultry are usually enclosed at night to discourage thieves and predators, and under intensive production, are totally confined day and night. Raising BackYard Chickens, Build a Chicken Coop, Pictures of Breeds. Chicken tractors make pastured poultry happy! Tracteur à poules 2.0 : l'arpent nourricier. Cela fait plus d’un an que mon pre­mier pro­to­type de trac­teur à poules est en­tré en ser­vice.

Tracteur à poules 2.0 : l'arpent nourricier

J’ai eu l’occasion de consta­ter ses mé­rites, mais sur­tout ses gros dé­fauts. En deux mots : il était beau­coup trop lourd, et les poules souf­fraient du froid en hiver. Travail du sol par un tracteur à poules : l'arpent nourricier. Exemple de rotation permaculturelles. Merci,beau labourre.lorsqu'il y a des appâts enfouient en profondeur le porc va les chercher,et le labour est plus ou moins profond en fonction du temps de culture des consoudes,pour ne pas avoir à les planter prenez de la consoude de Russie(la hérissée)elle se multipliera tres vite (sans porc elle est dangereuse car extrêmement envahissante)il faut bien sur éviter la monoculture de cette plante(surtout la russe)car trop consommée elle génère des problèmes au foie des bête,du a des acide oxalique?

exemple de rotation permaculturelles

La consoude traditionnel (officinale) en a le moins et produit plus de feuilles que la Russe,la B14 par contre produit plus que l' b4 serait encore plus productive(mais introuvable en France)bref,il faut associé les consoudes avec les topi,(topinambour "patate" ou "gigant")ce sont les variétés les plus productives. Pastured Broilers. We use 10 ft.

Pastured Broilers

X 12 ft. X 2 ft. high floorless, portable field shelters housing about 75 birds each to grow these 8-week meat birds. Moved daily to a fresh pasture paddock, these birds receive fresh air, exercise, sunshine, and all the genetically modified organism-free (GMO-Free) local grain they want. Integrating the cows to mow ahead of the shelters shortens the grass and encourages ingestion of tender, fresh sprouts. Pig Tractor. Portable / moveable animal pens (critter care forum at permies) I thought that I would share what we have done for movable pens for some of our livestock: This is a photo of the pen for our hogs. the task that the hogs have is to plow up some more sod for an extension of the garden, space for berry and grape vines and a garden area closer to the house for herbs and greens.

portable / moveable animal pens (critter care forum at permies)

We bought three 16' long livestock panels for $26.99 each. One was cut in half, and I welded some short pieces of pipe to the ends of the panels so that a piece of rebar acts a post to secure the corners and mid points. This gives us a 8' x 16' pen that can be moved easily by one person. It takes the snout-o-tillers a couple of days to root up the space, then it is moved. They look forward to the moves and the fresh grass to graze and till. We still have some turkeys left to grow before the snow falls. This is our little chicken tractor. The steers are kept behind portable electric fence and moved ever other day. Sheep Tractor Company. Joel Salatin workshop part 4 – Pigaerators.

Pigaerator Pork is Joel’s term for the pigs he uses in a couple of ways on his farm.

Joel Salatin workshop part 4 – Pigaerators

Joel is famous for his use of “stacking” various enterprises on his farm, and the pigs are a classic example of how he does this. If you break the word down – “pig” and “aerator”, you pretty much know what their primary function is on Joel’s farm – I should end the post here! But I’m not going to – I have plenty of notes to share: – Polyface buys weaners (piglets to be raised for meat) and raises them to about 300 lbs -their first function is to aerate the bedding pack after the cattle leave the hay shed in the spring and go back out on pasture. This is accomplished by adding corn to the bedding pack when they are adding more carbonaceous material. . -120 days before the corn in the bedding ferments into nothing. I need ideas for hog tractor (pigs forum at permies) Raising Chickens 2.0: No More Coop and Run! Sepp Holzer's Pigs Agriculture.

While most people think they are mending the world's problems by contemplating light bulbs or buying "organic", there are thousands of people making a more significant difference.

Sepp Holzer's Pigs Agriculture

And out of those thousands there are a few dozen trail blazers. And out of those few dozen there is one guy that is WAY out ahead of the pack. The mighty, the glorious, the amazing ... Sepp Holzer. Sepp Holzer was doing permaculture before he ever heard the word. And I was fortunate to study under him for twelve days.