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Data Visualisation

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What I Use to Visualize Data. “What tool should I learn?

What I Use to Visualize Data Selected Tools. Introducing Vega-Lite. Provide sensible defaults, but allow customization.

Introducing Vega-Lite

Vega-Lite’s compiler automatically chooses default properties of a visualization based on a set of carefully designed rules. However, one can specify additional properties to customize the visualization. For example, the stacked bar chart on the left has a custom color palette. Raw. Quartz/Chartbuilder. Charted. ChartAccent. NounProject. D3.js - Data-Driven Documents. d3-annotation. Hitchhiker’s Guide to d3.js. The landscape for learning d3 is rich, vast and sometimes perilous.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to d3.js

You may be intimidated by the long list of functions in d3’s API documentation or paralyzed by choice reviewing the dozens of tutorials on the home page. There are over 20,000+ d3 examples you could learn from, but you never know how approachable any given one will be. A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods. What Makes A Good Data Visualization? Hi there.

What Makes A Good Data Visualization?

I’m David McCandless, creator of this site and author of two infographic mega-tomes, Information is Beautiful (2009) and Knowledge is Beautiful (2014). I’ve created a lot of data and information visualizations. Around 540 over six years. Twenty rules for good graphics. See, Think, Design, Produce 3. By Jonathan Corum March 28, 2016 This is an audio transcript of my talk at See, Think, Design, Produce in San Francisco on Feb. 11, 2015.

See, Think, Design, Produce 3

Graphs – beauty and truth. A good graph is elegant I really like graphs.

Graphs – beauty and truth

I like the way graphs turn numbers into pictures. A good graph is elegant. It uses a few well-placed lines to communicate what would take a paragraph of text. And like a good piece of literature or art, a good graph continues to give, beyond the first reading. How to design a better table. Clear Off the Table. We received a lot of attention for our Data Looks Better Naked post.

Clear Off the Table

People got bored on Christmas Eve and some interesting searches for Star Trek somehow landed them on our page. Now their charts look better. The principles outlined in that article aren’t just for charts, though. You can apply them to your data tables with similar improvements in readability and aesthetics. To paraphrase Edward Tufte, too often when we create a data table, we imprison our data behind a wall of grid lines. Mapshaper. A Visual Intro to Machine Learning. Finding better boundaries.

A Visual Intro to Machine Learning

Stitch Fix Algorithms Tour. Our business model enables unprecedented data science, not only in recommendation systems, but also in human computation, resource management, inventory management, algorithmic fashion design and many other areas.

Stitch Fix Algorithms Tour

A Neural Network Playground. Um, What Is a Neural Network?

A Neural Network Playground

It’s a technique for building a computer program that learns from data. It is based very loosely on how we think the human brain works. First, a collection of software “neurons” are created and connected together, allowing them to send messages to each other. Next, the network is asked to solve a problem, which it attempts to do over and over, each time strengthening the connections that lead to success and diminishing those that lead to failure. Charting All the Beer Styles. A common mistake about beer is that there are basically two types: the super-drinkable variety and the super-hoppy and bitter variety.

For the first type you have your Bud Light and Corona, and for the second you have any IPA. There’s so much more to try though, spanning a wide range of taste, flavors, and malt. The Beer Judge Certification Program lists 100 styles with defined ranges of alcohol by volume (ABV), bitterness (measured in IBUs, or International Bittering Units), and color (measured using SRM, or Standard Reference Method). Below is a series of charts for all 100 styles. Mouseover any style for more details and commercial examples. Beer Viz. What is Meditation / Mindfulness Good for? The First Time… When do people usually have sex for the first time in their lives?

When do people move in with a significant other? When do they get married? The answers are usually in the form of a single value: an average or a median. Visualizing the evolution of individual scientific impact. Shift Your Point of View. There’s been a lot of “make America better again” lately. Er, wait. America should be good? No, that’s not right. Make the country really really good like it once was. All the National Food Days. Once I paid attention, it started to feel like there were a whole lot of national food and drink days in the United States. National Chili Dog Day. National Donut Day. National Beer Day. I’m totally for this, as I will accept any excuse to consume any of these items. Our World in Data — Visualising the Empirical Evidence on how the World is Changing.

A 3-D View of a Chart That Predicts The Economic Future: The Yield Curve. Virus trading cards. Modern Family Structure. The Ekmans' Atlas of Emotions. Data USA. Sunny Edinburgh. Snake oil? Scientific evidence for health supplements. Antibiotic Resistance.

The MicrobeScope - Infectious Diseases in Context. How to become a data scientist in 8 easy steps: the infographic. The depth of the problem. Both the Australian and Chinese navies have picked up beacon signals over the past three days, but time is running out and the challenge of location is immense. Retired Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, head of the Australian agency coordinating the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, acknowledged that the search area was essentially a best guess and noted that the time when the plane’s locator beacons would shut down was “getting pretty close,” the Associated Press reported. The search for Flight 370 The search for Flight 370 entered its fourth week Sunday with a growing group of planes and ships assisting in search. Inside the investigation One of aviation’s greatest mysteries began when Flight 370 took off into clear skies March 8 and seemed to disappear into thin air.

SOURCE: Australian Maritime Safety Authority, Hydro International magazine, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries,, and The Death Toll Comparison Breakdown. A Game Tree of Rafael Nadal's Tennis Matches in Season 2013. Winds of change. Data Points: Visualisation That Means Something. U.S. Gun Deaths in 2013. Smog from Space. This map of the internet is not just super-detailed, but worth framing.

Flight Risk. Celebrating Excellence in Data Visualization and Information Design. Visualization Education Mailbag. WTF Visualizations. Why Tufte is Wrong about Pie Charts. Disinformation Visualization: How to lie with datavis. The Graphic Continuum. 45 Ways to Communicate Two Quantities.

Infographic Taxonomy - Vizualism. Plotting numeric data by groups. Stat Language Wars Infographic. The Data Science Industry: Who Does What (Infographic) How Information Graphics Reveal Your Brain’s Blind Spots. Big Data Visualization: Review of the 20 Best Tools. Why you should never trust a data visualisation. How to Spot Visualization Lies. The Problem with Dashboards (And A Solution)

The death of interactive infographics? – Startup Grind – Medium. Six Simple Techniques for Presenting Data: Hans Rosling (TED, 2006) How we made a VR data visualization.