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Open Source GIS

Open Source GIS
Open Source GIS [Last update: 12/8/2013 - About 350 projects listed.] This effort represents an attempt to build a complete index of Open Source / Free GIS related software projects. In addition to those alphabetized here, many great projects are listed at the end and will be integrated soon. And this will all move to a proper database. The definition of GIS is kept loose to encompass a broad range of projects which deal with spatial technology.

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Geo APIs Summer Learning Series: High Performance KML for Maps and Earth The Keyhole Markup Language (KML) is an open standard for geographic data presentation. There are over one billion KML files on the web, and yet the vast majority of these files are points on a map. In High Performance KML for Maps and Earth, Sean Askay and I covered advanced techniques for using KML in Google Earth and the Earth API, as well as introduced other Google platforms that support KML. Our hope is that developers will discover the power of using KML on Google’s platform. Some of the topics we discussed during our talk: An Introduction to KML

10 Excellent Open Source and Free Alternatives to Photoshop Adobe Photoshop is a given in any designer’s wish list, and it comes with a host of features that allow for excellent and professional photo editing. The biggest obstacle to any designer who wants Photoshop is the price, which can be prohibitive. Fortunately there are a number of open source (and completely free) programs out there that do much of what Photoshop can, and sometimes more. Desktop GIS Stefan Steiniger: Aug-2007: subjective evaluation Version: 03. March. 2008 (small changes) The table(s) should be published in forthcoming journal article which I have started to work on for a research article, because it bothers me, that current GIS research is hardly aware of the existing systems. I imagine that we all can profit from a better visibility e.g. in terms of extended functionality. To give an overview on the OS GIS functions I have setup a second table, to be found as well in this directory on

Flex Projector Gallery Ciric IAuthor: Strahinja Ciric (Страхиња Ћирић) EmailThe Ciric I projection is based on the Winkel-Tripel and optimized for 54 degrees of acceptable angular distortion and 150% acceptable areal distortion, with parallel bending increasing linearly with latitude, and with equally-distributed meridians.Distortion (lower is better): Angular 25.84, Areal 0.16, Scale 0.29Released 12 Nov. 2010 Copyright Note: I, Strahinja Ciric, the copyright holder of this work, hereby release it into the public domain. This applies worldwide. In case this is not legally possible, I grant any entity the right to use this work for any purpose, without any conditions, unless such conditions are required by law.

Working with Coordinate Systems The great thing about geographic information systems is that data from different sources can be juxtaposed, according to the way that each is related to the suface of the planet -- and new information emerges about possible realtionships. This is made possible by spatial referencing systems such as Latitude and Longitude or projected coordinate systems. Software is getting better at aligning images and layers that are referenced in different coordinate systems, nevertheless we often encounter problems getting layers to line up as they should. This document provides some tips for troubleshooting and fixing alignment problems with spatial data. Topics Covered in this Document Related Documents

InformationWeekGoogle Deal Lets SAP Customers Map Data - software Blog Google Maps meets SAP: Partnership includes exclusive mashup capabilities and discounted pricing for geospatial data. Slideshow: Top 15 Google Apps ForBusiness (click image for larger view and for full slideshow) SAP has teamed up with Google to enable its customers to mashup data with the search giant's mapping capabilities so they can visually report on business conditions such as sales by territory, loan risk by region, or defaults by neighborhood. SAP and Google have already collaborated to enable customers to plot data on Google Maps within the SAP Streamwork, BusinessObjects Explorer, and Crystal Reports interfaces.

GIS for RIDGE Research This article appears in RIDGE Events, 5(2):5-7, 11, 1994 Dawn J. Wright The increasing amount and inherent complexity of data collected in multiagency, multidisciplinary national and international research programs such as RIDGE will require the implementation of more powerful data management and analytical techniques. QGIS v MapInfo observations mick bareman at Fri Mar 2 00:49:20 GMT 2012 I have been using MapInfo since about 1995 and QGIS for the last year or so and have noticed some real differences in usability that I would like to share. My current project is a map of Roman Britain using data from Ordinance Survey Open Data, OpenStreetMap, English Heritage and various books and other historic maps I have found on line.

Digitizing Errors in GIS Digitizing in GIS is the process of converting geographic data either from a hardcopy or a scanned image into vector data by tracing the features. During the digitzing process, features from the traced map or image are captured as coordinates in either point, line, or polygon format. Types of Digitizing in GIS Geo APIs Summer Learning Series: GIS with Google Earth and Google Maps This session at Google I/O demonstrated how developers can take advantage of new and little known GIS capabilities in all of our geo services. We started out showing some of the GIS capabilities in Google Maps API, which amongst other features, lets you calculate distances and angles and overlay map tiles in arbitrary projections. Moving onto some new and upcoming products, we showed off some of the capabilities of Google Earth Builder, a new platform to manage and publish large amounts of raster and vector GIS data. In the world of data visualization, previous sessions had showed off new styling features for Fusion Tables. You can select one of the categories in the box below. Then you will be presented a list of entries that have the selected category dedicated to them. Geographic Resources Analysis Support System (GRASS)

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