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Ownership Chart: The Big Six Broadcasters make billions in profits while using the public airwaves for free. In return, they are supposed to provide programming that fulfills community needs. Instead, lobbyists have successfully fought to make it easier for broadcast companies to gobble up even more free airspace while doing less to serve the public. Take Action to end the big broadcast swindle. 2011 Revenue: $6.2 billion Supporting Investigative Journalism Data analysis, scrutiny of EU institutions or cross-border investigations – those and more special interests for investigative journalists are covered in the program of the 4th European Dataharvest conference, to be held in Brussels on May 9-11. The program and list of speakers is taking shape – follow the news and find participation info at www.… The result of SCOOP Russia was on the agenda, when the SCOOP partner organisation, the Swedish Association for Investigative Journalism, had its annual conference. Now the news has travelled back to Russia and is featured by Barents Press International.

Investigative News Network OpEd News Romanian Centre for Investigative Journalism Rezultate concurs sustinut de Fundatia Soros Romania si Centrul Roman pentru Jurnalism de Investigatie Castigatorii competitiei "Jurnalism de investigatie in slujba interesului public" sunt: Alina Moscalu, Roxana Jipa, Oana Dan, Olimpia Filip, Radu Burlacu, Vlad Mixich, Petru Zoltan, Daniel B ... From S.O. 10-08-11

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