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Front page : SEBA KURTIS

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Álvaro Sánchez-Montañés | Portfolio portfolio Landnemar Indoor desert De sur a sur Sez Unprepared and Unshorted Alter Hafen Visions || Jon Uriarte || jon uriarte news Hotel California Ranks No. 1 for Best Service by TripAdvisor - Desert Guide - January 2013 - Palm Springs, California Several Coachella Valley hotels earn kudos from travel website Hotel California in Palm Springs received a No. 1 ranking for Best Service by TripAdvisor website. Now there is another reason to remember the name, Hotel California. Beyond the title of the hit song from the Eagles, Hotel California in Palm Springs has been ranked No. 1 out of 25 honorees for providing the best hotel service in the U.S. by TripAdvisor, which released its Best of 2013 on Jan. 25. Hotel California consistently receives 5-star ratings on TripAdvisor’s website. On TripAdvisor’s website, they included select quotes next to each property awarded taken from website postings by travelers. Also honored in the Best Service category was the Desert Riviera Hotel in Palm Springs, which was ranked third behind No. 2 SeaCoast Inn in Hyannis, Mass. Alpine Gardens in Palm Springs earned No. 12 among the top 25 Best Bargain hotels in the country.

Photography - Peter Granser Sofitel Luxury Hotels To Open New Property in Bali January 2, 2013 By Adriana Pop, Associate Editor Sofitel Luxury Hotels continues to expand across Southeast Asia with the addition of a new property in Bali, one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations. Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort will be located in BTDC Nusa Dua, about 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Denpasar, the provincial capital of Bali. Amenities include a ballroom, five meeting rooms, a multi-function room, three restaurants, a bar and a lounge. Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort will operate under the ownership of PT. “Sofitel’s highly distinctive brand name coupled with its French flair and signature service will play an integral role in attracting guests to the hotel, and we look forward to working with the group to ensure the success of this development,” said Bapak Trihatma K. Sofitel has streamlined the number of its properties across the world, going from 204 in 2006 to more than 120 in 2012.

Home : ADAM BROOMBERG & OLIVER CHANARIN Future Borders: UAE's advanced passenger information system going live in Dubai The UAE's Advanced Passenger Information system is going live at Dubai International Airport later this week, according to Leyla Hareb, the assistant director of strategy & international affairs at the GCAA. “This system has been developed in just two years. It has taken other countries ten years to implement,” she said Sharjah will be the second UAE airport to go live with the system. “That will happen by the summer,” Hareb said. The conference was opened this morning by HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Chairman of Dubai Airports and Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Airline and Group. Pictured: Airlines panel at the Future Borders conference (L-R) Moderator, Arabian Aerospace editor-in-chief Alan Peaford; Airbus’ Paul Moultrie; Aer Lingus’ Fergus Wilson; KLM Air France’s Manuel van Lijf and Emirates Airline’s Adel Al Redha.

Erin O'Keefe - Erin O'Keefe Erin O'Keefe is a visual artist and architect based in New York City and New Brunswick, Canada. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Cornell University and a Master of Architecture from Columbia University. I am a visual artist and an architect, and my work is informed by both of these disciplines. My background in architecture is the underpinning for my art practice, providing my first sustained exposure to the issues and questions that I explore in my photographs. The questions that I ask through my work are about the nature of spatial perception, and the tools that I use to explore these issues are rooted in the abstract, formal language of making that I developed as an architect. As a photographer, I am interested in the layer of distortion and misapprehension introduced by the camera as it translates three dimensional form and space into two dimensional image.

40 free things to do in New York City Seeing the bulk of New York City's biggest attractions can mean spending a hefty chunk of a trip's budget on tickets. Empire State Building? $27. Free New York travelers, get busy! 1. One of Lower Manhattan's most fascinating, and controversial, stories of recent years circulates around the new African Burial Ground National Monument site. 2. Brooklyn Brewery. Free tours of Williamsburg's Brooklyn Brewery run on the hour from 1-5pm Saturday, 1-4pm Sunday. 79 N 11th St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 3. Imagine mosaic. It doesn't take brilliant travel minds to tell you that a park is free to visit – most parks are. 4. New York's most concentrated area for a gallery crawl is in Chelsea, mostly in the 20s Streets between 10th and 11th Avenues. 5. City Hall. Home to New York City's government since 1812, City Hall tours take in its cupola-topped marble hall, the governor's room as well as the spot where Abraham Lincoln's coffin lay in state briefly in 1865. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.