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Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight uses statistical analysis — hard numbers — to tell compelling stories about politics, sports, science, economics and culture. Panontin's TOK Ideas – A great source for all things TOK. Cognitive Biases and the Human Brain. I am staring at a photograph of myself that shows me 20 years older than I am now. I have not stepped into the twilight zone. Rather, I am trying to rid myself of some measure of my present bias, which is the tendency people have, when considering a trade-off between two future moments, to more heavily weight the one closer to the present.

A great many academic studies have shown this bias—also known as hyperbolic discounting—to be robust and persistent. To hear more feature stories, see our full list or get the Audm iPhone app. Cognitive biases that affect decisions. 12 Cognitive Biases Explained - How to Think Better and More Logically Removing Bias.

Yom Kippur and Ashoura: Are Muslims observing a Jewish holiday? On the Gregorian calendar (so named after Pope Gregory XIII) this September, two of the holiest Jewish and Islamic high holidays coincide.

Yom Kippur and Ashoura: Are Muslims observing a Jewish holiday?

On September 10, Jews around the world began their high holidays by commemorating Rosh Hashana which continues for 10 days until September 19, Yom Kippur. The Map Is Not the Territory. The map of reality is not reality. Even the best maps are imperfect. That’s because they are reductions of what they represent. If a map were to represent the territory with perfect fidelity, it would no longer be a reduction and thus would no longer be useful to us. Collective Debate. Download TOK Resources. Please feel free to use these materials in your own classroom, following the usual conventions of acknowledging the source.

Download TOK Resources

I updated most recently on June 5, 2018 after a flurry of getting myself and my files organized as I shifted to a lovely new computer. — Eileen Dombrowski Download Collected Blog Posts. Information is Beautiful — Infographics. Mr. Hoye's TOK Website. Twisted tracks: watch metro maps transform to real-life geography. Public transit maps occupy a unique place in the mapping world, and must strike a careful balance between readability, detail and aesthetic design.

Twisted tracks: watch metro maps transform to real-life geography

To that end, they necessarily distort the city’s true geography and with it, our own mental conception of the city too. But just how distorted are the world’s metro maps? A recent series of animated graphics, created by the DIY cartographers of the online forum Reddit, answers that question. Scroll down to see the metro maps of six global cities transform to match their true geography. London. Borrowing a Powerful Brainstorm Protocol from IDEO. This summer I spent a week at IDEO in San Francisco learning about design thinking and their process for tackling challenges.

Borrowing a Powerful Brainstorm Protocol from IDEO

While I was there, I observed a team brainstorm and was shocked by their results. Like most teachers, I want students to brainstorm and generate ideas to fuel their inquiries and drive projects. However, this seemingly simple task of generating ideas is really challenging for students for a few reasons.

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The World is Designed for Men – HH Design – Medium. Blind by Design is a series focused on addressing systemic biases within design.

The World is Designed for Men – HH Design – Medium

Join us. Men dominate the design industry. I took a look at 27 design and engineering consulting firms with public information about their teams. Ten 100-year predictions that came true. In 1900, an American civil engineer called John Elfreth Watkins made a number of predictions about what the world would be like in 2000.

Ten 100-year predictions that came true

How did he do? As is customary at the start of a new year, the media have been full of predictions about what may happen in the months ahead. But a much longer forecast made in 1900 by a relatively unknown engineer has been recirculating in the past few days. In December of that year, at the start of the 20th Century, John Elfreth Watkins wrote a piece published on page eight of an American women's magazine, Ladies' Home Journal, entitled What May Happen in the Next Hundred Years. Study: real facts can beat 'alternative facts' if boosted by inoculation.

It’s fitting that as Donald Trump continues to flirt with anti-vaccine conspiracy theories, inoculation may provide the key to effectively debunking this sort of misinformation.

Study: real facts can beat 'alternative facts' if boosted by inoculation

That’s the finding of a new study published in Global Challenges by Sander van der Linden, Anthony Leiserowitz, Seth Rosenthal, and Edward Maibach. The paper tested what’s known as “inoculation theory,” explained in the video below by John Cook, who’s also published research on the subject. Log In.

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Download TOK resource: 2016 TOK blog posts. Dear TOK teachers — I’ve gathered into a single document all the posts on Theory of Knowledge from this blog during 2016, with a Table of Contents at the beginning, so that you can cruise them easily, looking for ideas for your own teaching.

Download TOK resource: 2016 TOK blog posts

Please feel free to download this resource, and to use it and share it freely (with the usual conventions of acknowledgement). Our goal in this blog is to give support to teachers by supplementing your core resources with fresh ideas for teaching TOK, suggested activities for the classroom, and commentary relevant to TOK on current knowledge discoveries and events of the world as they pass. Between the Lines - National Geographic Society. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a map may be worth a million.

Between the Lines - National Geographic Society

Maps, infographics, and photographs blur the line between information and art, at once documenting the state of the world and presenting it in a visually dynamic way. Unlike photographs, however, no map can claim to be a direct portrait of reality. Every map, no matter how simple it appears, is shaped by the viewpoint and the choices of the person who made it. On top of that, every person who reads a map will interpret it differently than the next. Our interpretations of maps are influenced just as much by our perceptions and personal experiences as by what’s actually on the page. ToK Essays May 2017. The Philosopher of Feelings. Martha Nussbaum was preparing to give a lecture at Trinity College, Dublin, in April, 1992, when she learned that her mother was dying in a hospital in Philadelphia.

The Philosopher of Feelings

SIR KEN ROBINSON - How Are You Intelligent? The rise and rise of fake news. Image copyright iStock. "Knowing how you know" Cartastrophe. Gentle readers, my apologies for being so long in returning to blogging. Inspiration has sometimes been a bit lacking, and when it wasn’t, time was. But be assured I have no plans to abandon this enterprise without notice, though I may take breaks from time to time. The map is not the territory. – ToK Trump.

This lesson is designed to be taught early in a ToK Course. It is designed to encourage students to question the veracity of their reality. It is a classic ToK / Psychology / Philosophy lesson, I include it here as help for teachers who may be new to teaching ToK. Six maps that will make you rethink the world. TOK Archives - The Method. Theory of Knowledge. Resources For Mr. Ferlazzo's TOK Class. Wi-Phi (Wireless Philosophy) TOKnow-11 - home. The Lifespan of a Thought Experiment: Do We Still Need the Trolley Problem? A runaway streetcar is hurtling towards five unsuspecting workers. Do you pull a switch to divert the trolley onto another track, where only one man works alone? Monty Python's Best Philosophy Sketches.


Ways of Knowing. TOK essay/presentations. Theory of Knowledge Site. Humanism, Doubt, and Optimism. South Korea to control history textbooks used in schools. Image copyright EPA. Was Moses a Founding Father? These Are Words Scholars Should No Longer Use to Describe Slavery and the Civil War. Celebrating the Genocide of Native Americans. This Columbus Day, Seeking the Real History of Native Americans  "Pro-American" History Textbooks Hurt Native Americans  The mathematical secrets of Pascal’s triangle - Wajdi Mohamed Ratemi. Linking the past and the present. BBC Documentary - Dangerous Knowledge 1 - Georg Cantor, Ludwig Boltzmann. Making Time: Does it matter why we help others? The Case for Teaching Ignorance. The Infinite Hotel Paradox - Jeff Dekofsky. Why Save a Language? Conflicted About Conflict.

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Philosophy of Numbers - Numberphile. Robert Lang: The math and magic of origami. Students must learn to question statistics. The power of stupid ideas: ‘three generations that have never worked’ Learning.blogs.nytimes. Ask for Evidence. AOK Social Sciences. Kostas Kiriakakis. Language. TOK Human Sciences. Social sciences. The science of protecting people’s feelings: why we pretend all opinions are equal. Theory of knowledge teacher support material. Science and health news hype: where does it come from? Natural Sciences. The Science of Why We Don't Believe Science. Why science is so hard to believe. Sarah-Jayne Blakemore: The mysterious workings of the adolescent brain.

Revealed: the science behind teenage laziness. 40 brilliant idioms that simply can’t be translated literally. 10 Greatest Ideas in the History of Science. 10 Scientific Ideas That Scientists Wish You Would Stop Misusing. HhqlkMK.png (PNG Image, 7088 × 3008 pixels) - Scaled (14%) Anti-Soviet warrior puts his army on the road to peace: The Saudi businessman who recruited mujahedin now uses them for large-scale building projects in Sudan. Robert Fisk met him in Almatig - World - News. Chomsky: Paris attacks show hypocrisy of West's outrage. Logical Fallacies: The Fallacy Files. Monty Python and the Quest for the Perfect Fallacy. Theory of Knowledge Student. An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments. Spain’s oldest dictionary under fire for equating ‘gypsy’ with ‘cheat’ The unexpected math behind Van Gogh's "Starry Night" - Natalya St. Clair.

A Defense of Reason on The New Republic's 100 Year Anniversary. LJA Theory of Knowledge 2014. Theory of knowledge - The 12 cognitive biases that prevent you from being rational. U4, L2: The Map is NOT the Territory. Our Favorite Maps of 2013. Beginning a TOK course.

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TOK History. AOK History.