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A dystopian robo-dog now patrols New York City. That's the last thing we need. The New York police department has acquired a robotic police dog, known as Digidog, and has deployed it on the streets of Brooklyn, Queens and, most recently, the Bronx.

A dystopian robo-dog now patrols New York City. That's the last thing we need

So Many Coronavirus Patients Don't Get to Say Goodbye. Read: The pandemic broke end-of-life care Sometimes, a nurse or doctor managed to connect the patient with their loved ones before the tube went in.

So Many Coronavirus Patients Don't Get to Say Goodbye

But dyspnea is a medical emergency, after all, so in many cases there was simply no time for that last call, or anyone available to arrange it. As the disease progressed, families were left clustering around a phone as a hospital worker held up the device for a final goodbye on FaceTime. Untitled. ‘They Just Dumped Him Like Trash’: Nursing Homes Evict Vulnerable Residents.

Traditionally, ombudsmen would regularly go to nursing homes.

‘They Just Dumped Him Like Trash’: Nursing Homes Evict Vulnerable Residents

In March, though, ombudsmen — and residents’ families — were required to stop visiting. A field guide to Trump's dangerous rhetoric. All leaders are demagogues.

A field guide to Trump's dangerous rhetoric

You may not realize this, because we’ve come to associate the word “demagogue” with only dangerous populist leaders. But in Greek, the word just means “leader of the people” (dēmos “the people” + agōgos “leading”). Some demagogues are good, and some are dangerous. The fundamental difference between leaders who are good demagogues and leaders who are dangerous demagogues is found in the answer to this simple question: Are they accountable for their words and actions?

Obviously, an unaccountable leader is dangerous in any political community. Doomsday Clock Set At 100 Seconds To Midnight, Issuing Dire Warning Of Apocalypse. Topline: The Doomsday Clock was set 100 seconds to midnight Thursday⁠—20 seconds closer than its previous time⁠—indicating that the world is closer to the apocalypse than it has been since the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists began tracking it over 70 years ago.

Doomsday Clock Set At 100 Seconds To Midnight, Issuing Dire Warning Of Apocalypse

During a Thursday press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., former California governor Jerry Brown, Mary Robinson, the former president of Ireland, and former UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon unveiled the clock’s new time.Rachel Bronson, the group’s president and CEO, said, “Today we feel no more optimistic” about the world’s outlook, and that the current environment is unstable due to inaction on climate change and a precarious nuclear landscape, and urged the world’s leaders to act on these two issues, or else disaster will occur. “If decision makers fail to act, citizens around the world should echo the words of climate activist Greta Thunberg and say, ‘How dare you?’” Big number: 17 minutes. (2) What the 1% Don't Want You to Know. (2) Endnote 3: The Origins of Conservatism. (2) Corruption is Legal in America.

Broccoli Is Dying. Corn Is Toxic. Long Live Microbiomes! Editor’s Note (9/3/2019): This post has been substantially rewritten to change or eliminate claims and sourcing that did not meet Scientific American’s editorial standards.

Broccoli Is Dying. Corn Is Toxic. Long Live Microbiomes!

The revised post can be found here. As food writer Mark Bittman recently remarked, since food is defined as “a substance that provides nutrition and promotes growth” and poison is “a substance that promotes illness,” then “much of what is produced by industrial agriculture is, quite literally, not food but poison.” 30 Years After Tiananmen, a Chinese Military Insider Warns: Never Forget. Women protest judicial system after incestuous rapist walks free:The Asahi Shimbun. Hundreds of women in Tokyo protested two recent court rulings in which the judges recognized that rapes had occurred but allowed the perpetrators to walk because the victims could have offered more resistance.

Women protest judicial system after incestuous rapist walks free:The Asahi Shimbun

At a rally called “Standing demonstration protesting sexual violence and sexual violence court rulings” near Tokyo Station on April 11, the demonstrators expressed disgust with the rulings and held signs that read “#MeToo,” “Yes Means Yes!” And “Give judges an education on human rights and sex!” Autism & Isolation. Donald Trump Made Golf Gross Again. David Dayen: Nothing Trump said was true.

Donald Trump Made Golf Gross Again

Who is paying for Monsanto's crimes? We are. The chickens are coming home to roost, as they say in farm country.

Who is paying for Monsanto's crimes? We are

For the second time in less than eight months a US jury has found that decades of scientific evidence demonstrates a clear cancer connection to Monsanto’s line of top-selling Roundup herbicides, which are used widely by consumers and farmers. Why “chickenpox parties” are a terrible idea—in case it’s not obvious. Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin made headlines Tuesday after revealing in a radio interview that he had purposefully exposed his nine unvaccinated children to chickenpox, drawing swift condemnation from health experts.

Why “chickenpox parties” are a terrible idea—in case it’s not obvious

In case anyone needs a refresher on why you shouldn’t deprive children of safe, potentially lifesaving vaccines or purposefully expose them to serious, potentially life-threatening infections, here’s a quick rundown. Chickenpox is nothing to mess with Though most children who get the itchy, highly contagious viral disease go on to recover after a week or so of misery, chickenpox can cause severe complications and even death in some. Complications include nasty skin infections, pneumonia, brain inflammation, hemorrhaging, blood stream infections, and dehydration. Wal-Mart Heiress Accused of Cheating Gives Back USC Degree - latimes. Bernie Sanders attacks Donald Trump over proposed cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, disability fund.

The Uninhabitable Earth: David Wallace-Wells on the horrors of climate change. “It is, I promise, worse than you think.” That was was the first line of David Wallace-Wells’s horrifying 2017 essay in New York magazine about climate change. It was an attempt to paint a very real picture of our not-too-distant future, a future filled with famines, political chaos, economic collapse, fierce resource competition, and a sun that “cooks us.” Does U.S. have more gun deaths in 1 day than other countries in 1 year? Heartbreaking Animation for the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival. Greta Thunberg: The disarming case to act right now on climate change. Forget Trump's border distraction – the real threat is inside the house.

We already know that the border is a distraction and the dangers there are largely fictions. We know that undocumented immigrants commit crime at lower rates than US-born people; that most undocumented people in the US got here by overstaying their visas, not coming across the southern border illicitly and that undocumented people are a crucial part of the labor force. But we also know that if you can get people excited about imaginary threats, you can distract them from the real ones, and that often the greatest dangers are the people fomenting the excitement. We already know that the serious threats are coming from inside the house. Recently, Trump has been telling lurid and apparently baseless stories about women being victimized by traffickers on the border.

Revealed: FBI investigated civil rights group as 'terrorism' threat and viewed KKK as victims. The FBI opened a “domestic terrorism” investigation into a civil rights group in California, labeling the activists “extremists” after they protested against neo-Nazis in 2016, new documents reveal. Federal authorities ran a surveillance operation on By Any Means Necessary (Bamn), spying on the leftist group’s movements in an inquiry that came after one of Bamn’s members was stabbed at the white supremacist rally, according to documents obtained by the Guardian.

The FBI’s Bamn files reveal: The FBI’s 46-page report on Bamn, obtained by the government transparency non-profit Property of the People through a records request, presented an “astonishing” description of the KKK, said Mike German, a former FBI agent and far-right expert who reviewed the documents for the Guardian. The report ignored “100 years of Klan terrorism that has killed thousands of Americans and continues using violence right up to the present day”, German said.

The FBI appeared to have adopted a similar approach. The Wall is Killing People - by Stats. How the religious right gained unprecedented access to Trump. The US health secretary sat for an interview with a man experts say is the leader of a hate group known for “defaming gays and lesbians”, just two days after Karen Pence, the US second lady, was criticized for teaching at a Christian school that bans homosexuality. Alex Azar, secretary of health and human services, was interviewed by the Family Research Council President, Tony Perkins, at an anti-abortion event called ProLifeCon in mid-January. “We are the department of life,” Azar told Perkins, “from conception until natural death, through all of our programs.” Harvested alive -10 years investigation of Force Organ Harvesting. The Trump file: Trump's 10 top falsehoods of 2018.

President Donald Trump has twice garnered PolitiFact’s Lie of the Year "prize. " Readers argued that he was again worthy of the recognition. Readers selected his Pants on Fire comment about Democrats wanting to "invite caravan after caravan" of immigrants into the country with a swath of free benefits and voting privileges as the year’s most outrageous claim. The editors at PolitiFact found the efforts to smear survivors of the Parkland school shooting so low and ugly that those lies should be acknowledged amid growing effort to reign the most vile efforts manipulating minds via the internet in today’s society. Numerous news and fact-checking initiatives have chronicled Trump’s extensive record of making statements that are blatantly false or misleading. China is Surveilling and Threatening Uighurs in the U.S.

The bad behavior of the richest: what I learned from wealth managers. This is what Trump’s caravan 'invasion' really looks like. Green Book: the true story behind the Oscar-buzzed road trip drama. In 19 out of 24 states for which data was available in 2015, African American motorists were more likely to be stopped by police than white drivers – three times more likely in some places. US 'war on terror' has killed over half a million people: study. Hundreds of thousands of people in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan have been killed due to the so-called "war on terror" launched by the United States in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attack, according to a new study. The report, which was published on Saturday by the Brown University's Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs, put the death toll between 480,000 and 507,000.

The toll includes civilians, armed fighters, local police and security forces, as well as US and allied troops. The report states that between 182,272 and 204,575 civilians have been killed in Iraq; 38,480 in Afghanistan; and 23,372 in Pakistan. Vaccines: An Unhealthy Skepticism. Arron Banks: Brexit Billionaire Under Criminal Investigation. The billionaire who donated over $10 million to a campaign urging the U.K. to vote to leave the European Union is now the subject of a criminal investigation into the “true source” of the funds, raising questions of whether foreign money could have swayed the Brexit referendum.

On Thursday, Arron Banks was referred to Britain’s National Crime Agency (NCA), the body that investigates serious and organized crime, by Britain’s Electoral Commission. Banks is the biggest donor in British political history and a co-founder of Leave.EU, a campaign group for Brexit that was fronted by Nigel Farage during the 2016 referendum campaign. Humanity has wiped out 60% of animals since 1970, major report finds. Eugenics - Finding Carrie Buck.

'We have a duty to act': hundreds ready to go to jail over climate crisis. A new group of “concerned citizens” is planning a campaign of mass civil disobedience starting next month and promises it has hundreds of people – from teenagers to pensioners – ready to get arrested in an effort to draw attention to the unfolding climate emergency.

The Eugenics Crusade. I was an Isis sex slave. I tell my story because it is the best weapon I have. The slave market opened at night. My friend Denis Mukwege is a beacon for all men to follow. If Brett Kavanaugh makes it through, women’s anger will be unstoppable. Republicans Will Cut Social Security and Medicare After Tax Plan Passes, Says Marco Rubio. Teen Girl Who Alleged Rape by Brother-in-law, Abuse by Husband, Executed After 'Grossly Unfair Trial' For Private Prisons, Detaining Immigrants Is Big Business click 2x. Dear Christine Blasey Ford: you are a welcome earthquake.

How Will Trump's Presidency End? Study finds religious beliefs have an enduring influence on senators' legislative behavior. Keeping Up With The Kardashians may make viewers cold-hearted towards poor, study suggests. Sheriffs who cheered Trump's attack on press have their own media run-ins. Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change. William D. Johnson highest paid employee of Fed Govt. click 2x.

Justice for all except

'We have different ways of coping': the global heatwave from Beijing to Bukhara. Oligarchs hide billions in shell companies. Here's how we stop them. Ibtihaj Muhammad: 'Being made to feel different is what makes it all the more difficult' American War Crimes in Vietnam ✪ War Documentary Channel. The article removed from Forbes, “Why White Evangelicalism Is So Cruel” – Political Orphans.

Not the best we could do

A Brief History of Folsom Prison - by Joyce Rice and Sarah Mirk. How America Got Divorced from Reality: Christian Utopias, Anti-Elitism, Media Circus. Amazon’s facial recognition matched 28 members of Congress to criminal mugshots. When corporations take credit for green deeds their lobbying may tell another story. Oil, gas, and coal industries get a shocking amount of funding from the US government, a new report shows. Exclusive: Tracing ISIS’ Weapons Supply Chain—Back to the US. Italy far right calls for "mass cleansing" click 2x. Tech companies are working with ICE click 2x. Watch Free Documentaries Online. The Bible and the belt: Inside a camp for gay youth.

Underpaid and exhausted: the human cost of your Kindle. Rebecca Solnit: The Coup Has Already Happened. Here are the US Senators who voted NO on the net neutrality CRA, and how much money they have taken… US is stingier with child care & maternity leave than rest of world 2x. A broken idea of sex is flourishing. Blame capitalism. Jeff Sessions is desperate to win the fight for Christians’ religious liberty. The NRA is Holding the Smoking Gun that Connects Trump to Russia. Flow: For Love of Water (Full Documentary)

These Five Corporations Are Making Millions From Mass Incarceration. Kobach found in contempt of court click 2x. I'm a millionaire who creates zero jobs. Why do I pay less tax than you? From 'Slimeball Comey' to 'Crooked Hillary', why Trump loves to brand his enemies. Abusive relationships: Why it's so hard for women to 'just leave'

What Will Paul Ryan Do When He Retires? - by Scott Bateman. ‘He saw our children as possessions': my husband killed our sons. Trump Org: a magnet for dirty businessmen. There's our exit... Why a census question about citizenship should worry you, whether you're a citizen or not. Scott Pruitt: EPA Chief Faces Mounting Scrutiny For Ethics Violations. The Danger of President Pence. A new study suggests fake news might have won Donald Trump the 2016 election. Kobach Exposed at Trial. Republicans rigged our democracy. Here's how Democrats can fight back.

Media Giant Sinclair Hired Reporter From Russian Propaganda Outlet RT Who Produced ‘Must-Run’ ‘Deep State’ Segment. A Black Family Stood Up to this Racist White Couple a Restaurant. Paul Ryan sold shares on same day as private briefing of banking crisis. Former Coal Lobbyist On Tap For No. 2 Spot At EPA. Bill Of The Month: $1,496 Kerydin Prescription Was A Costly Surprise : Shots - Health News. Many Missouri child brides may have married their rapists. Neo-Nazi Group Linked To 5 Killings In Florida, Virginia, California.