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The Trump file: Trump's 10 top falsehoods of 2018

President Donald Trump has twice garnered PolitiFact’s Lie of the Year "prize." Readers argued that he was again worthy of the recognition. Readers selected his Pants on Fire comment about Democrats wanting to "invite caravan after caravan" of immigrants into the country with a swath of free benefits and voting privileges as the year’s most outrageous claim. The editors at PolitiFact found the efforts to smear survivors of the Parkland school shooting so low and ugly that those lies should be acknowledged amid growing effort to reign the most vile efforts manipulating minds via the internet in today’s society. Numerous news and fact-checking initiatives have chronicled Trump’s extensive record of making statements that are blatantly false or misleading. Pundits and historians say the president’s dismissal of objective information — especially if it is at odds with his political preferences — is so frequent and intense that he stands apart from his predecessors. False. Pants on Fire.

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eu.usatoday WASHINGTON – The Senate released Monday a pair of reports that found Russia engaged in an all-out social media campaign on Donald Trump's behalf during the 2016 election and continued to support him after he took office. One report, compiled by Oxford University’s Computational Propaganda Project and a social media analysis firm called Graphika, looked at millions of posts on every popular social media platform from Facebook to Pinterest that were provided to the Senate and House Intelligence Committees. The second report – written by New Knowledge, a cybersecurity firm specializing in protection from "social media disinformation attacks" – found that in addition to a "sweeping and sustained social influence operation," the Russians also tried to hack online voting systems and stole Clinton campaign emails, "which led to a controlled leak via Wikileaks."

The bad behavior of the richest: what I learned from wealth managers If nearly a decade interviewing the wealth managers for the 1% taught me anything, it is that the ultra-rich and the ultra-poor have a lot more in common than stereotypes might lead you to believe. In conversation, wealth managers kept coming back to the flamboyant vices of their clients. It was quite unexpected, in the course of discussing tax avoidance, to hear professional service providers say things like: “I’ve told my colleagues: ‘If I ever become like some of our clients, shoot me.’ Because they are really immoral people – too much time on their hands, and all the money means they have no limits.

Terrorists at US-Mexico border? Trump team admits mistakes on numbers President Trump plans to make a prime time address about the “Humanitarian and National Security crisis on our Southern Border.” Veuer's Sam Berman has the full story. Buzz60 In the days leading up to President Donald Trump's televised address to the nation on Tuesday night to promote his southern border wall, administration officials have justified the proposal by claiming that thousands of terrorists are pouring across that border. But data and analysis from his own administration have drastically undercut that message, calling into question whether the situation along the U.S.-Mexico border is truly a "national emergency" as Trump has increasingly claimed.

The 487 People, Places and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter: A Complete List Cory Booker United States senator Ruth Bader Ginsburg Supreme Court justice Trump's border wall would stop less than half of illegal immigration in the U.S. President Donald Trump has always linked illegal immigration to the southern border and the need for a wall. On Thursday — the 13th day of a government shutdown tied to the issue — Mr. Trump tweeted a video called "crisis on the border" depicting rioting migrants trying to rush into the country. But only one-third of the recent undocumented immigrant population came to the United States through the southern border, according to the Center for Migration Studies (CMS), a New York City-based think tank. The rest came legally on work visas and stayed after they expired, according to CMS. In other words, a wall wouldn't have kept them out.

The Simplest Explanation Of Global Warming Ever Earth energy budget diagram, with incoming and outgoing radiation (values are shown in W/m^2). Satellite instruments (CERES) measure the reflected solar, and emitted infrared radiation fluxes. The energy balance determines Earth's climate. Let's play pretend for a moment.

How the religious right gained unprecedented access to Trump The US health secretary sat for an interview with a man experts say is the leader of a hate group known for “defaming gays and lesbians”, just two days after Karen Pence, the US second lady, was criticized for teaching at a Christian school that bans homosexuality. Alex Azar, secretary of health and human services, was interviewed by the Family Research Council President, Tony Perkins, at an anti-abortion event called ProLifeCon in mid-January. “We are the department of life,” Azar told Perkins, “from conception until natural death, through all of our programs.”

RNC Misleads on ‘Immoral’ Democratic Bill Republican National Committee tweets in recent days have attacked a Democratic-sponsored bill in the House as “immoral” because it “would spend $54 billion taxpayer dollars on foreign countries” but not address “the border crisis here at home.” But that’s the same amount that Republican-controlled appropriations committees approved in June for the State Department’s operations and programs, which includes foreign assistance. The misleading tweets from the RNC appear to take their cue from comments made by President Donald Trump during a cabinet meeting on the day of the House vote.

Trump borrows from the old tricks of fascism The governing principle of the Trump administration is total irresponsibility, a claim of innocence from a position of power, something which happens to be an old fascist trick. As we see in the president’s reactions to American rightwing terrorism, he will always claim victimhood for himself and shift blame to the actual victims. As we see in the motivations of the terrorists themselves, and in the long history of fascism, this maneuver can lead to murder. The Nazis claimed a monopoly on victimhood.

Was Journalist Bre Payton's Death 'Beyond Strange' Due to Her Reporting on the Mueller Probe? On 2 January 2019, Washington, D.C., lobbyist Jack Burkman tweeted that something was “strange” about the passing of Bre Payton, a young journalist for the website The Federalist who fell ill and died suddenly in late December 2018: We found no evidence anything was amiss about Payton’s passing, other than its particularly tragic nature due to its suddenness, her youth, and her apparent vitality. We reached out to the San Diego Police Department and the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office, who confirmed to us that her death was not being treated as suspicious. Payton died on 28 December 2018 at age 26, according to her friend Morgan Murtaugh, who found her unconscious and called 911:

Where Does Illegal Immigration Mostly Occur? Here's What The Data Tell Us The westernmost edge of the U.S. border wall separates Tijuana from San Diego. Most undocumented immigrants in this country did not enter the U.S. at the Southern border. Rebecca Blackwell/AP hide caption toggle caption Green Book: the true story behind the Oscar-buzzed road trip drama In 19 out of 24 states for which data was available in 2015, African American motorists were more likely to be stopped by police than white drivers – three times more likely in some places. When they were pulled over, black travelers were more likely to suffer abuse in the form of taunts, harassment by dogs, gratuitous searches and more, the ACLU has documented. Just last year, the NAACP issued a travel advisory for the entire state of Missouri, calling on African American visitors to the state and residents to “pay special attention and exercise extreme caution” owing to racist incidents. The group issued a separate advisory for American Airlines, later lifted. The NAACP had received reports from travelers of racist verbal and physical attacks, its director of communications, Malik Russell, told the Guardian – “all type of encounters where people get the sense that they’re not being valued as an individual, as a person, as a customer.

Trump said he has 'no financial interests in Saudi Arabia.' But his businesses have made millions from the Saudi government, and the crown prince gave his New York City hotel a huge boost. In a statement released Tuesday, President Donald Trump stood by Saudi Arabia and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman despite evidence that the crown prince ordered the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. "King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman vigorously deny any knowledge of the planning or execution of the murder of Mr. Khashoggi," Trump said.