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Julian Treasure: How to speak so that people want to listen

Julian Treasure: How to speak so that people want to listen
Have you ever felt like you're talking, but nobody is listening? Here's Julian Treasure to help. In this useful talk, the sound expert demonstrates the how-to's of powerful speaking -- from some handy vocal exercises to tips on how to speak with empathy. A talk that might help the world sound more beautiful. This talk was presented at an official TED conference, and was featured by our editors on the home page. Julian Treasure Mango (2017) Explore The Sound Agency's work worldwide. sign up Get Julian's free five-part video training on listening skills Have you ever felt like you're talking, but nobody is listening? This talk was presented at an official TED conference, and was featured by our editors on the home page. Julian Treasure Mango (2017) Explore The Sound Agency's work worldwide. sign up Get Julian's free five-part video training on listening skills Related:  Comunicazione orale

7 Hand Gestures That Make You Look Like a Real Intellectual You’ve definitely seen it at some point. Maybe it was in a lecture in college. Maybe it was in a TED talk you watched recently. Someone is trying to explain some important historical connection, drawing up a grand theory of art or science or human progress, and there it is, as if by reflex: the hand lifts in front of them like an upturned claw, the fingers slowly turning an invisible dial. That’s “The Dialectic,” one of the hand gestures you’ll need to master to become a genuine thought leader. Alice May Williams and Jasmine Johnson observed “the full complement” of these gestures in the process of earning their MFA at Goldsmiths College in London. Throughout their courses, Williams and Johnson saw the gestures repeated so frequently that “it became hard not to notice them spreading from academics to students and back again,” they explain–a sort of vicious cycle of performative thinking. Click to Open Overlay Gallery Their virtual manual includes nine gestures in all. Go Back to Top.

Dans quelques jours c’est la rentrée. 10 manières d’utiliser le jeu en classe Enseignant au lycée à Genève et formateur spécialisé d’enseignants pour l’utilisation du jeu en classe, nous vous proposons ici 10 manières d’utiliser le jeu en classe. Comme la semaine prochaine, c’est la rentrée des classes dans le canton de Genève en Suisse, cet article pourra peut-être vous intéresser, collègues pédagogues. Les règles de jeux utilisent un registre de langue particulier, le type injonctif, qui règle des comportements, comme les modes d’emploi ou les recettes de cuisine. Lire des règles de jeux permet à l’apprenant de se familiariser avec un autre type de français. Et pourquoi ne pas demander ensuite aux élèves d’écrire eux-mêmes leurs propres règles pour un jeu préalablement joué en classe? S’ils ne sont pas majoritaires, il y a toutefois sur le marché beaucoup de jeux coopératifs qui proposent aux joueurs de jouer ensemble contre le jeu. On pourrait dire que ce point ressemble au 2, mais pas vraiment. Lapalissade, les jeux de société sont… en société. J'aime :

Visual thinking for the business world The best advice for public speaking and presentations This article was taken from the October 2015 issue of WIRED magazine. Be the first to read WIRED's articles in print before they're posted online, and get your hands on loads of additional content by subscribing online. Whether it's getting up in front of an audience of 1,000 guests or ten overworked employees, public speaking can be unnerving. Michael Weitz and Abigail Tenembaum, founders of Virtuozo, coach everyone from TED speakers to CEOs to express their message effectively. Understand your message "One thing that is critical is knowing your key message," says Tenembaum. Connect with your audience Look at them, don't stare, but speak directly to them and check they are staying engaged. Have a conversation Don't think about your words. Keep it clear Words should not get in the way of your message. Don't be afraid to pause If you have a sudden memory lapse, don't panic. Move for a reason When you pace up and down the stage it's distracting to the audience. Use your hands Keep your body open

J'ai un problème avec l'orthographe et vous ne m'aidez pas à le régler Certes, il y a une baisse du niveau d'orthographe en France, et c'est gênant. Mais faut-il vraiment culpabiliser ceux qui écrivent avec des fautes? La semaine dernière, j’ai été alertée au sujet d’un rapport de l’Education nationale bourré de fautes d’orthographe. Des fautes inadmissibles comme des «s» oubliés, des mots mal orthographiés (pillier au lieu de pilier), des tas de coquilles. Mais qu’est-ce qui se passe au ministère? Pardon: que se passe-t-il? Mais je n’ai pas fait tourner cette information. D’abord parce que je n’ai pas eu le temps de regarder le rapport de près –il ne s’agit pas d’un texte important. Et puis, je n’ai pas retwetté cette info parce que je suis gênée par le sujet: j’ai moi-même des problèmes d’orthographe. Lorsqu’ils veulent la défendre, les amoureux de la belle orthographe ont tôt fait de vous expliquer combien ceux qui font des fautes manquent de respect à la langue, aux lecteurs, au monde. Difficile donc, de faire son coming out sur la question.

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Four Improv Techniques That Can Help You Communicate Better | Co.Create | creativity + culture + commerce Have you heard the one about the man who took off his pants in the middle of a corporate training exercise? "That happened once!" says actor Robyn Scott. She’s describing the freewheeling atmosphere integral to the communications workshops she runs for Second City, the improv theater that famously served as a launchpad for some of the biggest names in entertainment, including Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Steve Carell. Know Your Audience Scott says Google has hired SCW to bridge generation gaps between employees. Play The Scene You’re In After the passage of the Affordable Care Act, Blue Cross Blue Shield asked SCW to help its staff deal with massive upheaval in the insurance industry. Find The Hero In Any Narrative Another request from Google was to help people learn to convey data-heavy information to nontechnical colleagues and company outsiders in a compelling way. Let Go Of Your Own Agenda

Au Québec, les ados grandissent grâce à l'improvisation De loin, on a l'impression d'assister à un micromatch de hockey. C'est normal : les maillots, les parois blanches du "ring", les cris de la foule évoquent irrésistiblement le sport national du Canada. Sans oublier les coachs, les arbitres, les séries éliminatoires... "Les matchs d'impro, c'est du sport, mais sans le côté sélectif et très compétitif. Tout le monde peut y participer, même et surtout les grands timides", explique Sophie Caron, 44 ans, de la Ligue nationale d'Improvisation (LNI), qui passe la moitié de sa vie dans les écoles secondaires du Québec (soit auprès d'élèves de 12 à 17 ans) à former et enseigner. "Tu te fais une incroyable bande d'amis" "Moi, j'ai été embauché d'abord parce que j'étais coach en improvisation", sourit François-Xavier Dupuy, 25 ans, chargé du service aux élèves au Collège de Montréal, une école secondaire privée du centre-ville. Sophie comme François-Xavier disent avoir assisté à des petits miracles. Du merveilleux à partir de rien

L’elevator pitch: l’arte di comunicare un’idea in modo efficace e in pochi secondi | MarketingJournal Parliamo di uno dei concetti più popolari e chiacchierati del mondo startup, il cosiddetto “elevator pitch”. Interessante è raggiungere tre obiettivi: fornire a chi parte da zero una breve definizione di questo concetto, evidenziarne le caratteristiche principali e infine darvi due tre esempi da cui potete trarre ispirazione. ( nel video un bell’esempio di Elevator Pitch che funziona: pubblicità sulle tazze di caffè) Che cos’è un Elevator Pitch e come mai si chiama così ? Si tratta in poche parole di un breve discorso utilizzato per catturare l’attenzione di vari interlocutori riguardo un nostro progetto o una nostra idea di business. Esistono varie tipologie di elevator pitch a seconda della durata oppure del target a cui è rivolto (consumatori, finanziatori, partner,…). Ecco per voi 9 consigli che ti consiglio di tenere a mente quando preparerei il tuo prossimo pitch. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. di Fulvio Rubini scritto su Related posts:

Unconventional Presentation Tips to Wow Your Audience We’ve all heard the basic public speaking advice: Make eye contact, speak more slowly than you think you need to, tell a story. But what about the tips that go below the surface — tips that the pros have learned from giving countless presentations over the years? Turn to these three decks to take your speeches to the next level: Throw in Your Funny Bone Most of us can agree that humor in a presentation makes it that much more memorable — but a joke can quickly become a flop if not delivered the right way. Repeat After Me: Repeat, Repeat, Repeat This deck by presentation design firm SketchBubble gives an exhaustive list of tips, from phrases you should repeat before getting on stage to techniques for eliminating stage fright. PowerPoint Is Not the Problem — It’s You Most presentations these days suck, says cyber security engineer Ian Trimble. Check out our new Creator’s Hub for SlideShare tips, best practices and more! Photo: Graphicworld/Shutterstock Related Posts

How to Close Your Speech With Power Your speech is going great. You’ve opened with a bang and have hit all your key points. As you look out at the audience, they are on the edge of their seats; they’re nodding, and engrossed with every word that you say. You’re about out of time, and you need to wrap it up. So you say: -“Who has questions for me?” If you ended your presentation with one of these statements before, then you’ve blown your close. I’ll admit that I’ve said all of those phrases at one point in my speaking career. Your conclusion is the most valuable real estate in any speech. How do you do that? 1. The main purpose of your conclusion is to signal that the end is near. You’ve probably heard this quote from Dale Carnegie: “Tell the audience what you’re going to say, say it; then tell them what you’ve said.” While repetition is good thing, a summary that merely repeats your main points is a snooze fest. You want to be creative. It’s creative and my audience remembers my points. 2. 3. It’s their battle cry. Happy.