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THE INVESTIGATIVE FIRM is one of the few private investigation companies managed by a former FBI Agent and former Police Officer and a leader in the insurance fraud and SIU community.

We have successfully partnered with clients such as:Department of Veteran Affairs, Department of Defense Navy, Harris County, TX, Houston Independent School District & etc. We offer the experience, expertise, and the diversity of a large company with the personal service and commitment to quality control that large companies seem to neglect. We offer services like Asset Searches, Background Investigations, Criminal Defense Investigations, Executive Protection & much more. Surveillance Investigation Services For Individual & Company : THE INVESTIGATIVE FIRM. Commercial collections, skiptrace, and asset searches combined with expert surveillance investigation aid companies in their effort to recoup financial losses.

Surveillance Investigation Services For Individual & Company : THE INVESTIGATIVE FIRM

Surveillance investigation may also be used in conjunction with criminal background checks or a pre employment background check to further clarify information. Additional situations requiring the aid of Houston private investigators include labor and union practices, workplace theft, or violence. The Investigative Firm's Texas private investigators serve individuals through surveillance investigation, skiptracing, asset searches, and criminal background checks to aid in criminal and divorce cases as well as in instances of suspected infidelity or a missing persons search.

Our Texas private investigators use real life and technological techniques to find the information needed to answer the questions of businesses and individuals alike. THE INVESTIGATIVE FIRM : Office Sweeps/Debugging Investigations in Houston. Asset Search Services for all Types of Assets - THE INVESTIGATIVE FIRM. Some Techniques of Surveillance Applied in Criminal Investigations.

An action of surveillance is referred with the observation of individuals, places and the vehicles.

Some Techniques of Surveillance Applied in Criminal Investigations

It is often applied by police and the private investigation firms to investigate any crime scene or allegation of some illegal behavior. The task includes a higher risk and requires a great physical, mental and technical skill to deal with any unexpected and unpleasant situation. For police, it is a legal responsibility and the part of their duty while private investigation agents or firms perform a surveillance when get hired by a client to do so. The Future of Private Investigation Agencies by Info Woolf. The scope and the yield of the private investigation sector is increasing day by day.

The Future of Private Investigation Agencies by Info Woolf

While the corporate houses as well as individuals are showing their interest in hiring these services in a great number never expected ever before. There is a big room for career enhancement in this sector. On the other hand, many skilled and trained people with a professional approach and technical expertise are joining in the field. Altogether, this is the most favorable working environment for the private investigation agencies to work and grow.

The economistsare treating it as a new industry with high potential. Strategic partnerships: While the industry is expected to go so far, and professional investigation agencies are also taking the steps to raise their business and scope in a more professional manner so can expect some remarkable partnerships, consolidations and mergers also. More white collar: The present day private investigation sector is gaining reputation as a white collar sector. The Need and Importance of the Executive Protection Services - Being a successful and high powered executive in a multinational corporation is the dream of any person working in a corporate world.

The Need and Importance of the Executive Protection Services -

But this position brings some risks as the essential byproduct of the success. This is the reason that companies have to spend a lot on protecting and securing their important executives at the top position and hiring the services of executive protection services. As per the level of the hiring company and the subjected executive, and the budget of the client, these agencies provide their specific packages. For example the top financial and marketing personals of any MNCs are provided the serious security that includes smartly outfitted “C-level employees” with cars, planes, alarm systems and security their family.

On the other hand a minimal security is provided or the package with minimal amount. Obviously, this level of security sometimes thrills and annoys the executives and they want to be left alone. What is Counter Surveillance and How it Works for Bug Sweep. Every person and business has right to privacy.

What is Counter Surveillance and How it Works for Bug Sweep

But due to many reasons such as rivalry and competition, this basic right is under the threat of surveillance. To find the secret information and insides, a great deal of bugs is being used. The term counter surveillance means of a process of detection, the thwarting of and protection against any king of unwanted surveillance. This integrated process includes many tools and equipment's such as bug/camera detectors, audio jamers, noise generators and many others.

Because, being aware and alert of the increasing problem regarding to the individual or institutional privacy, there is a high demand of Counter Surveillance office sweeps. Sometimes a question arises in our mind that how these equipment's work and what is their relative significance. Camera detector: It is a general, the simplest and highly straightforward counter surveillance equipment's used at the present time. Hire Criminal Defense Lawyer in Houston. TSCM Bug Sweeps in Houston : THE INVESTIGATIVE FIRM. Sweep for Bugs by Using Some Smart Tools. Private Investigator Dallas. Asset Searches in Houston : THE INVESTIGATIVE FIRM. Surveillance Agency Houston - Counter Surveillance Office Sweeps Dallas.