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RSA Shorts - The Power of Quiet

RSA Shorts - The Power of Quiet

Consumer Insights InsightsDiscoveryPresentation You're reading a free preview. Pages 6 to 53 are not shown in this preview. Insights That Incite The best insights are thesimplest ones – the onesthat once introducedblend into our day-to-day consciousness with narya ripple. Arguably the most eective and enduringcommunications are born rom single,simple insights into human behavior –or more specically, human consumer behavior. Moby-Dick , which came out in 1851, oneo the characters straps his sea chest to awheelbarrow, but then, not knowing how tomaneuver the barrow, he gathers the wholeassembly and carries it. Insights that Incite The Yellow Paper Series has had such impact.

D_O_Myths Abt Customer Insight Consumer Insights: Getting Beyond the Myths to the Real ThingMarketing is responsible for stimulating consumer demand; hence genuine consumerunderstanding is the first pre-requisite for superior marketing. As markets become morecrowded the marketer who has superior insights into consumers latent or unmet needs,wants, desires and beliefs gains a critical source of competitive advantage. Thus, no onecan dispute that gaining better consumer insight is a must for new age marketers.However, as is the case with all good intentions, the trouble begins when people starttranslating intent into practice, and this is visible when we examine the state of the arttoday. It seems to me that there are five prevalent myths that act as powerful blocks inthe quest for gaining competitive advantage through superior consumer insight. Myth 1: “I know the consumer – she is my wife, mother, sister, daughter, cousin, and friend nothing like the entrepreneur’s f amilyand friends circle. teams’ see it. Myth 3:

trisema : Quieres sacar tu lado creativo? trisema : Ya empezó el Workshop... Why are you, you? - Janice Bergen I would say the typical answer of who I am is the product of my Mom and Dad and how much they loved each other. I am also their convictions and perseverance in raising me to be a good person. I would also say their continued support is still changing and molding me to this day. I am me because of my friends who show me a different side of life. I am me because of my son. I am me because of...well me....I love life. The Art of Observation and How to Master the Crucial Difference Between Observation and Intuition by Maria Popova Why genius lies in the selection of what is worth observing. “In the field of observation,” legendary disease prevention pioneer Louis Pasteur famously proclaimed in 1854, “chance favors only the prepared mind.” “Knowledge comes from noticing resemblances and recurrences in the events that happen around us,” neuroscience godfather Wilfred Trotter asserted. That keen observation is what transmutes information into knowledge is indisputable — look no further than Sherlock Holmes and his exquisite mindfulness for a proof — but how, exactly, does one cultivate that critical faculty? From The Art of Scientific Investigation (public library; public domain) by Cambridge University animal pathology professor W. Though a number of celebrated minds favored intuition over rationality, and even Beveridge himself extolled the merits of the intuitive in science, he sides with modern-day admonitions about our tendency to mislabel other cognitive processes as “intuition” and advises:

tatighr : exponiendo @consumer_truth... Insight Brainwashing Workshop Somos una consultora especializada en Consumer Insights & Planning con clientes en Perú, Ecuador y Colombia. Conectamos marcas con personas sobre la base de un profundo conocimiento de las personas y sus verdades humanas (Insights) Tenemos 4 años en los cuáles nuestra principal motivación ha sido replantear la mirada tradicional buscando desarrollar metodología y herramientas propietarias tanto de revelación de Insights como de planeamiento estratégico. Nuestro trabajo nos ha consolidado como lider en Consumer Insights en el mercado peruano y un referente importante a nivel de Latinoamérica a través de nuestros Workshops, Consultorías y Redes sociales: Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare, Youtube y Pinterest. Entre nuestros clientes están SAN FERNANDO (Peru), GLORIA (Perú), NESTLE (Perú/Bolivia), LaFabril (Ecuador), SantaFE (Colombia), BELCORP (Perú/Colombia), Grupo NUTRESA (Colombia), ILKO (Chile), entre otros.