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Environmental Disaster

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Nearly Half of the U.S. Is in Drought. It May Get Worse. Nearly half of the continental United States is gripped by drought, government forecasters said Thursday, and conditions are expected to worsen this winter across much of the Southwest and South.

Nearly Half of the U.S. Is in Drought. It May Get Worse.

Mike Halpert, deputy director of the Climate Prediction Center, a part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, said a lack of late-summer rain in the Southwest had expanded “extreme and exceptional” dry conditions from West Texas into Colorado and Utah, “with significant drought also prevailing westward through Nevada, Northern California and the Pacific Northwest.”

The World’s Largest Tropical Wetland Has Become an Inferno. This year, roughly a quarter of the vast Pantanal wetland in Brazil, one of the most biodiverse places on Earth, has burned in wildfires worsened by climate change.

The World’s Largest Tropical Wetland Has Become an Inferno

What happens to a rich and unique biome when so much is destroyed? Pantanal Wetland Fires in 2020 Protected. Close This Tab. Extinction - the facts. Overlooked No More: Eunice Foote, Climate Scientist Lost to History. Overlooked is a series of obituaries about remarkable people whose deaths, beginning in 1851, went unreported in The Times.

Overlooked No More: Eunice Foote, Climate Scientist Lost to History

In the 1850s, Eunice Foote, an amateur scientist and activist for women’s rights, made a remarkable discovery about greenhouse gases that could have helped form the foundation of modern climate science. But the scientific paper she published that might have added her name to the pantheon of early climate scientists was quickly forgotten, and she faded into obscurity. There isn’t even a known photograph of her today. The idea that greenhouse gases warm the planet is anything but new, and anything but unsettled. In India, there's water everywhere, and nowhere. Climate change: Oceans running out of oxygen as temperatures rise. Image copyright IUCN Climate change and nutrient pollution are driving the oxygen from our oceans, and threatening many species of fish.

Climate change: Oceans running out of oxygen as temperatures rise

Amazon fires: Brazilian rainforest burning at record rate, space agency warns. Media playback is unsupported on your device Brazil's Amazon rainforest has seen a record number of fires this year, according to new data from the country's space research agency.

Amazon fires: Brazilian rainforest burning at record rate, space agency warns

The National Institute for Space Research (Inpe) said its satellite data showed an 84% increase on the same period in 2018. It comes weeks after President Jair Bolsonaro sacked the head of the agency amid rows over its deforestation data. Trump’s Rollback of Auto Pollution Rules Shows Signs of Disarray. That means the process is now being helmed by Francis Brooke, a 29-year-old White House aide with limited experience in climate change policy before moving over from Vice President Mike Pence’s office last year.

Trump’s Rollback of Auto Pollution Rules Shows Signs of Disarray

Given the lack of experienced senior staff members, people working on the plan say it is unlikely to be completed before October. At the same time, staff members at the Environmental Protection Agency and Transportation Department, which are writing the rule, say they are struggling to assemble a coherent technical and scientific analysis required by law to implement a rule change of this scope.

Several analyses by academics and consumer advocates have questioned administration’s claim of benefits to the public. An Aug. 7 report by Consumer Reports concluded that Mr. Trump’s proposed rollback would cost consumers $460 billion between vehicle model years 2021 and 2035, an average of $3,300 more per vehicle, in car prices and gasoline purchases. Policy experts point out that Mr. New research identifies Fukushima reactor material in environment.

Through the analysis of specific fallout particles in the environment, a joint UK-Japan team of scientists has uncovered new insights into the sequence of events that led to the Fukushima nuclear accident in March 2011.

New research identifies Fukushima reactor material in environment

The multi-organisation research, led by Dr. Peter Martin and Professor Tom Scott from the University of Bristol's South West Nuclear Hub in collaboration with scientists from Diamond Light Source, the UK's national synchrotron facility, and the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA), has been published today in the journal Nature Communications. Like the Chernobyl accident of April 1986, the incident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (FDNPP) has been classified by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) at Level 7 (the most-severe) of the International Nuclear Event Scale (INES) as a consequence of the large amount of radioactivity released into the environment. Dr. Indian City in Water Crisis as All Four Reservoirs Run Dry (PHOTOS)

Chennai, India's sixth largest city, is in the midst of a water crisis as its four main reservoirs are completely dry.

Indian City in Water Crisis as All Four Reservoirs Run Dry (PHOTOS)

Deficient monsoon rains, as well as excessive groundwater pumping and an inefficient and wasteful water supply system are to blame for the arrival of "Day Zero," the name given to the day that the city ran out of water and taps were turned off. The water shortage has forced the closure of schools, offices and businesses, and taps in homes have run dry. The crisis strikes as the country struggles with a heat wave that has taken dozens of lives.

(MORE: Heat Wave Sears India) Himalayan glacier melting doubled since 2000, spy satellites show. The melting of Himalayan glaciers has doubled since the turn of the century, with more than a quarter of all ice lost over the last four decades, scientists have revealed.

Himalayan glacier melting doubled since 2000, spy satellites show

The accelerating losses indicate a “devastating” future for the region, upon which a billion people depend for regular water. The scientists combined declassified US spy satellite images from the mid-1970s with modern satellite data to create the first detailed, four-decade record of ice along the 2,000km (1,200-mile) mountain chain. Extinct Russian Volcano Has Woken up and Could Unleash 'Pompeii-size' Eruption, Scientists Warn.

A volcano previously classified as "extinct" in Russia's far east has woken up, and experts are now warning it could produce an eruption similar to the one that wiped out Pompeii and Herculaneum almost 2,000 years ago.

Extinct Russian Volcano Has Woken up and Could Unleash 'Pompeii-size' Eruption, Scientists Warn

The Bolshaya Udina volcano is a stratovolcano located at the center of the Klyuchevskaya volcano group on Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula. It stands at around 10,000 feet in height and, until 2017 it was considered extinct, meaning it has not erupted in a long time and is unlikely to ever erupt again. It is not known when Udina last erupted. However, scientists recently noticed continuing seismic activity beneath the mountain, potentially suggesting the "awakening" of the volcano complex, scientists wrote in the Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research. As a result, a team of researchers from Russia, Saudi Arabia and Egypt carried out a detailed investigation on the volcano. Over this time, they recorded 559 events in the area around Udina. 'Single Most Important Stat on the Planet': Alarm as Atmospheric CO2 Soars to 'Legit Scary' Record High. India heatwave temperatures pass 50 Celsius. Date created : 01/06/2019 - 22:45 New Delhi (AFP) Temperatures passed 50 degrees Celsius (122 Fahrenheit) in northern India as an unrelenting heatwave triggered warnings of water shortages and heatstroke.

The thermometer hit 50.6 degrees Celsius (123 Fahrenheit) in the Rajasthan desert city of Churu on Saturday, the weather department said. All of Rajasthan suffered in severe heat with several cities hitting maximum temperatures above 47 Celsius. CO2 in the atmosphere just exceeded 415 parts per million for the first time in human history. Greenland is melting even faster than experts thought, study finds. Forty percent to 50% of the planet's population is in cities that are vulnerable to sea rise, and the study published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences is bad news for places like New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Mumbai.

From ruined bridges to dirty air, EPA scientists price out the cost of climate change. 'Most Destructive Pathogen Ever' Has Created Zombie-Like Apocalypse for World's Amphibians. A terrifying new study details the havoc being wrought by what scientists call "the most destructive pathogen ever" recorded on earth, finding that with help from unwitting humans a "silent killer" has caused major declines of frogs, salamanders, and hundreds of other amphibian species.

Chytridiomycosis, or chytrid fungus, has killed off 90 species over the past 50 years while leading to huge losses of 501 kinds of frogs, toads, salamanders, and other amphibians, according to researchers from a number of worldwide universities. Nearly 125 of those species have declined by at least 90 percent due to the rapid spread of the pathogen. "We've known that chytrid's really bad, but we didn't know how bad it was, and it's much worse than the previous early estimates. " —Ben Scheele, ecologist.

The End of the Line. Lying EPA Admin Says Consequences of Climate Change Still 50 to 75 Years Away. Signs we're experiencing a 6th mass extinction. African heatwaves could increase ‘five-fold’ with 3C of global warming. The number of heatwaves affecting the African continent every year could be five times higher by 2050 as a result of climate change, a new study finds. Global warming of 3C above pre-industrial levels could also alter rainfall patterns across the continent, the research says, which could bring droughts to some countries and an increase in flood risk to others. However, limiting warming to 1.5C – the aspirational goal of the Paris Agreement – could greatly reduce the risk of heatwaves and other climate extremes in Africa, the lead author tells Carbon Brief.

Continental countdown The new study, published in Earth’s Future, focuses on how global warming could impact a range of climate variables that tend to have a large effect on human life, including heatwaves, “hot nights” and rainfall intensity. Non-survivable humid heatwaves for over 500 million people – Climate Guide. Researchers at MIT warn that if climate change remains unchecked (Business As Usual-scenario = RCP 8.5) over half a billion people will, from 2070 onwards, experience humid heat waves that will kill even healthy people in the shade within 6 hours.

The Wet Bulb Temperature (WBT) would exceed 35°C (95°F), at which the body – of any mammal – cannot cool itself, overheats and shuts down. Three regions were studied: China (2018), South Asia (2017) and the Persian Gulf (2015). The researchers predict (at RCP 8.5) WBT exceeding 35°C about once every decade for the Northern Plains in China (400+ million people), at locations in the Chota Nagpur plateau, northeastern India, and Bangladesh in South Asia (70+ million people).

Persian Gulf regions that would be affected include cities such as Doha, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai (UAE) and Bandar Abbas (Iran). The Uninhabitable Earth: David Wallace-Wells on the horrors of climate change. “It is, I promise, worse than you think.” Plummeting insect numbers 'threaten collapse of nature'. Himalayan glaciers predicted to melt as global warming bakes Asia. ‘The devastation of human life is in view’: what a burning world tells us about climate change. I have never been an environmentalist. I don’t even think of myself as a nature person. I’ve lived my whole life in cities, enjoying gadgets built by industrial supply chains I hardly think twice about. I’ve never gone camping, not willingly anyway, and while I always thought it was basically a good idea to keep streams clean and air clear, I also accepted the proposition that there was a trade-off between economic growth and cost to nature – and figured, well, in most cases I’d go for growth.

Bolsonaro Government Reveals Plan to Develop the ‘Unproductive Amazon’ As Workers Suffer From Shutdown, Groups Accuse Trump of 'Rolling Out the Red Carpet' for Oil and Gas Drilling. Trump's Disregard of Climate Threat Seen as US Carbon Emissions Surged in 2018. 60 Environmental Rules on the Way Out Under Trump. 1. Revoked Obama-era flood standards for federal infrastructure projects This Obama-era rule, revoked by Mr. Trump in August, required that federal agencies protect new infrastructure projects by building to higher flood standards. Building trade groups and many Republican lawmakers opposed it as costly and burdensome. 60 Environmental Rules on the Way Out Under Trump. Former fossil fuels lobbyist to head interior department as Zinke exits. Ryan Zinke’s exit as interior secretary elevates a former lobbyist to the job, meaning the top two US environmental agencies will now be run by people previously paid by industry.

You're Not Allowed to Die Here. Climate change is shrinking winter snowpack, which harms Northeast forests year-round. Climate change often conjures up images of heat, drought and hurricanes. Portrait of a planet on the verge of climate catastrophe. Americans Will Pay Billions More For Climate Change, and That’s the Best Case. GAO: Climate change already costing US billions in losses. WASHINGTON (AP) — A non-partisan federal watchdog says climate change is already costing U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars each year, with those costs expected to rise as devastating storms, floods, wildfires and droughts become more frequent in the coming decades. A Government Accountability Office report released Monday said the federal government has spent more than $350 billion over the last decade on disaster assistance programs and losses from flood and crop insurance.

Climate change will bring multiple disasters at once, study warns. Bayer faces billion-dollar losses to deadly herbicide Roundup. Devastating climate change could lead to 1m migrants a year entering EU by 2100. Why everything will collapse. Stop biodiversity loss or we could face our own extinction, warns UN. EPA Says Farmers Can Keep Using Weedkiller Blamed For Vast Crop Damage. A WILDERNESS “HORROR STORY” > Newsroom. 'We've never seen this': massive Canadian glaciers shrinking rapidly.

Animal species becoming extinct in Haiti as deforestation nearly complete. Scientists are terrified that Brazil's new president will destroy the 'lungs of the planet' Thousands of ships could dump pollutants at sea to avoid dirty fuel ban. Driven by Trump Policy Changes, Fracking Booms on Public Lands. An oil spill you've never heard of could become one of the biggest environmental disasters in the US - CNN. Climate Change & Greenhouse Effect. 60,000 tons of dangerous radioactive waste sits on Great Lakes shores.

Satellite images show 'runaway' expansion of coal power in China. Time Bomb: How Atmos Energy’s natural gas keeps blowing up Texas homes. First North Carolina Got a Hurricane. Then a Pig Poop Flood. Now It’s a Coal Ash Crisis. Bloomberg. 88,000 tons of radioactive waste – and nowhere to put it. Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change. Temperature. Climate change: Our plans are in pieces as killer heat shreds records.

The Wagon Wheel Project. Europe Drought: Farmers warn hot weather will affect harvest. He Was Dow’s ‘Dioxin Lawyer.’ Now He’s Trump’s Choice to Run the Superfund Program. 'We have different ways of coping': the global heatwave from Beijing to Bukhara. Unroll.Me and GDPR. The DoE May Bail Out Failing Coal Plants in the Name of National Security.

'It’s wrong to stink up other people’s lives': fighting the manure lagoons of North Carolina. A rare great ape, a 130-foot-tall tree and an extinct marsupial lion make the Top 10 New Species list for 2018. Kilauea Volcano Lava Reaches Ocean, Creating New Danger in Hawaii. Plastic Pollution Reaches Mariana Trench, Deepest Part of Ocean. Foaming Polluted Lake Catches Fire. River in Russia Clogged by Vast Numbers of Plastic Bottles. Ecosystems. The Horrendous Way Fish are Captured for Your Aquarium—With Cyanide. Npr. Trump's 'Energy Dominance' Gets Slow Start On Federal Land. Flow: For Love of Water (Full Documentary) "Flow" Trailer (Who owns the worlds water supply!?) Middle East Runs Out Of Water. Pine Island and Thwaites glaciers will determine sea level rise. Plastic Is Everywhere And Recycling Isn't The End Of It. Earth Overshoot Day.

Millions of asteroids flying near the Earth? If yes, are we in danger click 2x. Beyond our oceans: Microplastics pollute rivers and lakes too. Plastic Pollution. Overpopulation, overconsumption – in pictures. Keystone pipeline leak in South Dakota about double previous estimate: paper. Sperm whale washed up on Spanish coast was killed by plastic pollution. Scott Pruitt: EPA Chief Faces Mounting Scrutiny For Ethics Violations.

World’s great forests could lose half of all wildlife as planet warms – report. Ghana's Illegal Galamsey Gold Mining Affecting Cocoa Farmers, Chocolate Supply. Our Warming World: The Future of Climate Change [INFOGRAPHIC] Warning Bells about Fracking and Earthquakes Growing Louder. Deadly Winter Storm Riley Hammers Mid-Atlantic, Northeast (PHOTOS) Arctic temperatures soar 45 degrees above normal, flooded by extremely mild air on all sides. How nuclear weapons research revealed new climate threats. The Year Climate Change Began to Spin Out of Control. MI: Energy department adviser assures US coal industry he's 'here to help'