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Beyoncé: Charity Work & Causes Beyoncé Knowles – former Destiny’s Child soulstress – is not only one of the great survivors of the music industry, but also someone who cares deeply about people. The list of charities she supports is both long and varied, but perhaps the greatest contribution she has made is the Survivor Foundation, an organization she founded with fellow Destiny’s Child Kelly Rowland to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. The foundation’s accomplishments are many, including the Music World Cares Christmas Carnival that enabled over 300 low-income households to enjoy a fun-filled day of food, entertainment, a visit from Santa Claus and free toys from the toy giveaway. The singer also held a series of food drives before her concerts in 2006 to collect the food that was so desperately needed by victims.

Gasland: Dick Cheney Poisons Your Drinking Water Too Just in case you thought Dick Cheney’s culpability for environmental destruction was limited to offshore drilling and the Gulf oil spill, here is Watergate II. Only this time, it’s literally about water, specifically how Dick Cheney and Halliburton poisoned our drinking water. Dick Cheney’s American Water Photographer records video of Vietnam's Hang Son Doong cave using a drone to capture its colossal sizeThe travellers in the cave appear as specks within the huge landscape dominated by jungle and rocky outcropsHang Son Doong contains jungle-like vegetation, water and sheer cliffs and is the largest cave in the world By Jake Polden For Mailonline Published: 13:51 GMT, 13 March 2015 | Updated: 15:51 GMT, 13 March 2015 It is the largest cave in the world, with its own sheer rocky cliffs, jungle-like vegetation and climate.

Vaccine McCarthyism. What if the Vaccine Paradigm itself is Deliberately Flawed? Within the mainstream medical and scientific community there is an unassailable pseudo-truth that vaccines are safe and effective, whether administered individually or in combination. Within the vaccine injured children and autism movements there is also an unchallenged belief that vaccines are effective but not always safe. In this case, vaccine-injured children or adult family members were simply one of the rare cases where they received a hot lot vaccine or possessed biomolecular abnormalities, such as mitochondria dysfunction, and suffered the consequences. Even many parents with two children developing neurological complications after vaccination, will continue to follow the recommended vaccine schedule.

Blogging: Generate 100s of Blog Topics in Minutes Welcome to this course. Get ready to generate 100s of blog ideas in YOUR niche! Do you ever suffer from writer's block?Do you wish you never run out of blog ideas?Is your boss asking you to write a weekly blog? Are you brand new at content marketing? Top 10 Most Inspirational Bloggers In The World Whether you’re an aspiring blogger or just looking for a little inspiration in your life, here’s a list of 10 inspirational bloggers who all started out as, well… bloggers. Enjoy! 1. COINTELPRO The Naked Truth -In the Southwest, paid informers infiltrate the church services, Bible classes and support networks of clergy and lay workers giving sanctuary to refugees from El Salvador and Guatemala. -In Alabama, elderly Black people attempting for the first time to exercise their right to vote are interrogated by FBI agents and hauled before federal grand juries hundreds of miles from their homes. -In New England, a former CIA case officer cites examples from his own past work to warn college students of efforts by undercover operatives to misdirect and discredit protests against South African and US racism.

Minneapolis police are asking for help as they search for a 22-year-old woman last seen in a Dinkytown bar. Jennifer Houle was last seen between 1 and 2 a.m. Friday, when she was out with friends at the Blarney Pub, 412 14th Av. Govt. Researchers: Flu Shots Not Effective in Elderly, After All (Above image: a nurse interests a passerby in flu shot information. Courtesy: NCIRD/OD/HCSO Flu vaccination communications team) An important and definitive “mainstream” government study done nearly a decade ago got little attention because the science came down on the wrong side. It found that after decades and billions of dollars spent promoting flu shots for the elderly, the mass vaccination program did not result in saving lives. How To Build A Social Media Editorial Calendar Imagine you’re about to give a speech in front of a large audience. You feel like you know your material. You understand your message.

How To Become A Life Coach (And Get Paid For It) Think back on the last time you faced a major life decision. How did you handle it? Did you put it off and pretend it wasn’t there? Or did you put all your options in front of you and choose the one that best aligned with your most important short term and long term goals?

The Truth Behind the Coming “Regime Change” in Syria After meeting again to decide Syria’s fate, the Arab League again decided to extend its “monitoring mission” in Syria. However, some Arab League nations under U.S. diplomatic control are clamoring for blood. These countries — virtual sock puppets of U.S. foreign policy — want to declare the Arab League monitoring mission “a failure,” so that military intervention — in the form of a no fly zone — can be used for regime change. The United States appears to be using a strategy in Syria that it has perfected over the years, having succeeded most recently in Libya: arming small paramilitary groups loyal to U.S. interests that claim to speak for the native population; these militants then attack the targeted government the U.S. would like to see overthrown —including terrorist bombings — and when the attacked government defends itself, the U.S. cries “genocide” or “mass murder,” while calling for foreign military intervention. “Mr.

How James Foley gave up escape for friend – former hostage explains - Daily Media Buzz Spanish reporter writes about how the ‘US journalist demonstrated his enormous human depth’ while being held captive by Islamic State James Foley, the US journalist killed by the militant group Islamic State, might have escaped but gave up the attempt so as not to abandon his friend, according to a former fellow hostage. In a serialised account of his own captivity at the hands of the Islamist group in 2013-14, Spanish reporter Javier Espinosa revealed that Foley made two escape attempts with another hostage, British photographer John Cantlie. Isis militants decapitated James Foley in August 2014, five months after Espinosa and another Spaniard, photographer Ricardo García Vilanova, were freed. The two Spaniards were held along with 21 others including Foley and Cantlie in an industrial complex north of Aleppo. “Foley and Cantlie tried to escape twice.

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