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UNHCR:Facts and Figures on Refugees Number of forcibly displaced worldwide: 59.5 million Number of Refugees There were 19.5 million refugees worldwide at the end of 2014, 14.4 million under the mandate of UNHCR, around 2.9 million more than in 2013. The other 5.1 million Palestinian refugees are registered with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). During the year, conflict and persecution forced an average of 42,500 persons per day to leave their homes and seek protection elsewhere, either within the borders of their countries or in other countries. Developing countries host over 86% of the world’s refugees, compared to 70% ten years ago. In 2014, the country hosting the largest number of refugees was Turkey, with 1.59 million refugees. Last year, 51% of refugees were under 18 years old. An estimated 13.9 million people were newly displaced due to conflict or persecution, including 2.9 million new refugees. Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) Asylum-Seekers Find out about asylum in the UK. Stateless People

Conseil de l'Union européenne Que fait le Conseil de l'Union européenne? Il adopte la législation de l'UE. Il coordonne les grandes orientations des politiques économiques des États membres. Il signe des accords entre l'UE et d'autres pays. 1. Le Conseil et le Parlement partagent la responsabilité de la décision finale sur les projets d'actes législatifs proposés par la Commission. 2. Les États membres de l'UE ont décidé de doter l'Union d'une politique économique globale, coordonnée par les ministres de l'économie et des finances de chaque pays. L'objectif poursuivi est également de créer plus d'emplois et d'améliorer les systèmes d'éducation, de santé et de protection sociale. 3. Le Conseil conclut des accords au nom de l'UE dans des domaines aussi variés que l'environnement, le commerce, le développement, les textiles, la pêche, la science, la technologie et les transports. 4. Le budget annuel de l'UE est établi conjointement par le Conseil et le Parlement européen. 5. L'UE ne possède pas d'armée. 6. Votes · The world’s platform for change FreedomInfo Global Parliament of Mayors The rise of political bots on social media | World | DW.COM | 06.08.2016 Almost every Twitter user will have come across bots. Your new follower whose profile picture is the generic egg, and who posts exactly once a day vague words of wisdom in 140 characters, is most probably such an automated account. Very common are spam bots for commercial purposes. Others are more creative: The @MagicRealismBot (with close to 40,000 followers, certainly including a good number of bots) has been programmed to randomly build and tweet sentences every two hours that imitate the writings of magic realist novelists such as Jorge Luis Borges or Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The rise of bots has thrown up a wide range of new issues. Last year, it was reported that a Dutch web developer was called in for questioning by police after their bot had, in a similarly random manner, put together a statement (tweeted at another bot, incidentally) which an internet detective read as a death threat. The implications of bots for political discourse on social media are another open question.

Top Ten Reasons Why Kids Under the Age of 18 Should Be Allowed to Vote In Government Elections - TheTopTens® BlueTopazIceVanilla This is my second list I thought up for a while, and it's kind of a sister to my other list: Top Ten Reasons Why Kids Should Get Paid to Go to School. IMPORTANT NOTE: I am NOT saying that kids on TheTopTens can't vote, and that they should be able to. I'm saying that kids SHOULD BE ABLE TO VOTE ON OFFICIAL ELECTIONS (state, city, country elections e.t.c.) I hope that clears any predicted confusion, and enjoy the list! The Top TenXW 1VoteEKids are smart and responsible enough to vote And the problem? I am in middle school and I know what the green party is, or a libertarian. Kids are smart and know what is right just like some kids know that Donald trump is a spoon (that means he is not smart enough to handle sharp items especially nuclear weapons) he is also lies a lot in fact he lies every 3 minutes and 16 seconds do you want him as your presidentM This would be a bad idea. V27 Comments 2VoteEKids are just as important as adults Hate them? I matter as much as a adultMnew

List of forms of government Ever wondered what all those ...ocracies and ...archies were? Seek no further than RationalWiki's list of forms of government. Anarchism A form of government (or lack thereof) with no ruling hierarchy, instead decisions are made at a directly democratic level: laws are created by citizens alone, although they may be enforced by institutions that are not publicly controlled. Anarcho-capitalism A stateless society composed of sovereign individuals living within the constraints of a corporatist market. Anarchy Anarchy is lack of a central government, as there is no one recognized governing authority; in anarchy there is no effective government (as opposed to an "ineffective government") and each (rugged) individual has absolute liberty. Aristocracy A form of government in which a select few rule based on inherited hereditary right. Autocracy A form of government in which the political power is held by a single, self-appointed ruler. Capracracy Rule by goats. Communist state Corporatocracy Demarchy

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