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National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Home Page

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Home Page

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Classics - John Snow: The London Cholera Epidemic of 1854 It wasn't until 1854 that Cholera struck England once again, that Snow was able to legitimate his argument that Cholera was spread through contaminated food or water. Snow, in investigating the epidemic, began plotting the location of deaths related to Cholera (see illustration). At the time, London was supplied its water by two water companies. One of these companies pulled its water out of the Thames River upstream of the main city while the second pulled its water from the river downstream from the city. A higher concentration of Cholera was found in the region of town supplied by the water company that drew its water form the downstream location.

יש כאן רשימה MassCEC supports and works with a wide range of organizations that aim to help early-stage clean energy companies move towards commercialization. See also the incubator page for information about incubators and co-working spaces known to work with clean energy companies. Accelerators Clean Tech Open North East (Boston) - Cleantech Open is a US-wide cleantech startup accelerator program, with the mission to find, fund, and foster entrepreneurs with ideas to solve our greatest environmental and energy challenges. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - Climate Resrouces Americans’ health, security, and economic well-being are tied to climate and weather. In the last 2 years, the United States experienced 25 climate- and weather-related disasters that claimed 1,141 lives and each exceeded $1 billion ($175 billion total) in damages. The public, businesses, resource managers, and policy leaders are increasingly asking for information to help them understand how and why climate conditions are changing and how they can prepare. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is a primary provider of climate science, data, tools, and information used by stakeholders and citizens in decision-making contexts. These resources are supported by our strong foundation in science — including global climate observation and monitoring networks; world-renowned scientists; and state-of-the-art climate models. NOAA is working with partners and the public to build a climate-smart nation that is resilient to climate and weather extremes, and long-term changes.

What Is Color Blindness? - Eye M.D.-approved information from EyeSmart In the retina (the light-sensitive tissue lining the back of the eye), there are two types of cells that detect light: rods and cones. Rods detect only light and dark and are very sensitive to low light levels. Cone cells detect color and are concentrated near the center of your vision.

Massachusetts Clean Energy Incubators Incubators accelerate the successful development of start-up companies by providing entrepreneurs with an array of targeted resources and services, including mentorship, specialized equipment, flexible work space, business facilities, educational series and networks. If you are a clean energy company looking for an incubator, ACTION is able to help you find the best fit for your business. See also our page on information about accelerators and other resources for startup companies. Co-working spaces provide flexible work space, business facilities and a network for new companies.

Ethics in Climate Change — Rock Ethics Institute "If we did not take action to solve this crisis, it could indeed threaten the future of human civilization...I believe it's deadly accurate. But again, we can solve it." Al Gore According to the Environmental Justice Foundation, every year climate change is attributable for the deaths of over 300,000 people, seriously affects a further 325 million people, and causes economic losses of US $125 billion. Four billion people are vulnerable to the effects of climate change and 500-600 million people – around 10% of the planet’s human population – are at extreme risk. Who bears responsibility for protecting those whose basic rights are threatened by climate change?

A new identity Download the WindEurope logo Many thanks to GE, RES / B2i, Vattenfall and Vestas for generously providing footage Wind is competitive Wind power makes economic sense. Onshore wind is the cheapest form of new power generation in Europe today. Street Charge solar charging stations for smartphones make New York debut Telecomms provider AT&T has partnered with portable solar power systems developer Goal Zero and Brooklyn design studio Pensa for the roll out of Street Charge public solar charging stations in New York. Each station is topped by PV panels that charge up a powerful internal battery to provide smartphone and tablet users with a free juice up. The first units debuted at Riverside Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Fort Greene Park and Governor's Island on June 18, and will be followed by another 20 or so stations in the coming months. The original Street Charge station concepts were designed in early 2012 by Pensa as, according to the group's Marco Perry, "an elegant all-in-one community solution for solar charging of mobile devices." Development sketches then became working prototypes. One sported an LED street lamp with a PV panel on top, and another was created in collaboration with the Dumbo Business Improvement District with solar panels above sun umbrellas for use in a cafe setting.

Color Blindness Article By Dr Alex Wade, Research Fellow at Stanford University (this article appeared in Planet Medica, April 2000) The next time you go strawberry picking, imagine how much harder it would be if the fruit were the same colour as the leaves. If you are a man, there is a 10% chance that they are! So is this a problem you need to worry about?

נראה אותו הדבר News Release NR-0515 February 4, 2015 The Energy Department's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) have launched the Clean Energy Incubator Network.

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