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Transition Culture The Public Record | Intrepid New Journalism Stories by Kim Murphy The following stories were submitted for Pulitzer Prize consideration in the international reporting category. February 4, 2004 A Cult of Reluctant Killers Medna Bayrakova remembers the day a middle-aged woman showed up at her door and asked to speak to her 26-year-old daughter. They shut themselves in the bedroom for half an hour, and then her daughter left, saying she was walking the visitor to the bus stop. March 3, 2004 Red Hot With a Blue Note Nikita Khrushchev's eloquent 1950s critique of jazz pretty much summed up the status of that "bourgeois" music in the Soviet Union: He remarked that listening to it gave him gas. March 14, 2004 Putin's Popularity Veils Uncertainty for Russia When a collection of well-heeled political and arts celebrities filed into a downtown theater this month for a production of "The Inspector," few expected to be surprised by the 19th century tale. September 3, 2004 Killers Set Terms, a Mother Chooses September 4, 2004 Russian Standoff Explodes September 19, 2004

The Nation Monkey Herds Goats; Farmer Approves July 28, 2009—On a farm in India, Mani the monkey uses her own mysterious methods to tend dozens of goats without any supervision or training, according to the Associated Press. Video. © 2009 National Geographic (AP) Unedited Transcript In a story reported by the AP, every morning, a worker at the Palagapandi estate in India, opens the door to the pen and lets the goats and their kids out. But as they head to the forest to graze no human herder accompanies them. That's because Mani, the resident monkey, shepherds the goats- numbering 75- around the plantation. SOUNDBITE (Malayalam): Martin K, Estate Manager- "She takes out the goats for grazing and brings them back. They say they feel confident that the goats will be safe when Mani accompanies them. Mani is said to make a strange sound when she discovers a goat is missing or when danger lurks. Soundbite (Malayalam): Pankajam, Estate Worker- "She makes a strange noise if she finds a goat missing.

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