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Conflict in Europe

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Past HSC Questions for Revision

Conflict in Europe - Text. 14. End of the Conflict. 13. Nazi Racial Policies. 12. Social and Economic Effects. 11. Course of the European War Questions. 10. North Africa. 9. Barbarossa, Stalingrad and the Russian Campaign. 8. The Air War and Its Effects. 7. German Advances. 6. Appeasement. 5. The Spanish Civil War. 4. Abyssinian Crisis. 3. League of Nations. 2. Nazi and Italian Foreign Policy. 1. Dictatorships of Mussolini and Hitler. Extra Reading. Past HSC Questions Conflict in Europe. Conflict in Europe: 1935 - 1945, Glossary (A - I) flashcards. Conflict in Europe: 1935-1945, Glossary (J - Z_ flashcards. Conflict in Europe 1935-1945. World War Two Timeline. Program. World War II General Resources.

WWII Web Sites Encyclopedia of the Second World War The Second World War is a Spartacus Educational website and enables one to research individual people and events of the war in detail.

World War II General Resources

The sources are “hypertexted” so that the visitor can research the newspaper, organization, etc., that produced the source. There are several subsections including those on: Background to the War; Nazi Germany, Chronology of the War, Political Leaders, European Diplomacy, Major Offensives, British Military Leaders, USA Military Leaders, German Military Leaders, Japanese Military Leaders, The Armed Forces, The Air War, The Resistance, Scientists & Inventors, War at Sea, Resistance in Nazi Germany, The Holocaust, War Artists, Weapons and New Technology. HyperWar: World War II Hyper War is a “hypertext” history of the second World War and features diplomatic and political documents. World War II Sites This site serves as a gateway to World War II sites appropriate for students and teachers. Conflict in Europe 1935-1945: Course of the European War Flashcards.