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Front page : SEBA KURTIS

Front page : SEBA KURTIS

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The Delicate Handling of Images of War But two recent front-page images in The Times, both related to the deadly crisis in Syria, were something far more powerful. Appearing exactly two weeks apart, they were such memorable, telling images that they deserve some attention here. Thinking about them also raises the question of other images — those we don’t see, and why. The first, from Aug. 22, had a caption that read: “In Damascus, the bodies of people who Syrian rebels and supporters say were killed on Wednesday in a government attack.” Shrouded in white and unmarked by blood, at least four of the bodies are those of children.

Lorenzo Vitturi Lorenzo Vitturi’s vibrant still lifes capture the threatened spirit of Dalston’s Ridley Road ... Lorenzo Vitturi: 'I wanted to capture Ridley Road market's edgy dynamic' The Italian-born, London-based photographer ... The second edition of Dalston Anatomy embraces the shifting nature of the market and like the sculptures within it, ... Dalston Anatomy wins the 2014 Photography Prize. Hyères 2014 / 29° International Festival of ... Álvaro Sánchez-Montañés portfolio Landnemar Indoor desert De sur a sur

The Death of Steven Sotloff - The New Yorker In the final moments before an ISIS executioner beheaded the American journalist Steven Sotloff, the masked man offered up, in an English accent, a message to his viewers: “We take this opportunity to warn those governments that enter this evil alliance of America against the Islamic State to back off and leave our people alone.” Beheading an American hostage—and a bound, kneeling one at that—hardly seems likely to keep the United States out of the Middle East. Indeed, ISIS leaders couldn’t have made the prospect of American airstrikes more likely if they had sent a video to President Obama begging him to drop more bombs.

CLANG The Moment Being Together Being Together Myth of the Flat Earth Twilight Dreams of a Papilio Demoleus Erasure Blind Spot Remembering Strangers Self Reflection Guilt Me and Friends Time My Twilight Window Wall Street October 2008 Strangers NYC 64.1 N 21.9 W Fear Of Losing The Existence Beon Sleeps Open Wound Existence Of Being Ground Zero Beijing NYC Out of Context

Suzanne Ruta: Photographing Algeria by Suzanne Ruta Picturing Algeria, by Pierre Bourdieu, forward by Craig Calhoun. Edited by Franz Schultheis and Christine Frisinghelli, Columbia University Press, 230 pp.Algeria, by Dirk Alvermann, Facsimile edition of a work first published in 1960. Steidl, Germany 2011 In 2004, just around the time the Abu Ghraib scandal broke, an exhibition of photographs from the Algerian war opened in Paris. During that war, 1954-1962, press censorship in France was intense, and indeed censorship and propaganda was one of the themes of this groundbreaking exhibit.

Erin O'Keefe - Erin O'Keefe Erin O'Keefe is a visual artist and architect based in New York City and New Brunswick, Canada. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Cornell University and a Master of Architecture from Columbia University. I am a visual artist and an architect, and my work is informed by both of these disciplines. My background in architecture is the underpinning for my art practice, providing my first sustained exposure to the issues and questions that I explore in my photographs. The questions that I ask through my work are about the nature of spatial perception, and the tools that I use to explore these issues are rooted in the abstract, formal language of making that I developed as an architect. As a photographer, I am interested in the layer of distortion and misapprehension introduced by the camera as it translates three dimensional form and space into two dimensional image.

Hotel California Ranks No. 1 for Best Service by TripAdvisor - Desert Guide - January 2013 - Palm Springs, California Several Coachella Valley hotels earn kudos from travel website Hotel California in Palm Springs received a No. 1 ranking for Best Service by TripAdvisor website. Now there is another reason to remember the name, Hotel California. Beyond the title of the hit song from the Eagles, Hotel California in Palm Springs has been ranked No. 1 out of 25 honorees for providing the best hotel service in the U.S. by TripAdvisor, which released its Best of 2013 on Jan. 25. Hotel California consistently receives 5-star ratings on TripAdvisor’s website.

Afghanistan women's lives in exhibition at Newcastle Lynsey Addario, Veiled Rebellion. Nazer Begam and her pregnant daughter Noor Nisa, 20, wait for transport to hospital, after their car broke down. Copyright Lynsey Addario, VII Photo Agency Lynsey Addario's tendency to work in some of the most dangerous places on earth is coupled with an ability to capture arresting images of what she sees there. The New York Times photographer was born in Connecticut and started photographing for newspapers in 1996, having had no professional training. Sofitel Luxury Hotels To Open New Property in Bali January 2, 2013 By Adriana Pop, Associate Editor Sofitel Luxury Hotels continues to expand across Southeast Asia with the addition of a new property in Bali, one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations.

Chaos and Killing in Syria: Photos of a Slow-Motion Civil War In March 2011, Arab Spring–inspired protests kicked off in the impoverished Syrian agricultural town of Dara‘a. The mini-uprising, defined by its peaceful character, met a brutal response, one that few observers at the time could have anticipated would blow up into a far wider rebellion against President Bashar Assad and the entrenched, decades-long rule of his family. With Syrian authorities clamping down on journalistic access and freedoms, we saw glimpses of the unrest there for months only through grainy YouTube footage—images as uncertain and hard to corroborate as the events on the ground. But roughly two years of violence has witnessed an all-out civil war, one that has perhaps irredeemably fissured the country along sectarian lines. The estimated death toll, according to the United Nations, is more than 70,000, though others claim it has surpassed 100,000. More than a million have been made refugees.