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Frequency of Natural Disasters/Climate Change

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'No doubt left' about scientific consensus on global warming, say experts. The scientific consensus that humans are causing global warming is likely to have passed 99%, according to the lead author of the most authoritative study on the subject, and could rise further after separate research that clears up some of the remaining doubts.

'No doubt left' about scientific consensus on global warming, say experts

Three studies published in Nature and Nature Geoscience use extensive historical data to show there has never been a period in the last 2,000 years when temperature changes have been as fast and extensive as in recent decades. It had previously been thought that similarly dramatic peaks and troughs might have occurred in the past, including in periods dubbed the Little Ice Age and the Medieval Climate Anomaly.

But the three studies use reconstructions based on 700 proxy records of temperature change, such as trees, ice and sediment, from all continents that indicate none of these shifts took place in more than half the globe at any one time. Global heating: London to have climate similar to Barcelona by 2050. Climate Change Is Causing Earth's Oceans to Change Color. How climate change is behind this week's extreme cold snap. Baby, it's frigid outside.

How climate change is behind this week's extreme cold snap

A large swath of Canada, from the Prairies to Nova Scotia, is under a deep freeze. Temperatures in Winnipeg are dipping down to –36 C Monday night with a windchill of almost –50 C. In Windsor, which is typically the warmest spot in Ontario, the overnight temperature will dip to –27 C with a windchill of –40 C. Even in parts of the U.S. Midwest, temperatures are expected to have a wind chill of –50 C. This may leave some, like U.S. president Donald Trump, wondering where global warming has wandered off to. The fact is, it's climate change, or global warming, that's behind this extreme cold. Ever since the bitter winter of 2014, a new winter-weather catchphrase has been making the rounds: polar vortex. The polar vortex is nothing new.

"This air mass always exists, and it often gets bumped and pushed around. - The Washington Post. Climate Change Deniers Are Blocking Progress, UN Report Suggests. The United Nations’ annual assessment of global progress on climate change delivers familiar bad news this year -- the problem is getting worse, not better -- with a new twist: For the first time, political ideology is singled out for obstructing changes that would slow global warming.

Climate Change Deniers Are Blocking Progress, UN Report Suggests

The annual calculation of the “emissions gap,” the chasm between global pollution and international efforts to limit it, lays new blame with behaviors and cultures that lead some nations, including the U.S., to fall short on pollution goals. “There is a tendency for citizens to question problems if policy solutions challenge their world views,” the authors write. The assessment of human psychology, unusual for the otherwise traditional, policy-heavy report, comes five days before negotiators and envoys head to Poland to negotiate the finer details of implementing the 2015 Paris accord.

After a three-year plateau, emissions rose in 2017. U.S. Climate change already a health emergency, say experts. People’s health is being damaged today by climate change through effects ranging from deadly heatwaves in Europe to rising dengue fever in the tropics, according to a report.

Climate change already a health emergency, say experts

Billions of hours of farmwork has been lost during high temperatures and global warming has damaged the ability to grow crops, it said. Earth's Future. What's Really Warming the World? Climate deniers blame natural factors; NASA data proves otherwise. Climate scientists tend not to report climate results in whole temperatures. Instead, they talk about how the annual temperature departs from an average, or baseline. They call these departures "anomalies. " They do this because temperature anomalies are more consistent in an area than absolute temperatures are. For example, the absolute temperature atop the Empire State Building may be different by several degrees than the absolute temperature at New York’s LaGuardia Airport. Report: Unless We Make Dramatic Changes, We’re Headed for Climate Catastrophe – Futurism. - The Washington Post.

Mashable. Antarctica ramps up sea level rise. Ice losses from Antarctica have increased global sea levels by 7.6 mm since 1992, with two fifths of this rise (3.0 mm) coming in the last five years alone.

Antarctica ramps up sea level rise

The findings are from a major climate assessment known as the Ice Sheet Mass Balance Inter-comparison Exercise (IMBIE), and are published today in Nature. It is the most complete picture of Antarctic ice sheet change to date - 84 scientists from 44 international organisations combined 24 satellite surveys to produce the assessment. The assessment, led by Professor Andrew Shepherd at the University of Leeds and Dr Erik Ivins at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, was supported by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Their findings show that, prior to 2012, Antarctica lost ice at a steady rate of 76 billion tonnes per year - a 0.2 mm per year contribution to sea level rise. However, since then there has been a sharp, threefold increase. Humans Are the "Dominant Cause" of Global Warming, According to the Latest U.S. Government Study. In Brief The largest government report on climate science clearly indicates that human activity has contributed to climate change and higher global temperatures.

Humans Are the "Dominant Cause" of Global Warming, According to the Latest U.S. Government Study

The national climate assessment has been prepared by experts from 13 institutions. Solid Evidence. These corporations have the biggest influence on climate policy - NationofChange. For better or worse, corporations have a major influence on climate change policy.

These corporations have the biggest influence on climate policy - NationofChange

Just look at Koch Industries, a multinational conglomerate owned by conservative billionaires Charles and David Koch that has contributed hundreds of millions to federal candidates and lobbying over the last 25 years. The “Corporate Carbon Policy Footprint,” a new analysis from U.K. nonprofit InfluenceMap, now ranks Koch Industries as the company with the strongest opposition to the Paris climate agreement and most intensely lobbies against policies in line with the landmark global accord. The InfluenceMap scoring system does not measure a company’s actual greenhouse gas emissions. South Asia floods kill 1,200 and shut 1.8 million children out of school.

Heavy monsoon rains have brought Mumbai to a halt for a second day as the worst floods to strike south Asia in years continued to exact a deadly toll.

South Asia floods kill 1,200 and shut 1.8 million children out of school

More than 1,200 people have died across India, Bangladesh and Nepal as a result of flooding, with 40 million affected by the devastation. At least six people, including two toddlers, were among the victims in and around India’s financial capital. The devastating floods have also destroyed or damaged 18,000 schools, meaning that about 1.8 million children cannot go to classes, Save the Children warned on Thursday. Unpublished U.S. Government Report: Human-Caused Climate Change Is Real. In Brief As part of the quadrennial National Climate Assessment, a team of scientists from 13 federal institutions have drafted a special report on climate change in the U.S.

Unpublished U.S. Government Report: Human-Caused Climate Change Is Real

A leaked draft of this report very clearly asserts that human-made climate change is real, leaving some scientists concerned that the Trump administration will try to suppress it. Setting the Record Straight As part of a congressional mandate, the Global Change Research Program is required to produce a National Climate Assessment every four years. A draft for this year’s report has already been submitted to the Trump administration for approval before it can be made public. Map: These are the cities that climate change will hit first. By Max Fisher By Max Fisher October 9, 2013 Climate scientists sometimes talk about something called "climate departure" as a way of measuring when climate change has really changed things.

Map: These are the cities that climate change will hit first

It's the moment when average temperatures, either in a specific location or worldwide, become so impacted by climate change that the old climate is left behind. It's a sort of tipping point. And a lot of cities are scheduled to hit one very soon. STRATEGIC REPORT IRES_2017.pdf. Climate Change Is the World's Biggest Risk, in 3 Charts. The rise of the machines isn’t the biggest threat to humanity. It’s climate change, extreme weather and other environmental factors. The World Economic Forum surveyed 750 experts on what the most likely and impactful risks facing humanity are in 2017. In a report released Thursday, they ranked extreme weather as the most likely risk and the second-most impactful, trailing only the use of weapons of mass destruction. This is what it would take for Trump to truly damage the planet’s climate.

President-elect Donald Trump speaks during an election night rally, Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016, in New York. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci) The election of global warming doubter Donald Trump came at a time when the planet was just poised to start collectively acting on the problem — leading to confusion and even defiance at a recent global climate change meeting in Marrakech, Morocco. Yet largely missing from the picture, amid the tumult of an unexpected electoral outcome, was any clear sense of just how much climate damage a Trump administration can really do.

In part, that’s understandable: Providing an answer to this question is simultaneously very complicated and very speculative. We don’t know yet what policies Trump is actually going to pursue (he seems to waver on these things), nor can we firmly say yet how the world will respond to those actions. Climate Change And The Astrobiology Of The Anthropocene : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture. You can't solve a problem until you understand it. When it comes to climate change, on a fundamental level we don't really understand the problem. For some time now, I've been writing about the need to broaden our thinking about climate. That includes our role in changing it — and the profound challenges those changes pose to our rightly cherished "project" of civilization. Today, I want to sharpen the point. But first, as always, let's be clear: We have not gotten the science wrong. 2016 Climate Change Survey Results - Warren Business Consulting.

The 2016 results of our annual Climate Change survey are out. Every year we ask our network of some 7,000+ oil and gas professionals for their views on this contentious topic; our aim is to understand what they believe and feel about the issues, and what the implications for management are – it is not a survey to establish the rights and wrongs of a particular scientific argument. Over the years most respondents (92%) now agree that climate change is happening, but only 50% say it is due to human activities rather than natural causes – this is in contrast to the general population, where surveys in the US and worldwide tend to show a majority assuming it is due to human causes. To mitigate Climate Change, inevitably, oil and gas professionals would prefer to see a reduction in deforestation and the use of coal rather than a reduction in the use of oil and gas; and as alternatives they prefer the use of nuclear and solar power.

No fracking, drilling or digging: it’s the only way to save life on Earth. Do they understand what they have signed? Plainly they do not. What the ‘sixth extinction’ will look like in the oceans: The largest species die off first. Rice paddies raise methane threat - Climate News NetworkClimate News Network. Traditional growing of rice in flooded fields is bad for the staple crop’s future quality and produces vast amounts of methane greenhouse gas.

RAMPUR, Nepal, 10 September, 2016 − Directly seeding rice into fields rather than transplanting it into flooded paddies would dramatically reduce methane emissions and slow down climate change, according to scientists studying the staple crop. Fasten your seat belt – turbulence is on the rise. Pope Francis says destroying the environment is a sin. Paleoclimate data shows global warming began earlier than we thought. State of the Climate - American Meteorological Society. The climate crisis is already here – but no one’s telling us. CO2 Levels Pass 400 Parts Per Million for First Time in Human History. Photo via Shutterstock.

Climate Change mitigation

Climatic change. Kunda Dixit As another Environment Day comes around on 5 June, you can be sure that our commitment to clean air, green cities and lean living will be confined to token rallies in which school children once again will be dragooned to carry placards along Kathmandu’s roads. In the afternoon, a smattering of ministers will attend half-hearted functions in which they will read meaningless speeches to almost-asleep invitees.

Extreme weather. World's carbon dioxide concentration teetering on the point of no return. Global warming milestone about to be passed and there's no going back. Oil tax breaks in UK's budget criticised by climate campaigners. Growing, Growing, Gone: Reaching the Limits. Shell accused of strategy risking catastrophic climate change. India's monsoons: A change in the rain. The best thing a business could do for the environment is shut down. World heritage forests burn as global tragedy unfolds in Tasmania. The Zika virus foreshadows our dystopian climate future. UNDP Asian Climate Change APF. A Range of Opinions on Climate Change at Exxon Mobil. The Good News on Global Warming: We've Delayed the Next Ice Age. Understanding climate change's role in the UK's recent floods.

We can't treat global browning as a standalone issue. Fastcoexist. Scientists just undermined a key idea behind the Paris climate talks. Japan Today. P21: 2015 likely to be warmest on record, says UN weather body. There’s a population crisis all right. But probably not the one you think. Brazil faces serious power and crop losses - Climate News NetworkClimate News Network. Are Resource Wars Our Future? The Future of Climate Change Is Widespread Civil War. The "uncertainty loop" haunting our climate models.


Climate effects on coastal regions. Glaciers and melting ice caps. Climate change & affects on flora & fauna. No Crap: Missing 'Mega Poop' Starves Earth. Those Plumes of Methane Leaking Off the Coast of Washington Are Really Bad News for the Oceans. After the VW scandal, how can we trust business to act on climate change?

Earth now halfway to UN global warming limit. It’s Not Climate Change — It’s Everything Change — Matter. This Isn't Academic: Millions Of People Will Die If We Don't Stop Destroying The Planet. Benefits far outweigh costs of tackling climate change, says LSE study. 2015 expected to be the warmest year in a century. Dutch government loses world's first climate liability lawsuit - environment - 24 June 2015. Why Researchers Are Sounding The Alarm About Climate Change's Health Impacts. New Research Warns Of Catastrophic Food Shortages Due To Unchecked Climate Change. Pope Francis, in Sweeping Encyclical, Calls for Swift Action on Climate Change. The green Pope: how religion can do economics a favour. Welcome to the Tipping Point. Despite Decades Of Deforestation, The Earth Is Getting Greener. Atlantic Circulation Weaker Than In Last Thousand Years. More infectious diseases emerging in animals as climate changes, say zoologists.

Nasa climate study warns of unprecedented North American drought. Paradise lost: The warm-weather escapes we’re in danger of losing forever. Satellite images reveal ocean acidification from space. Executive Summary. Risky Business. The Seven Dimensions of Climate Change: Introducing a new way to think, talk, and act - RSA. The Methane Monster Roars. Challenging the Divine Right of Big Energy.

Scientists Trace Extreme Heat in Australia to Climate Change. Stunning NASA Visualization Reveals Secret Swirlings of Carbon Dioxide. Humanity Is In The Existential Danger Zone, Study Confirms. Graphic clearly shows human pressure on Earth reaching critical level. Why Climate 'Uncertainty' Is No Excuse For Doing Nothing. China, Russia and Canada win big in a warmed world and India and Africa lose big. The UN's New York climate summit is guilty of a major sin of omission.

Debunking_Handbook.pdf. The Climate Swerve. New Source of Greenhouse Gas "Cleaners" Found on Clouds. Study Finds Indigenous Land Management Highly Effective in Combating Climate Change by David Kaimowitz. 10 reasons to be hopeful that we will overcome climate change. Three Key Global Environmental Stories to Watch in 2014.