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Crimes, My Dear Watson

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Germany cracks Europe-wide burglary gang of 500 members. Image copyright Getty Images Munich police say they have broken up a huge burglary clan which they estimate may have been responsible for a fifth of German break-ins.

Germany cracks Europe-wide burglary gang of 500 members

The criminal gang was compared by police to an octopus with tentacles across Europe and its members were related by blood or marriage. The investigation began when three women were caught trying to break into a property in Munich in January 2016. It has led to arrests in Croatia and Spain as well as in Germany. Reinhold Bergmann, police commissioner for organised burglary, told reporters that the gang could have dozens of other tentacles operating in other countries such as Belgium, France and Italy. The three young women originally arrested attracted attention for the skill and speed with which they were carrying out a burglary in the Munich area of Lehel.

Who Killed Sister Cathy? All Your ‘The Keepers’ Unanswered Questions Answered. Did a Serial Killer Stalk the Lost Girls of Panama? The Security Problem and Expo In Mexico. Predictive Policing and the Felony Lane Gang. Predictive policing is on the rise in the US, UK and Europe.

Predictive Policing and the Felony Lane Gang

The technique now faces one of its toughest challenges: the Felony Lane Gang, writes Chris Baraniuk at New Scientist: They always choose the line at the bank farthest from CCTV – that’s how the Felony Lane Gang got its name. With crimes committed in 34 states, they’ve withdrawn millions of dollars from banks using cheques and credit cards stolen from cars. A handful of individuals connected to the group have been arrested, but the ringleaders have remained at large for years. Can crime-predicting software finally stop them in their tracks?

Photo: Pierre-alain dorange (CC) That’s the hope of police in the US, who have begun using advanced software to analyse crime data in conjunction with emails, text messages, chat files and CCTV recordings acquired by law enforcement. Human Remains Found In Suitcase Left On San Francisco Sidewalk. Nuns gone bad: Why you should read this lurid tale of a lesbian nun sex gang. In the summer of 1859, a desperate nun in the Roman convent of Sant’Ambrogio sent a letter to her kinsman, a bishop in the Vatican.

Nuns gone bad: Why you should read this lurid tale of a lesbian nun sex gang

Home. Paige Young the Playboy Playmate of the Month who felt so used she shot herself. Paige Young was the November 1968 Playmate of the Month and the magazine's centerfoldBill Cosby was obsessed with Young who had caught his eye during his many visits to the glitzy Playboy Club She was 30 when she took a .38 caliber pistol and shot herself in the headIn a scene reminiscent of a 1970s B-movie,Young's friend and former model Melanie Myers found Paige's lifeless body lying on a blood soaked American flag on her double bed‘The cops had Paige’s suicide note and read some of it to me,’ Myers recalls‘The whole thing was about her anger towards the men who she believed had chewed her up and spat her out' By Ryan Parry, West Coast Correspondent for MailOnline Published: 14:49 GMT, 4 December 2014 | Updated: 19:43 GMT, 4 December 2014 Passed around by dozens of Hollywood leading men over a decade former Playboy model Paige Young had become damaged goods.

Paige Young the Playboy Playmate of the Month who felt so used she shot herself

Corruption, crime, and scandal in Turkey. In December 2013, Turkish authorities arrested the sons of several prominent cabinet ministers on bribery, embezzlement, and smuggling charges.

Corruption, crime, and scandal in Turkey

Investigators claimed that the men were contributing members in a conspiracy to illicitly trade Turkish gold for Iranian oil gas (an act which, among other things, violates the spirit of United Nations’ sanctions targeting Tehran). The scheme purportedly netted a vast fortune in proceeds in the form of dividends and bribes. Among those suspected of benefiting from the trade was Prime Minister (now President) Tayyip Erdoğan and members of his family. In the web's hidden darknet, criminal enterprise is thriving. Criminals have always done their best to use new technology to their advantage and the rapid development of new digital technologies and online markets has provided the criminal entrepreneur with as much opportunity for innovation as their legitimate counterpart.

In the web's hidden darknet, criminal enterprise is thriving

Europol’s recent Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment (iOCTA) report spells this out in no uncertain terms, revealing how entire criminal enterprises have developed around using the internet to hawk criminal services to anyone with the cash. Old Bailey Online - Getting Started. Click on the image for a video guide.

Old Bailey Online - Getting Started

A text version of the same material, with linked screenshots, can be read below. The Proceedings of the Old Bailey are made up of 120 million words, recording 197,000 trials held at the Old Bailey, or Central Criminal Court in London, between 1674 and 1913. All of human life, and every kind of crime is here. This tutorial is designed to get you started searching for names and phrases. The easiest way of searching this text is by key word from the home page. Voices from the Old Bailey. The Old Bailey’s Central Criminal Court is an Edwardian building that bears the inscription “Defend the children of the poor and Punish the wrongdoer.”

Voices from the Old Bailey

An Italian visitor more than 100 years ago suggested it should be replaced with an aphorism from Dante’s Inferno: “Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here.” A sobering thought. Girl Allegedly Raped After School Uses Her As ‘Bait' In Sexual Harassment Sting: Suit. Phil Hartman’s final night: The tragic death of a “Saturday Night Live” genius. In almost all respects, Phil Hartman was incredibly successful.

Phil Hartman’s final night: The tragic death of a “Saturday Night Live” genius

A standout star on NBC’s "Saturday Night Live" and "NewsRadio," and a popular voice-over artist on Fox’s "The Simpsons," he was beloved by millions worldwide. “I can’t get the voice out of my head”: Dramatic revelations in skinhead murder trial. The tragedy of racial hatred was on full display in a federal courtroom here Monday as the prosecution rested its case against a pair of alleged neo-Nazis.

“I can’t get the voice out of my head”: Dramatic revelations in skinhead murder trial

They are accused of the ambush murders of two anti-racist skinheads 16 years ago in the desert on the outskirts of the city. Melissa Hack, herself a neo-Nazi at the time of the killings, testified against her brother, Ross, the alleged mastermind of the ambush, as their mother and other relatives looked on from the back of the courtroom. Only the Strong Survive: Fear, Stereotypes, and Myths. This is an excerpt from “Don’t Believe It! How Lies Become News” by Alexandra Kitty. Crime and tragedy befall many people, yet not all their stories make the news. So what separates newsworthy grief from the nameless variety?

The newsworthy misfortune should be violent, cruel, unexpected and have a photogenic and winsome victim. A crime meeting those requirements befell a young, attractive, upwardly mobile Boston couple expecting their first child. Enter The Black Dahlia Web Site. The Ritual Sacrifice of Amanda Knox. What do domestic violence, terrorism, the apparently renewable cold war and the repeat trials of Amanda Knox have in common? In a word, the devolution of humanity. Knox, if you managed to miss the media storm about her, is the young American exchange student convicted, acquitted, then convicted again of the 2007 brutal murder of her roommate in Italy. She is currently living in her hometown of Seattle while awaiting yet another trial, an appeal to the Italian Supreme Court later this year. The strange case of the 'time travel' murder.

27 April 2014Last updated at 19:53 ET A woman's body is found in London. DNA turns up a hit, yet the suspect apparently died weeks before the alleged victim. Christian School Teacher Caught With Student In Back Seat Of Car: Police. Brianne Altice, 34, was arrested in October 2013 after one of her former students approached Utah police and told them that he had a sexual relationship with the English teacher beginning when he was 15 years old. He was able to describe tattoos on the teacher's body, and told police that they had sex at least seven times, including once in a public park.

Summer Michelle Hansen, 31, was charged in August with sex crimes involving 5 students at the California high school where she taught special education. Hansen allegedly sent sexually suggestive texts to at least one student, who claimed she had sex with him as a "prize" for doing well in a baseball game. Angelina Jolie 'Lookalike' Forces Cabbie Into Sex, Then Stabs Him Six Times. A sex-crazed Angelina Jolie wannabe forced a cabbie to have sex with her twice, then stabbed him six times because he wouldn't perform again. Luminita Perijoc, 31, told a Romanian court she was on strong medication when she dragged her victim, Nicolae Stan, into her apartment at knifepoint.

Stan, 31, was delivering wine to Perijoc's home in Tulcea, eastern Romania, before the attack in 2012. She threatened him with a 4-inch blade as she undressed him, then demanded intercourse and oral sex, according to The Mirror. But when Stan wouldn't continue, she stabbed him six times. 9 Most Bizarre Facebook Related Crimes - (facebook crimes, bizarre facebook) The woman who was arrested for ‘poking' someone on Facebook. There's a £60m Bitcoin heist going down right now, and you can watch in real-time. Parents of Georgia teen, found dead in rolled-up gym mat, want answers.

Professor Says She Could Go To Jail For Pointing Out Her Rapist 18 Years Ago. Ex-Policeman, Mikhail Popkov, Allegedly Confesses To Gruesome Murdering 24 Women In Siberia. 50 Years Later, a Break in a Boston Strangler Case. Over the course of about 20 months from 1962 to 1964, 11 women ages 19 to 85 were brutally murdered here and in nearby cities, many sexually assaulted and killed in their homes. 10 Terrifying Historical Figures You've Never Heard Of. 16-Year-Old Excited To Have Whole Summer To Plan Shooting For Next School Year. The Case For And Against George Zimmerman. The average cost of visiting the emergency room is currently $1,233, or 40 percent more than what most Americans pay for rent, leading many ...

General McChrystal Gives Police Airtight Alibi In Rolling Stone Reporter’s Mysterious Death. Landlords From Hell, Nicole And Kip Macy, Sentenced For Waging Campaign Of Terror On Tenants. FSB arrests mastermind of foiled Moscow bombing who ‘fought in Afghanistan’ 7 Incredible Tunnels… Used for Crime!! Searching for the True Sources of Crime. Green River Killer: River of Death — Stream of Tears. ATM Fraud Allows Thieves To Steal $45 Million In Hours. Cleveland Kidnapping Victims Endured Decade Of Isolation, Rape, Beatings. Satanic Paedophile Rings Linked to Government? Jim’ll 666 It For You. Untitled Document. Infographic: How Criminals Guess Your PIN. Journal of Interpersonal Violence: Study suggests attackers choose victims based on the way they walk. Psychopathy and Victim Selection: The Use of Gait as a Cue to Vulnerability. Lasting Damage: A Rogue Prosecutor’s Final Case. Elizabeth Leigh Garner, Former Titans Cheerleader, Accused Of Sexually Assaulting 12-Year-Old Boy.

Prison Drug Smuggling: The Visiting Room. Inside the Aryan Brotherhood’s prison heroin empire. Pfizer Kingpin Gunned Down In Ongoing Prescription Drug Cartel Turf War. Doctor 'used silicone fingers' to sign in for colleagues. The Divine Farce. Scandal Spectacle: The 10 Most Corrupt and Compromised Cardinals Voting For the New Pope. Bad karma: Moscow ‘wizard’ held over serial photo-model killings. Elisa Lam Dead: Canadian Tourist's Body Found In Hotel Water Tank On Roof In Los Angeles. Quite A Haul: $50 Million Worth Of Diamonds Stolen In Lightning-Fast Heist : The Two-Way. Pope will have security, immunity by remaining in the Vatican. The Fascinating Story of "White Boy Rick": Feds Built Him into Drug Kingpin at Age 14, Then Threw Him in Prison for Life. For Some, Suspect’s Charges of Police Racism Resound. Charles Manson Committed More Murders, According To Interview With 'Manson Family' Lawyer Bill Boyd.

Church Documents Released After Years of Resistance. Kentucky neo-Nazis charged in gruesome murder, dismemberment. 'Cross-dressing Meth Priest Liked Sex in Rectory' Report Details Sexual Abuse of Children by German Priests. Savile Report Depicts Decades of Sexual Offenses. Angelo Mozilo, Former Countrywide CEO, Claims He Doesn't Know What 'Verified Income' Is. Former SAC Trader Is Indicted. Fear of a possible serial killer mounts near Detroit as more cubes of human flesh are found in a sewer pipe. 2 Firefighters Are Killed in Shooting Rampage Near Rochester. Finally, A Few Bankers Face Criminal Prosecutions For Conspiracies.

Romney Advisor Got $1200 An Hour To Testify For Countrywide. Bath School bombing: Remembering the deadliest school massacre in American history. The Yakuza Lobby - By Jake Adelstein. Authorities Not Even Going To Bother Looking For Motive Behind Oregon Shooting. Crime’s digital past. In Alaska, a Killer Ends Half-Told Tale of His Crimes With Suicide. In Cold Blood Florida murders: Will DNA tie Perry Smith and Dick Hickock to the Clint Walker killings? Fatal Delusions: A shooting on Wall Street. James Bond and the killer bag lady. Jeffrey MacDonald, Innocence, and the Future of Habeas Corpus. How I Changed My Mind About the Jeffrey MacDonald Murder Case. Missing Sex Toy Triggered Domestic Assault. 9 Appropriately Named Bank Robbers - (crime, funny...) Reprieve: Can Ivan Teleguz, on death row in Virginia, save his life by claiming he’s Ukrainian? Detectives Overlooked Casey Anthony's 'I Killed My Daughter' AMA On Reddit. Turkey Pardon Mishap Results In Accidental Release Of Serial Rapist. Gail Levin, Hopper Expert, Questions Sanborn Holdings Source.

Snowtown murders. U.S. Soldiers Committed Murders, Stockpiled Guns And Bomb Materials, In Plot To Assassinate Obama And Overthrow Government. Michael Berkland May Have Stored Human Organs In Cups In Florida Storage Locker. 9 of the Most Brazen Art Thefts - (art heist, mona lisa...) Erica DePalo, Former 'Teacher Of The Year,' Allegedly Had Sexual Relationship With Student.

Drug Smugglers Pose Underwater Challenge in Caribbean. Rumors Spread of Kosovo Organ Harvesters. Lured by Promises of Wealth, F.B.I. Agent Was Drawn Into Fraud Scheme, Prosecutors Say. Mexico Drug Violence: CIA Attack Likely Work Of Cartels. US official: Organized crime likely in CIA attack. U.S. targets violent street gang MS-13. Veteran NY Cop Arrested by Feds Planned to Abduct and Cook Women.