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How to Cover Boxes - Homey Oh My. The bulk of my focus lately has been on seriously editing my home, meaning getting rid of things that no longer spark joy and changing things up the way I’ve been saying for “forever” that I’d do.

How to Cover Boxes - Homey Oh My

I’ve kept around most of my decor DIYs, and sure, I came to terms with how some just aren’t exciting me anymore. It’s what’s making me look back at past projects a lot lately, thinking about what I still like about them, what I don’t, or how I’d do them differently now. Like these fabric lid boxes I made a while back… I still think they’re really cute, but I’m craving change for more minimal designs (you’ve noticed this I think!)

, so I did something about that. Materials:–fabric (or wallpaper!) So about why I suggested fabric or wallpaper, but actually used gift wrap… Audrey from This Little Street sent me samples from her new pattern line, and I picked the grid (viva la grid). That was long, did you get through it? The grey lines are where I made my pencil marks with a ruler. Spray paint.

I’ve missed you. Candle holders, too. This project actually started off somewhere completely different and ended up here at this unforeseen creation over a period of weeks. I really surprised myself with this one because I had dismissed it early on as a fail. I’ll explain shortly. This layered ice tray from the Oh Joy! Well, I tried making layered ice cubes into mini popsicles for a 4th of July project and it failed, at my own fault, and I set the tray aside and forgot about it.

I mixed Cement All with a tad bit more water than recommended in the package instructions to make it thinner, so that it would fill the tray up more evenly. After the cement dried, I was left with these interesting looking cement pieces that I thought would look really cool pieced together in varying ways, so I glued some together with E6000. I came across these 3/4″ copper plugs and they PERFECTLY hold my tapered candlesticks.

Look at that. For now, they’re sitting here on my dining table lazy susan. DIY Roundups Archives - Homey Oh My. 6 DIYs to Try This Weekend - Homey Oh My. Don’t know if I’m alone on this, but the start of the weekend not only promises fun and relaxation, but also getting to any and all crafty ideas I want to do.

6 DIYs to Try This Weekend - Homey Oh My

I do all of my projects on the weekends (yet another example for why I’m a slave to daylight) and it really makes me look forward to the weekends even more. Ok, so I’m thinking most people don’t have schedules like this, BUT, I so often have people telling me they wished they had more time to DIY. If you’re thinking that’s totally something you’ve said before and also don’t have too much planned this weekend, might I suggest getting a little crafty?

Here are some DIYs to get you inspired. This coat rack. I’m in love with how chic and simple this mousepad is. Obsessed with this speckled design Molly created on her candles, and just how genius-ly simple this idea is to elevate something so generic. A simple lipstick holder. I think I’ve been saying for a decade now that I need a lap desk. Fun fact. Homey Oh My.