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Convert CSV, GPX, OV2, KML, LMX, etc.

Convert CSV, GPX, OV2, KML, LMX, etc.
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How to Cite GIS Materials When writing a research paper or an article that contains references to GIS data, maps, or other geospatial material, it’s important to include a proper citation crediting the author of the GIS work. Citations vary depending on if the map is a single piece of work, part of a map series, an atlas, or a map that is part of a book or a journal article. There are even specific citations if the map was created using GIS software or you are citing GIS data. There are varying citation guidelines for static web maps versus dynamic online mapping applications. For each map, first consult the original work in order to extract the necessary information. Scan the map for the necessary information. Unlike most books and journal articles, the map or GIS data being cited may not contain all the needed information for a full citation. Always check the map first for source information about the map’s author (1), title (2), scale (3), and publication location and publisher (4). Map Author . Author.

13_Xander's Web :: MapMaker v1.2 MapMaker v1.46 Qu'est-ce ? MapMaker vous permet de prendre et d'assembler automatiquement des copies écran, dans le but de fabriquer, par exemple, des images de grande dimension à partir, la encore par exemple, de sites internet comme OpenStreetMap. Outre la copie écran et l'assemblage automatique de ces copies, MapMaker propose un module spécifique qui en quelques réglages, vous permettra de fabriquer automatiquement une grande image. Enfin, MapMaker propose des outils de zoom, de recadrage, d'effacement de zones, permet d'enregistrer votre travail aux formats bmp, png ou jpeg, et permet d'imprimer le résultat à l'échelle de votre choix. Principe de fonctionnement de l'assemblage : Pour construire l'image au fur et à mesure des copies écran, MapMaker utilise des zones de comparaison de 100x100 pixels. De plus, MapMaker compare les zones les plus caractéristiques des images, celles qui ont les plus grands contrastes afin de gagner du temps. Pour les utilisateurs de Linux :

Nuvi WorkAround -- This is the start of Page 1 -- CLICK FOR OTHER PAGES or use TOC/Menu Pg 1, Pg 2 , Pg 3 , Pg 4 , Pg 5 , Pg 6 , Pg 7 , Pg 8 , Pg 9 , Pg 10 , Pg 11 , Pg 12 , Pg 13 , Pg 14 , Pg 15 , Pg 16 , Pg 17 , Pg 18 Page 1 , Page 2 , Page 3 , Page 4 , Page 5 , Page 6 , Page 7 , Page 8 , Page 9 7/8X5 Page 1 , 7/8X5 Page 2 , 7/8X5 Page 3 Info Page TOC/Menu - Setting Your Primary Home It is recommended that you into your nüvi. map your path from where you currently are -- to your home -- with a minimum of presses. In case you haven't done this, then the next time your car is parked at your place of domicile: It is always wise to have a Back-up 'Home' saved in your Favorites. Suppose you've been out of town using your nüvi in a rental car and you have changed your real 'Home' for a temporary 'Home', maybe your motel in Schenectady, NY. [* See: WHEN YOUR HOME IS NOT YOUR HOME - Using a Temporary Home ] Please remember later to delete the old 'Home' (the motel one) and re-establish your actual 'Home'. Almost done.

Dragonlance Nexus: Recommended Dragonlance Reading List - Product Catalog by Matt If you are new to the Dragonlance series, the sheer number of novels that have been published is overwhelming. One of the questions we get at the Nexus most often asks what order should someone read the Dragonlance novels. For those that don't want to wait for the explanation, here's my short list (these should be read in the order they appear in the comprehensive list): Classic core novels Fifth Age core novels Age of Mortals core novels Historical core novels List Setup The comprehensive list is divided two ways. Second, the list is organized based on the relative importance of a series. The Time Periods Now that I've clarified the list's organization, I will talk a little bit more about the various time periods. The Historical designation is for novels that flesh out the backstory of Dragonlance. The Fifth Age continued until 421 AC, when the events recounted in the War of Souls trilogy drastically changed the course of history once again. Reading Order

Geotools 8.0 Released The Geotools community is pleased to announce the availability of Geotools 8.0 for download on sourceforge. If you are using Maven, this release is deployed to our OSGeo Maven Repository: For more information on setting up your project with Maven, see the Quickstart (included in the user guide documentation pack above). Geotools 8.0 is a stable release made in conjunction with GeoServer 2.2-RC2 and GeoWebCache 1.3-RC4. Currently there are no additional updates to 2.7.x planned. Geotools 8.0 comes feature packed compared to its 2.7.x releases. More information can be found by checking out the proposals made for this release here. For those migrating from GeoTools 2.7, additional instructions are available here. We would like to take the opportunity to thank all the developers, users and contributor that have helped to make this release possible. Enjoy, The GeoTools Community

04_TrailRunner - Mac OS X route planning and journaling for iPhone, Nike+ SportBand, Garmin ForeRunner GPS POI Factory Submitted by poi factory on Mon, 01/08/2007 - 6:37pm. There are several web sites and software packages that can provide approximate coordinates for a street address in the USA or Canada. This process is often referred to as "geocoding". Software Packages Extra POI Editor - (NOTE: users report the geocoding feature is no longer working.) a free program written by Turboccc, one of the users at POI Factory. Web Sites - a site that shows coordinates for US - shows coordinates for addresses in Canada / - shows coordinates for a list of - shows coordinates for a list of - shows coordinates for a list of addresses The terms of use and license agreements for these resources vary, so make sure they're okay for how you intend to use them. Other pages

An amendment to the Golden Rule Mapnik Available languages — Mapnik is an open source toolkit for rendering maps. Among other things, it is used to render the five main Slippy Map layers on the OpenStreetMap website. It supports a variety of geospatial data formats and provides flexible styling options for designing many different kinds of maps. Mapnik is written in C++ and can be scripted using binding languages such as JavaScript (Node.js), Python, Ruby, and Java. the Mapnik Installation Wiki. You can learn more about using Mapnik at The Mapnik Wiki and by joining the #mapnik channel on freenode Note that Mapnik is a software project and should not be confused with any of the common map stylesheets that might be named after Mapnik. Overview Mapnik can output map images to a variety of graphics formats - PNG, JPEG, SVG, and PDF. Mapnik Styles The Mapnik style rules used for the Standard OpenStreetMap are open-source and can be used as the basis for custom renderings of OSM data (see OSM Standard Mapnik Style below). Data Sources

11_GpsPasSion Forums - RouteConverter (édit.,conversion routes et traces) Présentation RouteConverter est un programme qui permet de créer, d'éditer et de convertir d'un format à l'autre des fichiers routes et des fichiers traces. Il existe déjà de nombreux éditeurs-convertisseurs tels les excellents ITNConv/ LogConv de notre ami Benichou mais d'une part RouteConverter vient complèter la liste des formats qu'il est possible de traiter : Copilot, Falk Navigator, Glopus, GoPal Route, GoPal Track, Navigon MN6 Route et Storage, POI Route 66, TomTom itn et rte, Top 50 OVL, etc .. et d'autre part il autorise directement la conversion entre tracks et routes. Caractéristiques de RouteConverter : Formats supportés : New : Installation - Pour lancer RouteConverter, double-cliquer sur l'exe ou sur le fichier .jar- Cliquer sur le bouton "Voir les options du programme", sélectionner la langue et indiquer le chemin de l'exécutable gpsbabel.exe Mise en Oeuvre La fenêtre de RouteConverter est divisée en deux parties. Mais ce programme regorge d'autres possibilités. 1. 2. 3.