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Colbert's Cartoon Team Take The Piss Out Of Rick Wilson & The Lincoln Project. If you watch closely, about half way through this interview, Rick Wilson gets angry and you wonder if he's just going to get up and leave.

Colbert's Cartoon Team Take The Piss Out Of Rick Wilson & The Lincoln Project

He doesn't, but you can just tell he's seething inside. Their argument that Wilson and the rest of the Lincoln Project are just another bunch of savvy grifters, looking to make quick money working against a failed administration that devastated the United States in Trump, as opposed to working for a failed administration that devastated the United States in George Bush has real resonance among liberals. WATCH: Mark Cuban mocks Sean Hannity to his face over his pathetic ‘softball’ interviews of the president. Does Jordan Peterson Misconstrue “Myth”? “This, however, poses another problem because it presumes that mythical truth is somehow free from ideology.”

Does Jordan Peterson Misconstrue “Myth”?

In Maps of Meaning, Jordan Peterson argues that myth is an antidote to ideology. He insists that myth, as opposed to ideology, offers complete truth. By complete truth, Peterson means that mythical narratives can represent the totality of conflicting forces in any given situation. In contrast, ideology is biased and one sided; it celebrates positive characters of the story while leaving aside negative dimensions. Cartoons. Both Parties Acting Exactly How Everyone Expected Them To Restores Nation’s Faith In Political Process. AKRON, OH—As President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial ended with an acquittal in the Senate, sources confirmed Friday that both parties acting exactly how everyone expected them to had restored the nation’s faith in its political process.

Both Parties Acting Exactly How Everyone Expected Them To Restores Nation’s Faith In Political Process

DNC Mulls Asking Donald Trump To Run As Democrat In Effort To Stop Sanders. WASHINGTON—As the beginning of primary season upped the stakes in their search for an alternative candidate, Democratic National Committee officials reportedly mulled Monday asking Donald Trump to run for president as a Democrat in an effort to stop Bernie Sanders.

DNC Mulls Asking Donald Trump To Run As Democrat In Effort To Stop Sanders

Trump Was Presented Multiple Options In Iraq. He Chose Them All, Including The Worst. A rocket attack against an Iraqi military base near Kirkuk on Dec. 27 left one American, described as a “private contractor,” dead and four soldiers wounded.

Trump Was Presented Multiple Options In Iraq. He Chose Them All, Including The Worst.

The four soldiers have since returned to duty. Even though there have been at least 1,570 private contractor deaths since the United States invaded Iraq, Donald Trump decided to make an example of this incident. The military presented him with multiple options ranging from “moderate” to “far out.” It appears Trump decided to go with all of the above. Why Pete Buttigieg Enrages the Young Left. The Los Angeles Times’ Matt Pearce compiled a list of potential explanations on Twitter, including that the left may perceive him as a traitor to his generation, a stark opportunist, or the representative of a shadowy and discredited D.C. professional class.

Why Pete Buttigieg Enrages the Young Left

The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson also surveyed the theories, ultimately concluding that the continuity with the Obama era that Buttigieg promises might be too much for progressives to stomach. The answer, of course, is likely “all of the above.” But those explanations are still too general to explain the fury inspired by a fourth-place presidential contender and Midwestern college-town mayor. The unspoken truth about the furor Buttigieg arouses is that his success threatens a core belief of young progressives: that their ideology owns the future, and that the rise of millennials into Democratic politics is going to bring an inevitable demographic triumph for the party’s far left wing. One-Eyed Man Who Kamala Harris Locked Up 25 Years Ago Quietly Removes Tulsi Gabbard Mask. KAPOLEI, HI—Wiping the sweat from his brow and contemplating his long road to vengeance, one-eyed man Calvin Simmons, who was locked up by Kamala Harris 25 years ago, quietly removed his Tulsi Gabbard mask Tuesday after learning that the California senator had dropped out of the presidential race.

One-Eyed Man Who Kamala Harris Locked Up 25 Years Ago Quietly Removes Tulsi Gabbard Mask

“The day she locked me up for marijuana possession, I looked her in the eye and swore I would have my revenge,” said Simmons, rubbing the long scar on his head while staring into the dark, empty room around him and ruminating on how his lifelong quest to destroy Harris’s presidential ambitions was finally complete. “Fifteen years of my life gone—you took them from me Kamala, but it looks like I’ve had the last laugh. He defended the Confederate flag and insulted immigrants — now he’s a judge. When South Carolina lawmakers confirmed a batch of new magistrates this year, one nominee stood out from the pack: Mike Pitts.

He defended the Confederate flag and insulted immigrants — now he’s a judge

The former state House member had made a name for himself in Columbia as a staunch defender of the Confederate flag, and on Facebook he has penned anti-immigration screeds and used racially charged language. In May, for example, he posted a photo of New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, an African American Democrat running for president. His caption: “Cory Booker alway [sic] looks like he just hit crack real hard.” None of this, however, prompted any discussion in June, when the state Senate confirmed Pitts along with 33 other nominees for the lower courts. The End of the Rule of Law. — from Truthdig Bruce Fein, a former senior official in the Department of Justice and a constitutional scholar, has identified 12 impeachable offenses committed by Donald Trump.

The End of the Rule of Law

‘I Yield The Remainder Of My Time To You, The Viewer At Home,’ Says Adam Schiff During Impeachment Hearing Before Staring Into Camera For 3 Minutes. The Top 10 Most Bipartisan Members of the 115th Congress. Partisan politics have dominated much of the legislative agenda during the 115th Congress.

The Top 10 Most Bipartisan Members of the 115th Congress

However, this October a handful of key bipartisan legislative efforts have made headlines including the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act, the Alexander-Murray health care bill, and most recently, the Warner-Klobuchar-McCain Honest Ads Act. Lessons From Six Women Running for President. Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris. Photo: Getty Images It’s the end of the first year in the history of the United States in which six women made (mostly) serious runs for the Democratic presidential nomination, just three years after the defeat of the first female nominee. The arrival of multiple women to presidential contention should have been a convulsive shock to a political system. We have never seen anything like this before. Yet it has been oddly glossed over — how extraordinary, how totally bananas it is to have had six women standing on presidential-nomination debate stages for the past five months.

Profile: Tulsi Gabbard and Her 2020 Presidential Campaign. It was 1970-something, and Sina was not yet teaching at the University of Hawaii — a Samoan poet who had not yet become the first Samoan full professor in the States, and who had not yet written of our oceans the watery skin of earth pulled back to expose a webbing of coral rough & prickly She was back in Samoa at a traditional Sunday feast with her mother, her brother Mike, her American sister-in-law, Carol, and three little boys so strikingly beautiful one would model professionally as a teen. GOP “Never Trumpers” Just Think He’s Bad for the Brand. — from Truthout Colin Powell — retired four-star general, national security adviser to Ronald Reagan, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff under George H.W. Bush and secretary of state under George W. Bush — had some mildly scolding words for Donald Trump and the Republicans, and for some reason this is supposed to be a big deal. Speaking alongside fellow former Secretary of State Madeline Albright on October 1 at the New Albany Community Foundation in Ohio, an event hosted by CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, Powell was gently walked toward an opportunity to criticize both Trump and the party he has so thoroughly subsumed.

Democrats Launch New ‘Listen Up, Hayseeds’ Campaign To Connect With Rural Voters. Republicans block effort to save the Great Lakes from invasive Asian carp. This article was paid for by Raw Story subscribers. Not a subscriber? Try us and go ad-free for $1. Prefer to give a one-time tip? Click here. Elitists Roll Out “Stop Rebelling And Support Biden, You Insolent Little Shits” Campaign. Conservative tells CNBC the GOP is doomed because young people view them as ‘the dumb party’ – Raw Story. Conservative columnist George Will went on CNBC Wednesday to dig a grave for the Republican Party. There is hard data that shows that a centrist Democrat would be a losing candidate.

The Republican Party has earned a reputation as the anti-science, anti-fact party — understandably, perhaps, given the GOP's policy of ignoring the evidence for global climate change and insisting on the efficacy of supply-side economics, despite all the research to the contrary. The Next Robert Mueller ... or a Liberal Brett Kavanaugh? Rep. Thomas Massie Presses John Kerry About His College Degree. The lies of Michael Moore. Dana Perino's Queso Scandal Has Somehow Gotten Worse. A Swamp Divided: How Trump's Arrival Turned D.C. Nightlife Upside Down.

Zombie Chris Christie Rises Yet Again To Pat Himself On The Back. Donald Trump is the perfect Republican. Washington’s Russiagate Conspiracy Theory on Life Support. Asha Rangappa Smacks Down Chris Christie's Lies With Facts. Republican women in the Senate show a willingness to stop Brett Kavanaugh. - The Washington Post.

John McCain: For Whom the Bell Tolls HBO Documentary Is Revisionist History. Taibbi: Goodbye, and Good Riddance, to Centrism - Rolling Stone. Last week, after yet another week of anti-establishment upheavals in Europe, former Bush speechwriter and current Atlantic senior editor David Frum tweeted in despair: Robert Reich Uses Ann Coulter's Attack On Colleges To Slam Trump's War With The Free Press. <a class="icopyright-article-tools-noscript" href=" target="_blank" title="Main menu of all reuse options"><img height="25" width="27" border="0" align="bottom" alt="[Reuse options]" src=" Click here for reuse options! Log In - New York Times. How Confirmation Hearings Work. On Tuesday, Congress began holding confirmation hearings to evaluate the fitness of President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees for their offices.

How Republicans Plan To Repeal And Replace Obamacare. Wasserman Schultz Has a Change of Heart, but Too Little, Too Late. These 10 disgraced Iraq War architects are desperately trying to undo Obama’s Iran deal. Here's What It Would Look Like If Lawmakers Wore Donors' Logos Like NASCAR Drivers. Omniorthogonal: Swinging Dicks. “Ted Cruz gives me the willies”: Camille Paglia analyzes the GOP field — and takes on Hillary Clinton. “The Daily Show” skewers hipster Christians in pitch-perfect correspondent segment. Scott Walker’s “Sarah Palin” problem: What’s really behind his media hostility.

6 Scenes We Love About the Sham of Democracy. GOP Precinct Captain Gives Shockingly Racist 'Daily Show' Interview About Voter ID Laws. Look, It’s Come Down To This: Either I Have To Murder John Boehner Or He Has To Murder Me. Tactical Response CEO Threatens To 'Start Killing People' Over Possible Obama Gun Measure. Rep. Paul Ryan Co-Sponsors Fetal Rights Bill. From 'no' to 'yes,' how Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana. Why Asians Vote Democrat. 5 hard truths progressives must face about Obama. It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Best of Times - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 11/15.

Mitt Romney, punching bag. Rebecca Solnit by Astra Taylor. David Brooks and the Politics of Moderation. America on the Cusp of Fascism. Congress Repairs To Parlor To Hear Rep. Carolyn Maloney Play The Recorder. The US presidential debates' illusion of political choice. Photo by snoopdogg. Colbert Mocks Mitt Romney's Half-Smile During Presidential Debate. Bill Maher Schools Frank Luntz On Rich Democrats vs. Rich Republicans. Presidential Debate Aftermath: Mitt Romney Wins All-Important BS Contest. The Four Most Misleading Moments In Romney's Debate Performance. Should You Vote for Barack Obama? An Interview With Noam Chomsky. This Presidential Race Should Never Have Been This Close. Mitt Romney's problems: Elite defection. Supporter Complains to Ryan: 'Educated People' Are 'Telling Me What to Do' Thurston Howell Romney. The Real Romney Is a Sneering Plutocrat.

Foreign Policy Flubs Can Be Campaign Coffin Nails: HuffPost List. Conservatives killed the liberal arts. The psychology of defeat. Inverted Totalitarianism and the Corporate State. Totalitarian Democracy. Unpartial. How the GOP Became the Party of the Rich. Sanctity of Human Life Act (H.R. 212. The Soul Suckers of Endless Compromise. The Mitt Romney Story - The Colbert Report - 2012-29-08. Meanness Mashup: Republicans Built It, Said It, Own It. Gay Marine Beaten To Bloody Pulp To Fire Up RNC Crowd. Jon Stewart: ‘We built this’ RNC theme a tribute to union workers. House Speaker John Boehner asks ‘Where are the jobs?’ in convention speech. GOP Convention To Feature Strong Lineup Of Conservative Women Listeners. Real GOP: Pregnancy From Rape Same As Pregnancy Out of Wedlock. Lubbock Official Tom Head Stirs City With Remark. Authoritarian Politics in the Age of Casino Capitalism. Top 13 Questions From Our Q&A on Dark Money in the 2012 Campaign. Adam Sandler Owns Bill OReilly on 9/11 and Jake Prices Mum's Minge has Bad Breath.

Jesse LaGreca: An Open Letter to the Haters. Jeb Bush: Republican Party Needs 'To Reach Out To A Much Broader Audience' Todd Akin's Pals Got Some Junk Science For You: HuffPost List. A Guide To Spotting Pretzel Logic On The Campaign Trail : It's All Politics. GOP Platform Anti-Abortion Language Includes No Exceptions For Rape, Incest : It's All Politics. Things That Shouldn't Be Said In Modern Society To Be Said At Least 1,400 Times At RNC.