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Conflict and balance (knowing is half the battle)

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Motorized bicycles sometimes cross moped line, police say. DECATUR - Motorized bicycles sound like a win-win.

Motorized bicycles sometimes cross moped line, police say

As gas prices accelerate toward $4 a gallon, these regular pedal bicycles fitted with little gas engines can zip riders around effortlessly while achieving 100 miles per gallon. And, best of all, many of the bikes' fans believe, you don't need a license, insurance or registration to ride one. The Decatur Police Department, however, begs to differ, and they're ready to write the traffic tickets to prove it if motorized bike riders hit the road without a driver's license, insurance and registration. At issue is one question: When is a motorized bicycle a "low-speed gas bicycle" and when is it classified as a moped?

The police, quoting Illinois law, said a "low-speed gas bicycle" has fully operable pedals and a gasoline motor of less than 1 horsepower. Trump wants Pruitt to finish What Reagan Started. There is only ONE WAY to interpret ANYTHING the Scott Pruitt TOOL of the fossil fuel industry says: HE IS DEFENDING the Fossil Fuel Industry Profit Over People and Planet Plunderers!

Trump wants Pruitt to finish What Reagan Started

Reagan started what Trump, with Pruitt AND Rex Tillerson, wants to finish: Trump wants Pruitt to finish What Reagan Started. Newly Released Documents Reveal NFL Doctors Used Donations To Influence 2012 Government Led CTE Discussions. Doctors affiliated with the National Football League attempted to use the league's $30 million pledge to the National Institutes of Health as leverage to appoint more NFL-approved experts to a 2012 workshop run by the federal agency that was attempting to reach a medical consensus regarding the degenerative brain disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), documents obtained by VICE Sports reveal.

Newly Released Documents Reveal NFL Doctors Used Donations To Influence 2012 Government Led CTE Discussions

Trump's Picks For AG & CIA Happy To Undermine Civil Liberties, Increase Surveillance. This is (unfortunately) not a huge surprise, but it appears that a Trump administration is going to be much worse for civil liberties and surveillance.

Trump's Picks For AG & CIA Happy To Undermine Civil Liberties, Increase Surveillance

Earlier today, Donald Trump named his choices to head the CIA -- Rep. Mike Pompeo -- and to be the next Attorney General -- Senator Jeff Sessions -- and both have terrible records on surveillance, civil liberties and whistleblowing. A Trump Presidency is a Godsend for the Surveillance Industry. As the looming specter of a Donald Trump presidency continues to terrify minority groups throughout the United States, one industry is greeting the new administration with open arms.

A Trump Presidency is a Godsend for the Surveillance Industry

Speaking at a physical surveillance trade show on Wednesday, two representatives from the Security Industry Association (SIA) – which lobbies the government on behalf of surveillance tech manufacturers – laid out the myriad ways Trump could be great news for their members’ bottom line. Overall, the near-certainty that Trump will increase spending on defense border security means it’s a great time to be in the surveillance world. Jake Parker, the director of government relations at SIA, and Joe Hoellerer, manager of government relations at SIA, spoke at a side event during ISC East, the largest physical surveillance trade conference in the northeast.

Joseph Hoellerer, left, and Jake Parker of the Security Industry Association speak at ISC East. Photos via John Knefel/Inverse, Getty Images / Drew Angerer. FBI and NSA Poised to Gain New Surveillance Powers Under Trump - Bloomberg. The FBI, National Security Agency and CIA are likely to gain expanded surveillance powers under President-elect Donald Trump and a Republican-controlled Congress, a prospect that has privacy advocates and some lawmakers trying to mobilize opposition.

FBI and NSA Poised to Gain New Surveillance Powers Under Trump - Bloomberg

Trump’s first two choices to head law enforcement and intelligence agencies -- Republican Senator Jeff Sessions for attorney general and Republican Representative Mike Pompeo for director of the Central Intelligence Agency -- are leading advocates for domestic government spying at levels not seen since the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The fights expected to play out in the coming months -- in Senate confirmation hearings and through executive action, legislation and litigation -- also will set up an early test of Trump’s relationship with Silicon Valley giants including Apple Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google. New Hacking Rule Read more: Apple, the FBI and encryption -- a QuickTake Orlando, San Bernardino. Donald Trump's Companies Filed for Bankruptcy 4 Times. Donald Trump -- or companies that bear his name - have declared bankruptcy four times.

Donald Trump's Companies Filed for Bankruptcy 4 Times

Trump has built an American empire from Las Vegas to New York with towering hotels and sparkling casinos. Forbes estimates he's worth $2.7 billion. But not all of Trump's business ventures have been constant money-makers. In 1991, 1992, 2004, and again in 2009, Trump branded companies or properties have sought Chapter 11 protection. Debtors Prisons Are Taking the US Back to the 19th Century.

Most countries around the world have confined debtors' prisons the annals of history.

Debtors Prisons Are Taking the US Back to the 19th Century

Indigent debtors can, however, still be locked away in the United Arab Emirates, Greece and, to (what should be) our shame, the United States. The US did away with designated facilities for jailing debtors in the 19th century. But the system of imprisoning the poor for their failure to pay legal fees persists, feeding the glutted incarceration system. The 14th Amendment holds that it is unconstitutional to imprison individuals for debts they can't pay (there is a caveat for willful debt refusal) but, as the ACLU noted in 2012, the incarceration of debtors has become "a growing problem nationwide. " The Daily PSYOP: Leaked UN report drops a bombshell, slamming the UK and US for their role in the Syrian crisis. An internal United Nations report which the public wasn’t supposed to see has just hit the web.

The Daily PSYOP: Leaked UN report drops a bombshell, slamming the UK and US for their role in the Syrian crisis

And its findings contain some explosive and uncomfortable truths. Western sanctions on Syria, the report says, are harming ordinary civilians the most – preventing hospitals from accessing basic medical equipment and even hindering effective humanitarian aid. Walking Away From Toxic Mold - Why You Must Leave Everything Behind by Hybrid Rasta Mama. Apparently I hit a nerve with a lot of you.

Walking Away From Toxic Mold - Why You Must Leave Everything Behind by Hybrid Rasta Mama

A big one. Seems as though “leaving everything behind” isn’t seen as a necessity but rather a luxury. Ahem. Yes, leaving all our possessions behind is a luxury. Come on! Based on the questions, confusion, and accusations, I decided it was time to write a quick and dirty post on WHY we decided to take the advice of a respected toxicologist as well as a microbiologist and leave everything behind when we walked away from our toxic mold contaminated home. Intelligence Agencies Are Gathering Information Against You in Case of Your Dissent. The Daily PSYOP: Latest Leaks Reveal George Soros’ Plot to Manipulate Media. In the two days since the Soros Open Society Foundation hack by the DCLeaks collective, several notable revelations have emerged among the data dump of over 2,500 documents exposing the internal strategy of the organization, which expose some of Soros’ tactics to influence and benefit from Europe’s refugee crisis, the opportunistic funding and influence of media organizations, providing cash for assorted “pro-democracy” groups including the infamous La Raza, Soros’ funding of various “social justice” organizations while paying to track unfavorable media coverage including that of Pamela Geller.

The nine-page review makes three key points: OSF has been successful at influencing global immigration policy; Europe’s refugee crisis presents “new opportunities” for the organization to influence global immigration policy; and the refugee crisis is the “new normal.” They also explain that the current crisis provides “new opportunities” for influencing immigration policy on a global scale. 1. SuperStation95 - WHOA! Germany Considers Re-Starting The DRAFT "in case NATO's Borders need to be Defended"

If ordinary Germans were not traumatized enough by this weekend's shocking official announcement that they should prepare to stockpile several days of food and water "in case of an attack of catastrophe" as part of the country's revised "Civil Defense Concept", then the latest news from German press agency DPA, will surely put them over the edge. DPA cites a confidential document prepared by the government according to which the government is considering "bringing back nationwide conscription in times of crisis", such as situations in which the country needs to "defend NATO’s external borders.

" "An attack on German territory that would require conventional defence is unlikely," the document said. However, civil defence measures are necessary because a "major security threat in the future cannot be ruled out," it added. Draft paper: Germany to boost military role on world stage.

The government's position paper on security policy, seen by media outlets on Friday, said Germany was increasingly seen as a "key player" in Europe, and had "a responsibility to actively help shape the global order. " It added that Germany could do more at a time when the global community was grappling with threats including terrorism waged by "Islamic State," cybercrime and a more aggressive Russia. At the same time, however, the paper pointed out that there would be clear limits to Berlin's contribution.

"Our larger role in international security policy will not lead to automatic reactions or to pressure for action that conflicts with our values and interests or that overstretches our capabilities," it said. The document also stressed that Germany would avoid unilateral action, and would instead rely on engagement with the European Union, NATO and a close partnership with the United States. After 25 years of cuts to the military, Germany plans to expand the Bundeswehr by 14,300 soldiers. The Daily PSYOP: #SorosLeaks docs prove their real goal is federalizing America’s police. People have likened the modern American police state to a return of Nazi Germany’s SS. Now, leaked documents from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation show that the organization’s goal behind funding the Black Lives Matter movement is ultimately to federalize America’s police forces.

The document is aptly called, “Police Reform: How to Take Advantage of the Crisis of the Moment and Drive Long-Term Institutional Change in Police-Community Practice.” Breitbart reported: The document states that the Foundations’ U.S. Programs (USP) was seeking to use “this moment” – meaning the so-called crisis in policing following high profile shootings and charges of racism – to “create a national movement” for police reform.States the board meeting document: Interview with Journalist Who Left Milwaukee Due to Racial Violence (Tim Pool) Does This Child Preacher Understand the Words He's Yelling? Homeless People Being Abducted And Sent To FEMA Camps, Claims Insider. Homeless people in American cities are being ’rounded up and disappeared’ by FEMA operatives, according to a suicide note left behind by a government insider.

Describing the phenomenon as ‘human street sweeping’, the insider says the abduction of homeless people is the first stage of a FEMA plot to turn 800 internment camps across the country into fully operational prisons. The government insider, who we can now reveal was a US Customs Agent based in New York City, wrote a lengthy suicide note exposing plans the government has for its people. The note, which was leaked by a member of the New York City police department, also explains why he decided to kill himself.

“The America I grew up in, and cherished, has been murdered by its own federal government. 30-year Anniversary: Tonkin Gulf Lie Launched Vietnam War. Thirty years ago, it all seemed very clear. “American Planes Hit North Vietnam After Second Attack on Our Destroyers; Move Taken to Halt New Aggression”, announced a Washington Post headline on Aug. 5, 1964. Why humanity is fucked. Job Creators Network. Job Creators Network ("JCN") is association of corporate leaders best known for its E2E employee communications program, which encourages CEOs to pressure their employees to vote for and otherwise support the corporate political agenda.

In 2015, it launched the web-based advocacy campaign, "Defend Main Street," which attacks the National Labor Relations Board’s decision to consider McDonald's a "joint employer" of franchise employees, possibly making the corporate giant liable for labor law violations. False Flags In Syria: An Operation 50 Years In the Making? Washington's Blog.

Governments Routinely Conduct Fake Terror Don’t believe all of the mainstream reports (roundup here) that the U.S. is supporting false flag attacks carried out by Al Qaeda against Syria? Was Typhoon Haiyan Man Made – Can Man Create Hurricanes Or Cyclones. Home / Science • Weather / Was Typhoon Haiyan Man Made – Can Man Create Hurricanes Or Cyclones So was the super typhoon Haiyan, local name Yolanda, that devastated the island Philippines man-made? TPP - Wikileaks has released another bombshell. Deep Politics Monitor: How Washington And Its Allies Spawned The Islamic State. Judicial Watch has – for many years – obtained sensitive U.S. government documents through freedom of information requests and lawsuits. Why developing vs. developed is now meaningless. Deep Politics Monitor: Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Update 87 – The Friday the 13th Attacks in Paris. Via RedefiningGod: Real estate cyclical downturn projected for 2017 - OC Housing News.

BofA analyst projects falling house prices due to rising mortgage rates. US food shortage, consumers suffer. Adverse weather affects supplyUS food shortage, consumers suffer Adverse weather conditions in states like Florida and Arizona and in Mexico have impacted on the food supply, and now a nationwide food shortage is hitting consumers hard financially. Zika could be declared a global health emergency — a distinction the WHO rarely uses. Nearly 8,000 Alaskan Seabirds Die of Suspected Starvation. Japan’s Jobs Crisis. This election could be the birth of a Trump-Sanders constituency. California's Time is Running Out For Drought Relief This Season From the Record-Tying El Niño.

Bipolar caused by Fluoride Poisoning.pdf. "Wall of Money" Hitting Market Before 2016-2017 Global Crisis. Nuclear Waste Leak Continues at ‘America’s Fukushima’; 33 Left Ill by Radioactive Fumes. Deep Politics Monitor: The Collapse of the European Union. Untitled. Cramer: There Are No Bubbles; So Why Would the Fed Hike Rates? Nice Try, But There’s Still No Bubble in Technology. Operation Sea-Spray. Deep Politics Monitor: How The Elite Will Sell Global Collapse To The Masses. New World Order Martial Law Scenario? U.S. Government Pathological Lies Concerning “Jade Helm 15 Military Operation” PEP impact stories. Forestry giant’s zero deforestation commitment put to test.

Sino-Forest, Chinese Bureaucratic Entrepreneurship And Forestry Corruption - Business Insider. Deep Politics Monitor: French Elite Say Either Germany Leaves the Euro or Economic Chaos is their Fate. Deep Politics Monitor: Most Scientific Research of Western Medicine Untrustable, Say Insiders and Experts. Brazil's economy has been blasted back to the financial crisis. Watch How The Ocean's Islands Of Junk Have Formed Over The Last 35 Years. US Air Force Drops Expensive (And Useless) Nuke In Nevada. Call It What, In My Opinion, It Is: RACKETEERING in [Market-Ticker]

China's stock market bubble has popped, so what's next? The Puerto Rico crisis, explained. Deep Politics Monitor: Black Eagle Fund, the Shadow CIA and the relationship to Sept. 11th. Deep Politics Monitor: PROOF - ISIS IS THE CIA. Black Eagle Fund, the Shadow CIA and the relationship to Sept. 11th. This is no recovery, this is a bubble – and it will burst. The American Delusion: Distracted, Diverted And Insulated From The Grim Reality Of The Police State. The FedEx driver who sued and won - Nov. 20, 2014.

Russian campaign in Syria exposes gas war reality behind "war on terror" Brilliant, Trump exposes the fake, corrupt USA political system of which he plays a part. Russia Exposes US Hidden Agenda in Syria. Deep Politics Monitor: The Deep State: Source Of All Negativity. URGENT ACTION NEEDED: New Internet Blacklist Bill Could Shut Down Twitter And Youtube! Hugh Roberts reviews ‘The Rise and Fall of Arab Presidents for Life’ by Roger Owen, ‘Adaptable Autocrats’ by Joshua Stacher, ‘Raging against the Machine’ by Holger Albrecht and ‘Soldiers, Spies and Statesmen’ by Hazem Kandil · LRB 12 September 2013. Deep Politics Monitor: We’re the ‘Weeds’ for Monsanto Roundup Weed Killer.

Operation mockingbird. Gulf Of Maine: The Poster Child For Global Warming. Julian Assange on Snowden parallels, disliking Google, and “inevitable” freedom. Time to Get Real on Climate Change. Antibiotic resistance: delaying the inevitable. CBS News; Declassified Documents Reveal Chemtrails Are Real. Government Nationalization Has Become A Reality In America - Peter Palms. Mass Fish Deaths: Millions Have Been Found Dead All Over The World In The Past Month. The Greatest Speech EVER! "THE GREAT AWAKENING" Michael Ruppert - Three Guarantors of Near-Term Human Extinction. Joe Rogan: War Machine. Meet Town Left In Millionaire Debt By Private Prisons Operators. Olbermann: the beginning of the end of America.

The game is up - Nigel Farage MEP. A debate - Will privatized prisons insure a nation of prisoners? You are a Terrorist (English) The Story of Your Enslavement. NSS Labs Accuses Google of Undertaking Campaign to Knock Firefox Off The Market. SOPA piracy bill is 'draconian,' Google and tech giants say - Nov. 16. What Lincoln Forsaw: Corporations "Enthroned" and Re-Writing the Laws Defining Their Existence. No One Is Above The Law. Keiser Report - Markets! Finance! Scandal! (E19) The Supreme Court Renders Voting Obsolete. Five Reasons Americans Are So Unhappy. United States v. ElcomSoft and Sklyarov. Mozilla pleads: 'Protect the Internet' from Stop Online Piracy Act. California drought and the polar vortex: 'New normal' by 2030? Global Capitalism - Dec 2011 (1of3) - Professor Richard D Wolff.

The Looming Threat of "Generation Z" California drought causes sustainable agricultural advocates and local farmers to rally for stronger local food system. America Has a Scary Sewage Problem: Let's Clean It Up and Jumpstart the Economy While We're At It.