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Earthquake visualization U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Hazards Program Earth Dashboard GPS Visualizer Free Geography Tools - Live Flight Tracker! In order to save data consumption Flightradar24 web page times out after 30 minutes. Please reload the web page to get another 30 minutes. or get a Flightradar24 Premium subscription and will not time-out again!

Ville Vivante Maps API Premier - Visualisez vos données Google Maps API Premier permet aux entreprises d'intégrer facilement des cartes interactives Google Maps à leur site Web public ou interne. Cette API permet à vos clients et à vos équipes de prendre des décisions adaptées, en visualisant des informations importantes sur une carte. Aidez vos clients à vous trouver plus facilement grâce à un outil de localisation.Prenez en compte la dimension géographique lors de vos décisions d'achat, notamment pour des voyages ou des projets d'achats immobiliers.Consultez les actualités et les tendances associées à un lieu.Affichez instantanément des informations sur vos clients, le chiffre d'affaires, les données de veille économique, et évaluez les performances pour un lieu défini.Effectuez le suivi des actifs, des expéditions et des chaînes d'approvisionnement grâce à des représentations visuelles, simples d'utilisation. Avantages de Google Maps API Premier L'API Google Maps est l'une des applications de cartographie les plus utilisées au monde.

Google Map Maker Google Map Maker officially closed on March 31, 2017, and many of its features are being integrated into Google Maps. Since 2008, the Google Map Maker community has edited and moderated millions of features to improve the Google Maps experience. To make it easier for all Google Maps users to contribute changes to the map, we’ve started to graduate functionality from Map Maker to Google Maps on both desktop and mobile. Key editing features currently available in Google Maps include: We’ll continue to add new editing features within Google Maps on an ongoing basis. To keep contributing your local knowledge to Google Maps and engage with a passionate community of likeminded individuals, we invite you to join the Local Guides program where you can do things like: Earn points Unlock rewards for submitting edits and other information Get early access to new Google Map features.

10 Dumbest Google Maps Fails Image via Googlesystem Google is as essential and ubiquitous in our lives today as mammoths were to our early ancestors. Hopefully our childrens childrens children will not find Google employees frozen in the Siberian ice. If they do, however, it will be because Google Maps led them there on the way to Rio. And if they do ever manage to unthaw one of these people-sicles, you can bet the newly unfrozen former employee of the big G will gasp out: Walking directions are in Beta! 10. Image via BBC For centuries, the Netherlands and Germany have been squabbling over ownership of the port of Emden. Yes, Google confirmed that the town belongs to Germany, but gave the whole of its harbor to the Dutch, much to the chagrin of local officials. 9. Image via Andy Blackburn Hmmm looks like a very rustic hotel; quiet and remote, without much in the way of luxuries… Like walls. Image via Andy Blackburn 8. Image via The Telegraph 7. Image via Zebrabelly 6. Image via Oddee 5. Image via Googlesystem 4. 3. 2. 1.

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