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British Movietone

British Movietone
British Movietone is arguably the world's greatest newsreel archive, spanning the period 1895 to 1986. Discover British Movietone’s newsreel archive, which contains many of the world’s enduring images and is rich in coverage of news events, celebrities, sports, music, social history, science, lifestyle and quirky, via this channel. British Movietone also offers a weekly series called 'The Archivist Presents' where a treasure from the archive is shared by our archivist Jenny and ‘Movietone Moments’, a weekly selection of topical stories providing context to events in the news and marking anniversaries and birthdays.

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China History: Chronology, Dynasty Qin Han Tang Song Yuan Ming Qing China, one of the countries that can boast of an ancient civilization, has a long and mysterious history - almost 5,000 years of it! Like most other great civilizations of the world, China can trace her culture back to a blend of small original tribes which have expanded till they became the great country we have today. It is recorded that Yuanmou man is the oldest hominoid in China and the oldest dynasty is Xia Dynasty. 12 Best and Worst Capes (Plus Cloaks! ) There’s a lot to look out for in Doctor Strange: the birth of a new hero, the immersive psychedelia, and a charming murderous sentient cape — or as Benedict Cumberbatch told us, “A cloak, you damn plebs!” (We may have embellished the quote there.) Whether you call it “cape,” “cloak,” or “blanket tied around your neck with an oversized safety pin,” if it drapes down your back, it was up for consideration in our gallery of the the 8 best and 4 worst capes from the mystical realm of movie and TV!

Ancestral Lines 2 clicks please Evolutionary biologists use a cladogram, the treelike diagram of evolutionary branches or clades, to organize species into lines of evolutionary descent across time. Biologists use three types of evidence to deduce evolutionary connections: genetics, morphology, and geologic dating. (Behavior, normally a key part of evolutionary studies, can only be inferred in extinct species — for example, by examining the ecology in which the species flourished and the species adaptations for eating and locomotion.) A Marshall McLuhan expert annotates the Google Doodle honoring the internet visionary — Quartz In a fanciful advertisement from 1956, a limber American housewife is spirited to Frigidaire’s “Kitchen of the Future,” where she delightedly pushes buttons, gazes at flickering screens, and twirls a rotating cylindrical fridge. She skips away for an interlude of recreation involving tennis, golf, and sunbathing, then returns to remove a fully baked—and frosted—birthday cake, candles lit, from a large glass dome. “No need for the bride to feel tragic,” the voiceover trills. “The rest is push-button magic! So whether you bake or broil or stew, the Frigidaire kitchen does it all for you. Don’t have to be chained to the stove all day; just set the timer and you’re on your way!”

Gloria Steinem greets protesters at the barricades before speaking at the Women's March on Washington.John Minchillo/AP An estimated half a million people joined the Women's March on Washington on a crisp Saturday the day after Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the US. The march aims to bring together women across diverse backgrounds and send a bold message to the new administration that they will not be ignored or have their rights stomped on. People carried signs with calls for gender equality and anti-Trump statements, though the rally's organizers have insisted the demonstration is more pro-women than anti-Trump. Many sported pink knitted beanies called "pussy hats," a symbol of solidarity among the protestors. Cliff Curtis supercut: Actor plays every ethnicity Hollywood throws his way (VIDEO). Today in Slate, June Thomas talks to Cliff Curtis, a Maori from New Zealand who has played just about every ethnicity Hollywood was willing to throw his way: African-American, Arab, Latino, Indian. He even played a lord of the Fire Nation in The Last Airbender. “I take the responsibility of playing another ethnicity very, very seriously,” he says, “and I promise myself and those people that I will represent them with as much dignity and integrity as I can muster. I’m not fooling around. I don’t want to make a fool of that cultural heritage. I represent them as I would represent my own.”

Women's March Is The Biggest Protest In US History As An Estimated 2.9 Million March Millions of Americans have taken to the streets from New York to Los Angeles and everywhere in between as the Women’s Marches on Washington is estimated to be the biggest one-day protest in US history. UConn professor Jeremy Pressman is keeping a running total of crowd estimates across the United States in a Google document. An estimated 60,000 people marched in Atlanta. 250,000 are marching in Chicago. Millennials Do Care About Classic Movies, But Need More Exposure to Them Maybe we should talk about solutions, not just problems. The first thing I think when someone makes a big deal over the fact that I haven’t seen a specific movie is, “Well, now I’m definitely not going to watch it.” It’s a hard-headed trait I’m not proud of, but I think it’s something I share with a lot of young people. Articles like this one that claims Millennials are killing industries are nothing new. Usually written to scare older generations that mediocre aspects of society are changing because of young people, they ridiculously blame one generation for businesses failing as if it hasn’t happened before us.

British Movietone newsreel archive, spanning the period 1895 to 1986. by karenmalbon Aug 4