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Investigative Reporters and Editors

Investigative Reporters and Editors
The Caymanian Compass is seeking a data journalist for our newsroom. The Compass is the only daily newspaper in the Cayman Islands, an English-speaking U.K. territory in the Caribbean with a population of about 55,000 people. Cayman is known internationally as a luxury travel destination and offshore financial center, but the territory also has a robust development sector and is poised to join the vanguard of innovation in the healthcare industry. Residents of Cayman enjoy first-world standards of living, along with year-round sunshine and no direct taxation. The territory’s first open records law was passed in 2007 ...

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Indicting the US Government for crimes against humanity – unsealing the evidence It is opportune that only a couple of weeks after three-times human rights awardee Bradley Manning presented his case against the US Government for war crimes committed in Iraq and Afghanistan, details have been released (see video trailer above) of a 15 month investigation by the Guardian and the BBC into torture centres in Iraq, coordinated by US Special Forces commander, James Steele, and former US General Petraeus. Add in evidence of system-wide torture and massacres in Iraq and Afghanistan as compiled by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism (see below) with additional evidence from a number of other sources (also below) and what we have is much more than a dossier but an indictment – unsealed and without need for a grand jury – that could form the basis of charges raised against the US Administration either in the World Court or – deliciously turning the tables – at the military tribunal of Bradley Manning. The game is afoot!

Searchy » Internet Explorer / Firefox Quick Search Add-On Quick Search - Search with shortcuts directly in your address bar e.g. g » for Google Search i » for Google Images m » for Google Maps y » for Youtube t » for Twitter w » for Wikipedia a » for Amazon e » for eBay c » for Calculator and many more [+] more… Smart Search - Get auto-suggest ideas while you type. Instant Search - Get results instantly as you type. Tracking James Steele, the alleged coordinator of Iraqi torture centres: US War Crimes Tribunal investigation #1 James Steele today We have tracked down the man identified by The Guardian and the BBC who they alleged supervised death squads and torture squads, first in El Salvador, then Iraq (under General Petraeus). James Steele, named in the joint Guardian/BBC investigation, lives in Texas and operates as a counter-insurgency consultant.

Creation, curation and community: How the Seattle Times restructured to ensure survival Back in 2009 the Seattle Times was reported as being in a "dire position". Time magazine reported sources at the time who said that even in the face of the closure of competitor newspaper the Post Intelligencer, which moved online-only, the future of the Seattle Times was far from certain. But today, three years later, the newspaper has more than doubled web traffic, raised the cover price by 40 per cent and seen circulation revenue grow. 3 Fascinating Search Engines That Search For Faces Search engines are becoming ever more smarter in managing the massive amounts of data they are facing. In fact, face search and facial recognition are just a few of the many tools. When used the right way, they quickly unravel what an individual has been up to.

The Iraqi Wolf Brigade & ‘Frago 234′: US War Crimes Tribunal investigation #2 The Wolf Brigade together with order Frago 234 (see below) was first exposed over two years ago when Wikileaks began to publish material provided by whistleblower Bradley Manning. This article merely pulls together that material, given that in less than three months time a trial will commence. The Wolf Brigade – an Iraqi death squad, set up by US Special Forces coordinator James Steele – was the subject of a recent Guardian/BBC investigation: the full 50 minute video of this investigation is provided below. A Wolf Brigade raid at close quarters is shown above. Note 1. Bradley Manning provided information to the public domain in accordance with the guidance issued by the ICRC and subsequently is the victim of a political prosecution by the US Administration in order to deflect any investigation into war crimes he revealed.

Press Release: Qwant the new search engine that covers the whole of the internet, including social networks, on just one page! - Blog Qwant February 2013 Posted By Qwant With just one click and in the blink of an eye, Qwant finds everything about a subject on the internet. This includes what’s on the social networks, and allows users to contact each other. It is a search engine like no other. It is simple, fast and clever! Qwant was launched today: it is a revolutionary search engine that finds all available information on the internet and gives users optimum results. Gareth Peirce, Andy Worthington, Wikileaks, interviews with former detainees: US war crimes tribunal investigation #3 As part of our series of investigations for a proposed US war crimes tribunal we decided on the matter of Guantanamo Bay to go direct to the experts: Gareth Pierce, Andy Worthington, Wikileaks and, of course, the former detainees. Below, we present highlights of the investigations conducted by Andy Worthington, links to the Wikileaks files on Guantanamo and audio interviews with former Guantanamo detainees. Above is a video of a talk (January, 2012) by Gareth Peirce, who has written a book on Guantanamo (‘Dispatches from the dark side: on Torture and the death of justice’) and whose clients include Moazzam Begg and Shakar Aamer. Breaking… Gitmo detainees on now indefinite hunger strike. The overall picture that emerges from the Wikileaks files, Worthington’s flawless analysis, and Peirce’s observations is of a facility that history will show is of a level that any Nazi (and we use that term here in its true historical context not as a pejorative) would be proud of. A.

Download Tor Tor Browser Version 6.5.2 (2017-04-19) - Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP Everything you need to safely browse the Internet. Afghanistan atrocities: US war crimes tribunal investigation #4 Kabul, March 2013 Recently a small but significant demonstration in support of Bradley Manning took place in Afghanistan (see photo above). Via Wikileaks, Manning told the world the truth about what was happening there. Below, as part of our series of investigations for a proposed prosecution of the US for war crimes, we compile the evidence Manning raised (in the Afghan War Diaries) about war crimes in Afghanistan, as well as more recent evidence and extensive links. Incidentally, ask any historian and they will explain that no one – not even the Russians, not the British, not the Tartars, nor the Mongols – ever won a war in Afghanistan. War crimes