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Current. 12/27/16, 3/21/17

A fun bracelet tutorial today.

It's simple and you only need a leather cord and some jewelry rings. The bracelets are quite originals and can be worn by both woman and man. You can make differents versions using washers instead of rings, using color ribbons or rope. Have fun trying different combinations. Cut a piece of leather cord a pass a ring into it. Fold the cord and pass a second metalic ring into the two cord side. Slide a third ring into the lenght cord side. Pass the cord with the third ring into the first ring. Pass an other ring into the cord, then slide the cord into the last ring and tighten. Paint a plastic tray. Here is and easy tutorial to customize a plastic tray.

paint a plastic tray

I've got this simple tray for years...I'm not even sure where I get it. Maybe it comes with the fridge. What ever...the point is it was plain boring and I never use it. So it was time to give it a little twist. I just used pinterest inspiration, copper spray paint and tape...easy! First sand smoothy and clean the tray. With tape and paper, start cover the part you don't want to paint. Use the tape to make graphic lines on the tray. When you are happy with your pattern, spray paint. When it's dry remove carefully the tape. And some news: I finally get an Instagram account so if you like to you can follow the blog there also. DIY leather & rings bracelet. Make marble jewelry with clay.

You couldn't have missed the marble trend.

make marble jewelry with clay

Great projects are all over the blogs. Ohoh Blog - diy and crafts. A kid friendly tutorial I made for Dream a Little Bigger: some drop magnets!

Ohoh Blog - diy and crafts

I don't now if you have the same problem as me, I'm always short in fridge magnets. Maybe because we have the kids "art gallery" and a bunch of reminder notes displayed on the fridge door. Part of the solution will be organizing (hahaha...nope) and making more magnets (much funnier). You know what option I picked, those salt dough magnets are very easy to make and cost almost nothing. Have a look at the tutorial HERE. And this how my fridge really looks like! If your like it, please, share and pin to make your friends enjoy this post!

DIY Key chain. We use them all day long, so let's try to add a little fun to our key chain.

DIY Key chain

I love these DIY key rings, they are stylish and quite easy to make. It would be so cool to have all the zoo animals hanged in my key box! And how great is this ideas of drawing faces on wooden beads? I hope you will have fun making new key chain, don't hesitate to share your projects in comment! If your like it, please, share and make your friends enjoy this post!

Diy rope jewelry. It's been a while since the last jewelry tutorial!

diy rope jewelry

Here is a very easy one, It's nice to make some quick and simple project once in a while! The bracelet was so easy to make that I decide to add a pair of earrings! It took me less than 30 minutes to make both! You can use different rope colors and make a few as small gift for Christmas time, if you like too! The supplies you will need are: jewelry rope, tube beads, end beads, clasps, rings, pliers, glue and a pair of scissors. Cut 6 pieces of rope at your wrist size, put some glue at each end to avoid the rope to fray Pass some beads throught the rope pieces. Glue the rope ends inside the end beads. Tadaaaam, very easy! It's the same technique to make the earrings. I didn't make a necklace because it would have been a little to much, but it will be so easy to make also. Pretty cool no? If your like it, please, share and make your friends enjoy this post!

Earrings with washers and nuts. Ohoh Blog.