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As ‘Doonesbury’ turns 50, Garry Trudeau picks his 10 defining strips. (2) Facebook. Over 100 Historic Colorized Photographs in One Book. Florence Thompson with one of her children, Watsonville, California, 1936.

Over 100 Historic Colorized Photographs in One Book

(Photo: Dorothea Lange/Library of Congress)This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase, My Modern Met may earn an affiliate commission. Please read our disclosure for more info. Bringing a bit of color to history, The Paper Time Machine is an incredible collaboration between Wolfgang Wild (the creator and curator of Retronaut) and Jordan Lloyd of Dynamichrome.

In this book, over 100 photographs have been painstakingly researched and restored in a manner that brings history to life. From iconic photos like Dorothea Lange's Migrant Mother and Lewis Hine‘s Powerhouse Mechanic to glimpses of famous monuments under construction, the vibrant detail highlighted in each image is incredible. Someone Creates A Short Animation Showing How Bridges Were Built Back In The 14th Century. Most of us admire old European architecture, but did you ever wonder how these stunners were built back in the day?

Someone Creates A Short Animation Showing How Bridges Were Built Back In The 14th Century

I know I did! Karlův most - Stavba pilíře a klenebního pole ve 14. století. (2) Corruption is Legal in America. Digital Collections, Available Online. (1) Bruce Cockburn - Indian Wars. History of the entire world, i guess. The History of Europe from 400 BC to the Present, Animated in 12 Minutes.

What does the future of Europe look like?

The History of Europe from 400 BC to the Present, Animated in 12 Minutes

Geopolitical times such as these do make one ponder such questions as, say, "In what shape (if any) will the European Union make it through this century? " But as any historian of Europe knows, that continent has seldom had an easy time of it: European history is a history of conquests, rebellions, alliances made and broken, and of course, wars aplenty — a major piece of the rationale behind the creation of organizations like the European Union in the first place.

As a result, the division of Europe by the many groups and individuals who have laid claim to pieces of it has, over the past 2500 years, seldom held steady for long, as you can see on the animated map above. The Roman Empire did manage to paint the map red, literally, in the second and third centuries, but during all eras before and after it looks as multicolored as it was politically disunited. Culture - The photos that changed history. “You wait for things to come together, and it all has to happen in a hundredth of a second,” says the Magnum photographer Ian Berry.

Culture - The photos that changed history

“Because very frequently you don’t have another chance.” Click on the play button above the story to watch the video. Berry captured a pivotal moment in South African history: the Sharpeville massacre on 21 March, 1960. Sixty-nine men, women and children died and at least 180 were injured when police fired at a crowd of protestors in the township near Vereeniging. (1) IF THE WORLD WERE 100 PEOPLE UPDATED.

(1) Scenes of daily life in Paris in the 1890s - full color, sound, and speed restored. Timeline - World History Documentaries. Notre Dame Cathedral before, after, and during blaze. The Wall is Killing People - by Stats. The Magnificent Eleven. First five images of Capa's The Magnificent Eleven The Magnificent Eleven are a group of photos of D-Day (6 June 1944) taken by war photographer Robert Capa.

The Magnificent Eleven

Capa was with one of the earliest waves of troops landing on the American invasion beach, Omaha Beach. Capa stated that while under fire, he took 106 pictures, all but eleven of which were destroyed in a processing accident in the Life magazine photo lab in London. Into the Jaws of Death. Taxis to Hell – and Back – Into the Jaws of Death, by Robert F.

Into the Jaws of Death

Sargent, CPhoM, USCG.Original caption: "American invaders spring from the ramp of a Coast Guard-manned landing barge to wade those last perilous yards to the beach of Normandy. Enemy fire will cut some of them down. Their 'taxi' will pull itself off the sands and dash back to a Coast Guard manned transport for more passengers. " The photograph[edit] The photograph was taken by Chief Photographer's Mate Robert Sargent during the troop landing phase of Operation Neptune, the naval component of the Operation Overlord Normandy landing commonly known as D-Day. Time. I took this photograph exactly 12 years ago today, just as the South Tower of the World Trade Center started to collapse: a cross-section of New Yorkers, united in terror, standing at Park Row and Beekman Street in lower Manhattan.


Since then it’s been published dozens of times in newspapers and magazines across the world, but I’ve never known the names behind the faces. Last year I posted the photo on Facebook and Twitter in hopes of discovering their identities. Time: The History & Future of Everything – Remastered. The Rulers of Europe: Every Year.

Archaeologists in Pompeii Have Discovered an 'Enchanted' Shrine Covered in Gorgeously Preserved Frescoes. Pompeii is the city that keeps on giving.

Archaeologists in Pompeii Have Discovered an 'Enchanted' Shrine Covered in Gorgeously Preserved Frescoes

More than two hundred and fifty years after the ancient Roman town was discovered buried under a heap of volcanic ash, the archeological finds show no sign of abating. Now, archaeologists for the Great Pompei Project have uncovered yet another impressive discovery: an ancient shrine, or lararium, covered in gorgeously preserved frescoes, in a 16-by-12-foot room containing an altar, a garden, and a small pool. Maps power to shape the world - early native americans click 2x. First North Carolina Got a Hurricane. Then a Pig Poop Flood. Now It’s a Coal Ash Crisis.

Culture - International Women’s Day: Iconic images of women protesters. Swedish photographer Hans Runesson captured this moment on 13 April 1985 – and his image has endured since, voted Picture of the Century and resurfacing on social media in 2016 with the call to arms: “Be the woman hitting a neo-Nazi with a handbag you wish to see in the world”.

Culture - International Women’s Day: Iconic images of women protesters

Taken in Växjö, Sweden during a demonstration by the neo-Nazi Nordic Reich Party, the photo shows 38-year-old Danuta Danielsson swiping at one of the marchers with her handbag. The Polish-Swedish passerby, whose family members had reportedly been sent to a Nazi concentration camp, snapped “impulsively”, according to Runesson, who told BBC Culture that the man did “nothing – he walked further” afterwards. The Plot to Subvert an Election: Unraveling the Russia Story So Far. On an October afternoon before the 2016 election, a huge banner was unfurled from the Manhattan Bridge in New York City: Vladimir V.

The Plot to Subvert an Election: Unraveling the Russia Story So Far

Putin against a Russian-flag background, and the unlikely word “Peacemaker” below. It was a daredevil happy birthday to the Russian president, who was turning 64. In November, shortly after Donald J. Trump eked out a victory that Moscow had worked to assist, an even bigger banner appeared, this time on the Arlington Memorial Bridge in Washington: the face of President Barack Obama and “Goodbye Murderer” in big red letters.

Police never identified who had hung the banners, but there were clues. The Kremlin, it appeared, had reached onto United States soil in New York and Washington. The world's movement of people - in one map. With the refugee crisis in Syria, the result of the US presidential election and the Brexit vote, it’s no surprise that the movement of people is such a major talking point. The world is experiencing the biggest displacement of people since the Second World War, with more than 22 million displaced from their home countries. More than 1 million people arrived in Europe in 2015 alone. This map, posted on and based on estimates from the UN Population Division, gives a remarkable insight into the extent of global migration.

It shows the estimated net migration by origin and destination between 2010 and 2015. Each yellow dot represents 1,000 people, while blue dots indicate positive net migration, and red negative net migration. Country-to-country net migration (2010-2015) Image: Do the Crime, Not the Time! 'BlacKkKlansman' Shows How White Supremacists Make Language Into a Weapon.

Reconstructing the Faces of Pompeii Victims. Quick Drone Video Of Ancient Pompeii Site So Far. Loyd Atwood. Polite Scottish anger. : pics. This is how German TV covered the UK visit : pics. Absolute lol that Donald Trump thinks he can avoid the worst of the protests next week by spending the weekend in Scotland.…

Chart: Are We Living Under Fascism? - by Scott Bateman. 'Tank Man': The iconic image that China doesn't want you to see. This picture sent ripples throughout the world on June 5, 1989, the morning after the Chinese military violently suppressed the Tiananmen Square protests. The sheer strength of this photo — one unarmed man, alone and helpless against several tanks — resonated with the entire globe — but not with China’s leaders. Today, more than 26 years later, we still don’t know who this man is and what happened to him, and the entire event is massively censored in China.

May 1968: The Revolution That Almost Was - by Julia Alekseyeva. Much about our modern times can be traced back to a single summer and what changed - or more accurately, what didn’t by Julia Alekseyeva Posted Yesterday Rise and Shine. The World is Doomed. The Nib, delivered to your inbox every AM. Hamilton Vs. Burr: What Really Happened? – The Nib. Beyond Hamilton: How the friends turned into political rivals, and finally into mortal enemies. Photography in History – Timeline. Hamilton Vs. Burr: What Really Happened? - by Amelia Onorato. Beyond Hamilton: How the friends turned into political rivals, and finally into mortal enemies by Amelia Onorato Posted Yesterday Rise and Shine. She slapped a Nazi in the face and staged one of the most dramatic acts of wartime rebellion. Greedy Old Uncle Sam - by The Archive. What Will Paul Ryan Do When He Retires? - by Scott Bateman. 9 mile canyon -miles of petroglyphs click 2x. Syrian refugees learn masonry click 2x.

Photos on paper changed 19th Cent US click 2x. Who’s Getting All That NRA Money? - by Stats. Rare photographs that changed lives. TIMELINE: Chinese Books, Manuscripts, Maps, and Prints. A 282 year old East India Trading Company Ship returns to London for the first time since 1787. Irena Sendler, the woman who helped save 2,500 children from the Holocaust. “I give my child in your care, raise my child as if it were yours.” Human Population Through Time. 1929 - Interviews With Elderly People Throughout The US. Before and after photos span a century of Irish history. Sackville Street was burning. It was April 1916, and buildings up and down the thoroughfare were engulfed and collapsing, their smoldering ruins destined to become the civic manifestation of a failed insurrection.

Fantômes du passé. Discover Ancient Wonders on the Coast of Newfoundland and Labrador. San Francisco - 1906 in HD. History Websites. James Comey, You're Fired: A Video Timeline. James Comey, You're Fired: A Video Timeline Trump and Russia: It all could end in a scandal without precedent.

At this point nobody knows. Palmyra after Isis: a visual guide. The High Price of the Opioid Crisis. Positive temperature anomalies over time. The Unbelievable Story of the Japanese Man Who Survived BOTH Atomic Bombs. Tsutomu Yamaguchi may very well have been both the luckiest and most unlucky man ever. On August 6, 1945, he was riding a small trolley across the city of Hiroshima. How much did the Louisiana Purchase actually cost? Wikimedia Commons/White House Historical Association. Timelines of History: World Timelines, Current and Historical Timelines of the World. Watch 1000 Years of European Borders Change In 3 Minutes.

My hero. Women’s March Los Angeles draws estimated 750K: ‘This is what we do as Americans’ Fired up by what they call an election cycle that left them insulted and their rights threatened, hundreds of thousands of women — and the men who support them — gathered in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday as part of a nationwide act of solidarity to send a message to President Donald Trump’s administration. An estimated 750,000 people brought that message to L.A.’s packed streets in a loud but peaceful stand for equal rights and a defense of civil liberties. • Live Coverage: Women’s March Los Angeles and other protests On the half-mile route from Pershing Square to City Hall, they held up signs, some with graphic images and language directed at Trump, who took the office on Friday.

Others read “Love not hate makes America great!” And “We will resist. . ” • Photos: Women’s March Los Angeles. Women's March Is The Biggest Protest In US History As An Estimated 2.9 Million March. Animated map shows how religion spread around the world. Famous &038; Major Historical Events in World History. Epic History: First Crusade - Part One.

Earth Temperature Timeline. World Digital Library Home. Ancestral Lines 2 clicks please. 17 stunning photos of black Victorians show how history really looked. A brief history of numerical systems - Alessandra King. China History: Chronology, Dynasty Qin Han Tang Song Yuan Ming Qing. British Movietone. TimeMaps - World History TimeMap. Map of Contemporaries. Ancient Earth globe. Timelines.