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Our Dear Leader makes a Stand

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Forget North Korea's Nuclear Arsenal. Its Chemical and Cyber Weapons Are Already a Threat. In reminding the world why Iran poses an array of threats to regional security, President Donald Trump preempted the argument of those who believe that a nuclear deal would significantly reduce hostility with North Korea.

Forget North Korea's Nuclear Arsenal. Its Chemical and Cyber Weapons Are Already a Threat.

The VX nerve agent that killed Kim Jong-un’s half-brother and the WannaCry malware that infected the global Internet represent a dangerous convergence of two threats far more likely to be used in anger than missiles carrying nuclear warheads. Like Iran, North Korea poses multiple hazards to international security. To be clear, nuclear weapons are a real and gathering danger, and frequent test launches by the Korean People’s Army suggest steady progress toward deploying long-range nuclear missiles.

Yet there is considerable experience and success in deterring nuclear arsenals. The same cannot be said for biochemical and cyber weapons. Biochemical weapons have been used throughout modern warfare. Log In - New York Times. Is Death of Kim Jong Nam the Beginning of the End for North Korea? People watch a television showing news reports of Kim Jong-Nam, the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, at a railway station in Seoul on February 14, 2017.

Is Death of Kim Jong Nam the Beginning of the End for North Korea?

Kim Jong-Nam, the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has been assassinated in Malaysia. Jung Yeon-Je/AFP/Getty Images This weekend saw wall-to-wall coverage of North Korea’s missile testing. But today the most important news in years came out of the DPRK, and the Western media is largely silent. This speaks to just how poorly understood North Korea remains, despite both increasing international scrutiny and an ever-growing body of information escaping from the country. Kim Jong Il’s son, Kim Jong Nam, was found dead in Malaysia, reportedly murdered. A Week In North Korea. North Korea praises Trump and urges US voters to reject 'dull Hillary'

North Korean state media has praised US presidential hopeful Donald Trump, describing him as a “wise politician” and “far-sighted candidate” who could help unify the Korean peninsula.

North Korea praises Trump and urges US voters to reject 'dull Hillary'

An editorial in DPRK Today, an official media outlet, welcomed the Republican presidential candidate’s proposal to hold direct talks with Kim Jong-un, saying he could help bring about Pyongyang’s “Yankee go home” policy. North Korea Launches Newest Offensive: Cigarette Butts. Photo SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea likes to call South Korea a land of “political filth” and its leaders, including President , “human trash.”

North Korea Launches Newest Offensive: Cigarette Butts

Now, apparently to highlight its contempt, it has begun sending balloons into the South loaded with an unusual payload, the police here said on Thursday: cigarette butts. North and have escalated their propaganda war across their heavily armed border since Jan. 6, when the North conducted its fourth nuclear test. North korean delete this. Huffingtonpost. North Korea sent female agents to sleep with foreign dignitaries, then blackmailed them: former insider. Your Friendly North Korean Network Observer by nknetobserver. North Korea Launches Bizarre Website In An Attempt To Encourage Tourism. North Korea launched a travel website on Monday that is decidedly more strange than it is inviting -- particularly since the country currently has a ban on international tourists entering the country due to fears of the Ebola virus.

North Korea Launches Bizarre Website In An Attempt To Encourage Tourism is a Korean-language site full of the bizarre imagery and hard-to-navigate portals that one might expect from the Hermit Kingdom. Different areas of the site highlight a variety of North Korea's attractions, from a pyramid-themed water park to aspects of local culture. Some of the choices are a bit more confusing, including pictures of rockets and a single dog. Coup D'état: Dennis Rodman Takes Over North Korea In Violent Overthrow. PYONGYANG, North Korea — North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been deposed in a violent overthrow led by Dennis Rodman, the former NBA basketball star who had been serving as Mayor of Pyongyang since earlier this year.

Coup D'état: Dennis Rodman Takes Over North Korea In Violent Overthrow

According to two high-level sources, Rodman jailed Jong-un and his top lieutenants before naming himself Supreme Worm of the Democratic People’s Republic Of Korea, Duffel Blog has learned. The sources said that Rodman seized power after he won a game of H-O-R-S-E against the former leader he once called his “best friend.” “Entire glorious revolution unite behind great and dear leader Dennis Rodman,” read a news release from state-run Korean Central News Agency, which did not have any mention of Kim Jong-un.

A search of the archives on KCNA’s website showed his name was removed from previous news stories. In addition to seizing power in the country, Rodman was spotted drinking absinthe at his new mansion, and he had ordered all men in the country to wear wedding gowns. 20 Things I Learned While I Was in North Korea. Well that was weird.

20 Things I Learned While I Was in North Korea

I was only in North Korea for five days, but that was more than enough to make it clear that North Korea is every bit as weird as I always thought it was. If you merged the Soviet Union under Stalin with an ancient Chinese Empire, mixed in The Truman Show and then made the whole thing Holocaust-esque, you have modern day North Korea. It’s a dictatorship of the most extreme kind, a cult of personality beyond anything Stalin or Mao could have imagined, a country as closed off to the world and as secretive as they come, keeping both the outside world and its own people completely in the dark about one another—a true hermit kingdom. A question, then, is “Why would an American tourist ever be allowed into the country?” Allow me to illustrate what I believe is the reasoning behind my being let in: High Level Government Meeting And so, I was allowed in, along with a small group of other Westerners, accompanied (at all times) by three North Korean guides.

North Korea Lands First Ever Man on the Sun, Confirms Central News Agency. Inside North Korea's Crystal Meth Trade - By Isaac Stone Fish. I interviewed my first member of the North Korean crystal meth trade in the spring of 2011.

Inside North Korea's Crystal Meth Trade - By Isaac Stone Fish

My subject was a woman still living inside the country who was desperate to leave. Her family background was somehow shameful, hurting her husband's military career, she told me through an intermediary. And while she heard everyone in bustling, wealthy South Korea was "happy," she lived in a "small city, a dusty city. " Deeply in debt, the woman said she would travel across the border near the city of Yanji, a bleak and oppressing Tijuana, to smuggle contraband to a Chinese trader. They would meet in the middle of the Yalu, the river which runs more than half the length of the 890-mile border between the two countries, frozen during the winter and often laxly patrolled, and she would pass off the products, like North Korean antiques, that she said she carried.

North Korean parents 'eat their children' after being driven mad by hunger in famine-hit pariah state. Undercover reporters found a 'shocking' number of cannibalism incidents Up to 10,000 people feared dead after 'hidden famine' in farming provincesDrought and confiscated food contribute to desperate shortage, reports sayReports of men digging up corpses for food and murdering children By Becky Evans PUBLISHED: 11:11 EST, 27 January 2013 | UPDATED: 03:10 EST, 28 January 2013.

North Korean parents 'eat their children' after being driven mad by hunger in famine-hit pariah state

‘It’s Like Biggie And Tupac All Over Again,’ Says Dumbass Of Korean Conflict. N. Korea Wondering What It Has To Do To Attract U.S. Military Attention. PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA—As the U.S. continues to inch toward war with Iraq, a jealous and frustrated North Korea is wondering what it has to do to attract American military attention.

N. Korea Wondering What It Has To Do To Attract U.S. Military Attention

Kim Jong Il. "What does it take to get a few F-16s or naval warships deployed to the Yellow Sea? " North Korean president Kim Jong Il asked Monday. "In the past month and a half, we've expelled U.N. nuclear inspectors, withdrawn from the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, restarted a mothballed nuclear complex capable of producing weapons-grade plutonium, and threatened to resume missile tests. DPRK’s (North Korean) Nuclear “Electro Magnetic Pulse” [EMP] Bomb Could Be An Equalizer. I strongly agree with [former US CIA Director] R. James Woolsey and [a former CIA analyst and Executive Director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, an Advisory Board to Congress] Dr. Peter Vincent Pry that the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) threat to the U.S. demands our strongest attention (“How North Korea Could Cripple the U.S.,” op-ed, May 21).

Former CIA Director R. What the Hell Was That All About? - By Aidan Foster-Carter. The arrest of the American diplomat, Ryan Fogle, in Moscow late Monday, May 13, was a journey to an earlier era, a throwback to a quarter century ago when these Cold War cloak and dagger spy games were painfully regular, as the United States and the Soviet Union played out the final act of a long and deadly contest. About the only difference in the handling of the ambush of Fogle by the Russian security service was that the photographic record of his arrest was in sharp, digital color, rather than grainy black and white.

It was a textbook takedown. We see Fogle on the ground, arms behind him; then later in FSB headquarters being photographed with all the spy gear he was carrying. The "competent organs" are clearly protecting the motherland. Reading the North Korean Tea Leaves: The Perpetual Struggle to Fathom Pyongyang's Motives and Goals. Washington, D.C., April 11, 2013 – For decades, the erratic behavior of North Korea's enigmatic leaders has often masked a mix of symbolic and pragmatic motives, according to declassified documents posted today by the National Security Archive. During earlier crises, Kim Jong Un's father and grandfather postured and threatened the region in ways markedly similar to the behavior of the new leader, the records show.

While the current Kim is acting even more stridently in some cases, the documents reveal a past pattern characterized by bellicose conduct. In 1994, for instance, North Korean military officers threatened the U.S. with a possible preemptive strike if circumstances called for it: "This will not be a situation like the Iraq war," U.S. officials were told. North Korea’s War Preparations. Kim Jong-Un's Wife On Nuclear Threats: 'This Isn't The Man I Was Forced To Marry' PYONGYANG—Ri Sol-ju, wife of North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un, opened up to reporters Thursday about her husband’s warmongering, saying that the Dear Leader’s recent bluster was totally uncharacteristic of the man she was forced to marry three years ago.

“Since being ordered by my government to spend the rest of my life with this man, I’ve gotten to know him very well, and I can tell you that the Jong-un threatening nuclear war is not the same Jong-un who plucked me out of a parade and demanded I cut ties with my family,” said Ri, adding that she still believes the controlling despot who erased her identity and forbade her from leaving the residential villa is in there somewhere. “The man you see promising missile strikes on U.S. targets is not the person I was forced to fall in love with. And he’s certainly not the same father to the child I was forced to have with him. Think Again: North Korea - By David Kang and Victor Cha. "North Korea's not that dangerous. " Wrong. There is no threat of war on the Korean peninsula because the United States and South Korea have deterred the regime for over six decades, or so the thinking goes. And the occasional provocation from Pyongyang -- full of sound and fury -- usually ends with it blowing up in its face, signifying nothing.

So why worry? Two reasons. The difference today is that South Korea is no longer turning the other cheek. This development appears to validate former U.S. What do North Korea's air defenses look like? With the U.S. flying B-2 stealth bombers, F-22 Raptor stealth fighters, and B-52 bombers over the Korean Peninsula, we thought we'd give you a quick run-down on the air defenses these jets could face if the Korean War ever went into Round Two. Sure, North Korea is said to have one of the densest air defense networks on Earth. But it's largely made up of 1950s-, ‘60s-, and ‘70s-vintage Soviet-designed missiles and radars -- the type of weapons that the U.S. military has been working on defeating for decades via a combination of radar jamming, anti-radar missiles, and stealth technology.

Is Your City On Kim Jong-Un's American Bombing Targets Map. North Korea says enters state of war against South. Kim Jong-Un Comes Out In Support Of Gay Marriage: 'I'm Not A Monster' PYONGYANG—As the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday on the constitutionality of banning same-sex marriage, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un told reporters that, considering he’s not a completely awful human being, he unequivocally believes that gay people should be able to marry. “Of course I believe gay and lesbian couples should be treated equally under the law, for God’s sake; I’m not a monster,” the despotic leader said, adding that the idea of trying to stop a loving couple from legally marrying one another is not only wrong from a moral and ethical standpoint but also violates the Fourteenth Amendment.

“I have no idea what’s going on with the justices over there, to be honest. The whole thing is a fucking embarrassment.” Kim added that, should the Supreme Court not declare same-sex marriage constitutional in all 50 states, he would strongly consider launching a nuclear weapon at the United States. North Korea targets U.S. bases; U.S. intel botching Asia?; Russia wants talks; Drone art; Prince Harry and more. North Korea Threats: Pyongyang Steps Up Rhetoric Against U.S. Bases In Japan And Guam. North Korea Launches Podcast Aimed At ‘This American Life’ The Pirate Bay To Team Up With North Korea. Chinese-Korean MiG Pilot Kills Top US Fighter Ace 中朝人民 空戰英雄 Jet Age War God Speed. Report: North Korea threatens 'pre-emptive nuclear attack' The communist nation of North Korea threatened this morning to launch a pre-emptive strike, after accusing the United States of using military drills in South Korea as preparation for its own nuclear strike.

By F. Brinley Bruton and Ian Johnston, NBC News. World Surrenders To North Korea. PYONGYANG—Following reports earlier this morning that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea successfully conducted its third nuclear test, sources confirmed that every nation on the planet has surrendered to the mighty East Asian dictatorship. Kim Jong Un Is No Reformer - By Victor D. Cha. North Korean reforms are smokescreen, say senior defectors.