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Current. 12/22/16
Finished. 5/21/17

Something reeeally different around here today.

It was originally unplanned, which means there’s a story behind why it even happened. Oh ok, I’ll tell it to you! It started somewhere completely unrelated. I had this elaborate idea to spray paint a bunch of stuff in a layered design. I spent an entire Saturday, 9-5, failing at it twice (a lot of that time was waiting for paint to dry and what not, so I kind of made that sound dramatic but still, the whole day was lost). So I was already on the verge of a meltdown because of how big of a failure that weekend was, then I go and ruin my bracelet and start to question the purpose of life.

DIY Roundups Archives - Homey Oh My. DIY Fabric Lid Boxes - Homey Oh My. Something I love just as much as repurposing is upcycling- taking something old or disposable and making it new and beautiful.

DIY Fabric Lid Boxes - Homey Oh My

Now these cardboard boxes I had are pretty nice, and far from being considered trash, but the one problem I had with them is the color. There are very few instances where I prefer the color pink, and this isn’t one of them. I love the simple design of the boxes and the quality is higher than most, but they just weren’t me. How to Cover Boxes with Contact Paper - Homey Oh My. I believe in two things: 1) beautiful storage is exciting and 2) a good, sturdy box should never be tossed.

How to Cover Boxes with Contact Paper - Homey Oh My

I was reminded of this after receiving a couple gifts this past Christmas that came in some nice boxes, and I was almost more excited about how I was going to re-use the boxes for storage. Call it weird, because it kind of is, but it’s also fun (and useful!) , and maybe you kept some boxes from this past holiday season too and need a simple idea on how to make them prettier.

6 DIYs to Try This Weekend - Homey Oh My. Don’t know if I’m alone on this, but the start of the weekend not only promises fun and relaxation, but also getting to any and all crafty ideas I want to do.

6 DIYs to Try This Weekend - Homey Oh My

DIY Multi-Strand Bracelet - Homey Oh My. DIY Suede Leather Tassels - Homey Oh My. 07/27DIY Projects This one might be even easier than expected, guys.

DIY Suede Leather Tassels - Homey Oh My

Usually an idea comes to me before I source materials, but a lot of times it can happen the other way around. I found these pre-cut suede leather fringe pieces for making tassels, so tassels I was going to make. The only thing I had to come up with was adding on some gold braided leather cord and bam, we’ve got a two-second DIY accessory (time estimation may be exaggerated). My buddies at PBteen sent me this tote bag to style for the back-to-school season, and these tassels ended up being perfect for it. Do you/did you sport a back pack or a tote bag in school?

If you passed the link, find the tutorial here at the PBteen blog. DIY Modern Yarn Hanging - Homey Oh My. Didn’t you know I love wall hangings?

DIY Modern Yarn Hanging - Homey Oh My

Really wasn’t intending on doing many of these, but the inspiration kept coming. I see a lot of these types of hangings in stores all over LA, and strangely when I bumped into these gold rings at the craft store, they made me think of the rings I’m wearing on my index finger in this photo, which is what inspired the design for this hanging. Weird, right? I like it when inspiration strikes in unexpected ways, mmhmm. Materials:-yarn –scissors -gold rings in 1.5″ and 3″ –Krazy glue -cardboard (about 14″ in length) -round wood dowel (cut mine to about 7.25″) I cut a piece of yarn and folded it in half, then put it through the 1.5″ gold ring. Taking the loose ends of the string, I pulled them through the yarn loop and then pulled down, but not all the way. I double knotted the loose ends of the yarn to each end of a wood dowel, then reinforced the knots with a dab of Krazy glue before cutting off the excess yarn. ^Progress report.

What do you think? How to Cover Boxes - Homey Oh My. The bulk of my focus lately has been on seriously editing my home, meaning getting rid of things that no longer spark joy and changing things up the way I’ve been saying for “forever” that I’d do.

How to Cover Boxes - Homey Oh My

I’ve kept around most of my decor DIYs, and sure, I came to terms with how some just aren’t exciting me anymore. It’s what’s making me look back at past projects a lot lately, thinking about what I still like about them, what I don’t, or how I’d do them differently now. Like these fabric lid boxes I made a while back… I still think they’re really cute, but I’m craving change for more minimal designs (you’ve noticed this I think!) , so I did something about that.

Materials:–fabric (or wallpaper!) So about why I suggested fabric or wallpaper, but actually used gift wrap… Audrey from This Little Street sent me samples from her new pattern line, and I picked the grid (viva la grid). That was long, did you get through it? DIY Wood Desk Organizers - Homey Oh My. As I flipped through my planner from last year, I saw why it’s cool to keep your planner from last year.

DIY Wood Desk Organizers - Homey Oh My

Bigger reasons include seeing where you were then, what you were up to, how far you’ve come, all that good self-growth stuff and so on. The reason I’m shining light on today however, which I consider delicious surprise nuggets, is rediscovering abandoned ideas. Among the scribbles in January 2015 was a note to repurpose boxes for organizing, with “wood?” Written in parentheses. DIY Stones and Beads Necklaces - Homey Oh My. 05/02DIY Projects Jewelry DIYs.

DIY Stones and Beads Necklaces - Homey Oh My

I don’t do them often! The last and only one I did were these bracelets, which I still wear, so maybe I simply haven’t found the need to expand my collection ha. My preferences on accessorizing have also drastically changed over time. I used to strive for having the largest arsenal possible for never-repeating daily accessory combos, but now I crave just having a few good staple pieces that I can wear everyday with anything. PBteen asked me to come up with an easy necklace DIY for teens to make for their moms this Mother’s Day, and I kept all those things in mind for it. Also, let’s take a poll because there seems to be very polarizing views on this (or did I make that up?)

DIY Stone Trinket Dishes - Homey Oh My. I was going through my SD card deleting photos from almost two years ago and came across a DIY I never posted.

DIY Stone Trinket Dishes - Homey Oh My

It was a stone glass vase to use as a planter and something about it wasn’t working for me, where I wasn’t at all excited about it and didn’t even end up keeping it long. Seeing it now though made me think it was a really cool and simple idea but maybe needed a different application, or even to be done on an object of a different shape (I figured it out- I didn’t like the shape of the vase!) Mystery was further solved when these little diamond dishes fell into my Target basket. The idea of turning these into stone felt a lot more transformative even though it’s the same exact process as painting a vase, but to me these are more unique.

They also have multiple uses and can be kept in a bunch of different places as catch alls, which is very exciting in my world! Materials: –dishes –stone spray paint (I used black granite, obsidian, and charcoal sand) –clear coat sealer. DIY Small Rope Basket - Homey Oh My. A no-sew rope basket has been on my DIY list ever since that one time I made string bowls, which honestly weren’t that sturdy though were fun to make. Using macrame rope this time, I love the natural and minimal look this basket has, and because I wanted to go smaller on the basket size I went with a thinner rope. A thicker rope would work beautifully as well and would be even sturdier and easier since it wouldn’t require as many rows. DIY Wall Pocket Organizers - Homey Oh My. Although I’ve gotten a lot better about this, I’ve always had a generally hard time letting go of packaging because it would feel so wasteful. Even if I didn’t know what I’d reuse it for, I’d like to trust that a purpose would soon be realized to justify keeping it, which is why I’m all for a good upcycle or repurposing focused DIY- feels like I’m revisiting where I began with this blog.

The challenge I like to give myself is to make it not so obvious that it’s an upcycle, that the project looks too cute to have once been plastic lotion bottles, oh but that’s actually what these wall pocket organizers used to be! I partnered with Aveeno® for Earth Month to share about recycling, saving plastic, and making these organizers with your bottles once you’ve used up all the product so we can be guilt-free about where all that plastic is going. Having gone through all the lotion, we have one of two options. Start by peeling off the labels on both sides of the bottle. DIY Monogram Clay Keychains - Homey Oh My.

Homey Oh My.