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Western lawmakers gather in Utah to talk federal land takeover The Salt Lake Tribune | It’s time for Western states to take control of federal lands within their borders. Homeland Security Says Your Children Could Be Terrorists Prison | Yet another example of the gov’t abusing “terrorism” rhetoric. You Won’t Believe The Method That Common Core Is Using To Teach Our Kids Subtraction Michael Snyder | The dumbing down of America is accelerating.

Chaîne de HesTheLamb A version of this video should normally be produced in english in about 3 to 4 weeks. For now, please read the following summary as to know what I am talking about. Hoping this will help you to undestand the genuine news aggregator for the latest web buzz Roswell : pour de vrai ? @orion : vous pensez bien que j’y ai pensé ! Mais alors que dire des témoignages des militaires US qui ont constaté que des entités ont désactivé leurs têtes nucléaires ? C’est pas de la petite interaction ça... Concernant l’hypothèse classique « ils ne veulent pas chambouler nos conceptions, le choc serait trop puissant et destructeur » : Fukushima est en train de bousiller sévèrement la planète, nous avions déjà commencé avec d’autres désastres et agissements débiles, que ce soit par le nucléaire ou le chimique, le militaire en général... Et ils n’ont rien fait.

David Icke Headlines ‘After remaining silent for days, Nevada Sen. Harry Reid made comments regarding the ongoing dispute between the Bureau of Land Management and rancher Cliven Bundy today, accusing the Bundy family of violating the law. “Well, it’s not over.

Power of Prophecy: The monthly newsletter ministry of Texe Marrs BenjaminFulford (CJA 1967, S.9: MC Rules 1981, 7 70.) Magistrates’ Court Act 1980 S.102 Name: Benjamin Fulford, also known as 古歩道ベンジャミン Date of birth: March 19, 1961 Address: 3-6-9 Kichijoji Higashi Machi, Musashino-Shi, Tokyo 180-0002 Japan The Gralien Report » UFOs Much has been written about Admiral Byrd’s alleged discovery of Nazi tech in Antarctica… but perhaps there is more myth inferred here than actual evidence found. Continue reading Chasing the origins of the term “Singularity” in modern usage, similar ideas were expressed early on by computer scientist Jacques Vallee… but not how you might think. Continue reading I was recently interviewed by April Holloway for the Ancient Origins website about skepticism, UFO coverups, misinformation, and a variety of other subjects. We take a look at how official organizations have treated the UFO subject, ranging from Project Blue … Continue reading

The Corbett Report It is one thing to be motivated by our outrage at the lies and manipulation we are subjected to each and every day. It is another thing entirely to be driven by blind hatred of this system. Tonight on the final episode of Corbett Report Radio James warns against the temptation to define ourselves by hatred of the way things are and offers an alternative: to define ourselves by love for our friends and family, the world around us, and the world we can help to bring into being.

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