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18 Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I Was 18

18 Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I Was 18
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4 Ways to Simplify Your Life Steps Method 1 of 4: Eliminating Clutter <img alt="Image titled Simplify Your Life Step 1.jpeg" src=" width="728" height="547" class="whcdn">1Decide what stuff is unnecessary. Simplifying doesn't need to be complicated: Identify what's most important to you and eliminate everything else. Imagine you had to pack everything you owned in an hour to move across the country for ten years, or for the rest of your life. <img alt="Image titled Simplify Your Life Step 8" src=" width="728" height="546" class="whcdn">8Make your bed every day. Method 2 of 4: Getting Organized Method 3 of 4: Simplifying Your Relationships Method 4 of 4: Slowing Down Give us 3 minutes of knowledge! Can you tell us about Mosquito control? Door maintenance? Pipe smoking? Spanish? Tips

Create a Study Space Create a study space that helps you make the most of the time you have to study. Adult students don't always have the luxury of a desk. Create your study space wherever it makes the most sense, and equip it with the things you need to facilitate learning. Maybe reading in a window seat helps you remember more, or in a porch swing. Certainly, learning and studying can happen anywhere, but when you have options, exercise them in your favor. And before you go too crazy creating a space just for studying, consider what Benedict Carey discovered when he wrote about research for The New York Times on Sept. 6, 2010 in "Forget What You Know About Good Study Habits." He says varying your study space actually helps you remember better. At the very least, you need a computer, and probably a place to plug it in. What do you need? A desk Comfortable chair Source of power Internet access Computer Printer Lamp Paper and pen Room for books DictionaryMusic Candle Beverage Cat Now go study!

25 Beautifully Illustrated Thought-Provoking Questions A question that makes you think is worth asking… At the cusp of a new day, week, month, or year, most of us take a little time to reflect on our lives by looking back over the past and ahead into the future. We ponder the successes, failures and standout events that are slowly scripting our life’s story. If you would like to maximize the benefits of self reflection, our new sister site, Thought Questions, is for you. Remember, these questions have no right or wrong answers. Here’s a sample of 25 recent thought questions posted on the site: Thought Questions is updated daily. Title photo by: Oberazzi For all other photo credits please refer to Related 6 Questions that Will Save Your Relationships When you don't ask sincere questions and talk it out, there's a lot of important stuff that ends up never getting said. May 21, 2014 In "Life" 20 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Every Sunday July 24, 2008 In "Hacks" 40 Photo-Illustrated Questions to Refocus Your Mind

How to Succeed Common: Psychological burn-out due to overlooking the immeasurable sources of drive. Uncommon: If you ignored the fact that your car required an oil change, what would happen? (No, this is not a trick question.) The vehicle’s functions would be utterly undermined leading to complete engine failure. However, it’s not just cars that require tune-ups. This is all common sense. But why then, are so many people unpleasantly surprised when they feel unsatisfied or don’t perform at their full potential? Although this concept does not only apply to our physical health, I thought I would share part of a conversation I had recently with a doctor who confirmed this idea. problem I see,” he said, “is the number of people who do not consistently maintain their health and ignore the many amber alerts indicating that their behavior needs to change.” The doctor continued, “Most patients look at professional help purely as a last resort; meaning once the pain gets unbearable, they finally come in. Actions:

breathe. | zen habits How to Stop Being a Digital Packrat: 14 Steps (with Pictures) Edit Article Edited by Flickety, VC, Sh84, Krystle and 4 others Digital packrats have all kinds of files on the hard drive, just because they think they might need them. Free online storage encourages keeping even more hoarding and discourages you from deleting all those photos, audio and video files, PDFs, word processing documents, spreadsheets, and other digital tidbits. Trouble is, there are costs to digital packrattery. It can slow down your computer and worse, it can complicate your life, cost you time in terms of productivity, and can stress you out more than you know. Ad Steps 1Diagnose thyself digital packrat. 14Develop purging routines. Tips If you feel you really must keep some of that information, burn it to CD's, label clearly and store in a CD holder (the modern soft, fabric ones are less brutal-looking and take up less space).

Study Space - Create a Study Place - How to Establish a Good Study Space Your study space is critical to your ability to study effectively. After all, if you can’t concentrate, you certainly can’t expect to learn very well. This does not necessarily mean that you have to find a place that's completely silent and set it up as your study area, but it does mean you should find someplace to study that fits your specific personality and learning style. Your Study Space Needs Students are different. Take the time to assess your real needs and plan for the perfect study place. You will study most effectively if you make your study time special, like a ceremony. It might sound crazy, but it works. Evaluate your personality and preferences. If you don’t have a conversation about this, there are likely to think you’re messing around when you are not.

- StumbleUpon 10 Secret Tips for Success 1. Make your own judgements and stand by them. I have found that in most cases, someone will question your thoughts or decisions when it comes down to business ideas. Maybe you have had some kind of inspiration that you feel is a great idea, but when you mention it to someone else, they are quick to tell you that it won’t work. 2. What is it about society today? Come on people, accept your responsibilities. 3. What scares you? 4. Always try to better yourself by learning new things. 5. Not giving something up can be just as hard as trying to give something up. 6. It always amazes me how people love to try and pull someone down to their own level as soon as they think they are becoming successful. 7. I have heard this said by a few business people and I have to add it to my list. 8. The world is full of thinkers and mighters, I was thinking I might, I think I will and I might are all things that will get you nowhere. 9. Do you know what you want? 10.

Inspirational Quotes - Personal Development - Motivational Quotes & More - Jim Rohn International Simple Living Manifesto: 72 Ideas to Simplify Your Life “Simplicity is the peak of civilization.” – Jessie Sampter By Leo Babauta A simple life has a different meaning and a different value for every person. It means getting rid of many of the things you do so you can spend time with people you love and do the things you love. However, getting to simplicity isn’t always a simple process. If you’re interested in simplifying your life, this is a great starter’s guide (if you’re not interested, move on). The Short List For the cynics who say that the list below is too long, there are really only two steps to simplifying: Identify what’s most important to you.Eliminate everything else. Of course, that’s not terribly useful unless you can see how to apply that to different areas of your life, so I present to you the Long List. The Long List There can be no step-by-step guide to simplifying your life, but I’ve compiled an incomplete list of ideas that should help anyone trying to find the simple life. Make a list of your top 4-5 important things.

How to Use a Student Planner - Using a Day Planner "The assignment is due when? Tomorrow?" We've all been there at some point. Somehow, that assignment due date just slipped right up on us without our noticing. That is why organizational skills are so important to school performance. Poor organization skills can reduce your final scores by a whole letter grade. Tips for Using a Planner Pick the right planner. Things to Include in Your Planner It is important to block off anything that consumes your time, in order to avoid conflict and crisis. Regular blocks of homework time Assignment due dates Test dates Dances, parties, dates, celebrations Family gatherings, vacations, excursions SAT, ACT test dates Sign-up deadlines for standardized tests Fees—due dates Holidays *College application due dates *College visitation days *It's a good idea to include college dates even if you're a freshman and you're not applying or visiting colleges yet.

Top 40 Useful Sites To Learn New Skills The web is a powerful resource that can easily help you learn new skills. You just have to know where to look. Sure, you can use Google, Yahoo, or Bing to search for sites where you can learn new skills , but I figured I’d save you some time. Here are the top 40 sites I have personally used over the last few years when I want to learn something new. Hack a Day - Hack a Day serves up fresh hacks (short tutorials) every day from around the web and one in-depth ‘How-To hack’ guide each week.eHow - eHow is an online community dedicated to providing visitors the ability to research, share, and discuss solutions and tips for completing day-to-day tasks and projects.Wired How-To Wiki - Collaborate with Wired editors and help them build their extensive library of projects, hacks, tricks and tips.

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