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Rory Sutherland: Perspective is everything

Rory Sutherland: Perspective is everything

Top 10 Ways To Become An Evolved Man Do you want to start attracting amazing women – and ultimately find the perfect match for the long term? The key is rising above all the guys competing for her attention by coming across as far more “evolved” than they are. Here are ten fast, easy ways to do it. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Ready to learn dozens of simple, success-proven ways to become an irresistible “evolved” man? Parataxic distortion Parataxic distortion is a psychiatric term first used by Harry S. Sullivan to describe the inclination to skew perceptions of others based on fantasy. The "distortion" is a faulty perception of others, based not on actual experience with the other individual, but on a projected fantasy personality attributed to the individual. The fantasy personality is created in part from past experiences and from expectations as to how the person 'should be', and is formulated in response to emotional stress. Parataxic distortion is difficult to avoid because of the nature of human learning and interaction. Etymology[edit] From the Greek παράταξις, "placement side by side" Para - A Greek prefix which came to designate objects or activities auxiliary to or derivative of that denoted by the base word ( parody; paronomasia, paranoia) and hence abnormal or defective. Taxic - indicating movement towards or away from a specified stimulus. Interpersonal relationships and emotions[edit] Attachment theory[edit]

10 Ways to Appear More Authoritative at Work If you want to be taken more seriously at work, take a look at how authoritative you appear. Many people, especially newer managers, undermine their own authority without realizing it, and then wonder why they're not more respected. Here are 10 ways to exude confidence and appear more authoritative at work: 1. [Related: Why Intelligence Is Overrated] 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. [Related: The Best Big Cities for Jobs] 8. 9. 10. Alison Green writes the popular Ask a Manager blog, where she dispenses advice on career, job search, and management issues. More From US News & World Report

The psychology of the powerful 6 October 2012Last updated at 00:06 ET By Philippa Roxby Health reporter, BBC News Jokers can be a useful reminder of human fallibility World leaders are often accused of hubris, of wielding power in arrogant and self-serving ways. Leaders and managers in public life rarely escape criticism when they make unpopular decisions either. So are leaders losing touch with reality when they act in a power-hungry way? According to psychologist Guy Claxton, professor of learning sciences at the University of Winchester, their actions could be to do with "a disorder of intelligence". At a Royal Society of Medicine conference this week, entitled The Intoxication Of Power, Prof Claxton says that human intelligence is made up of four different mental systems working in harmony. When one of these systems is not used, the decision-making process can become unreliable and potentially dangerous. Continue reading the main story “Start Quote Politics can become dangerous. "None of these systems is infallible.

Eight Products the Facebook Generation Will Not Buy Consumer tastes are changing at a greater rate than ever before. Not surprisingly, the purchasing habits of the youngest generation present the most dramatic shifts — a reflection of what they find important. 24/7 Wall St. has identified eight popular products that the “Facebook generation” is not buying. Generation Y, generally defined as those born between 1980 and 1999, have lost interest in many of the services and products their parents found important. [More from 24/7 Wall St.: America’s Nine Most Damaged Brands] What young adults care about has shifted. However, many products that have declined in popularity among the youth are more a result of the changing tastes across all ages than a generational shift. 24/7 Wall St. has identified eight of the country’s most popular products that are losing favor, either solely among young adults or at a significantly higher rate among that group. 1. 2. 3. [More from 24/7 Wall St.: The Six States Where Taxes Are Soaring] 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

12 Tips For Becoming Charismatic & Unforgettable Charisma is a great and wonderful talent to possess. A lot of people feel that Charisma is something only a handful are born with. Well they are wrong. You can learn it! That is why we have decided to share with you ‘ 12 Tips For Becoming Charismatic & Unforgettable ‘. 1. Here are the four different styles: - Focus . - Visionary. - Kindness . - Authority. 2. Intentionally put yourself in uncomfortable situations so that you can deal with internal discomfort more effectively, this way you come across more experienced and as someone who deserves to be honored for his or her fearlessness. 3. You need to make time before the big event to warm up. It’s important not to leave your physical out of this to, even if this means you switch your iPod playlist from Jazz to Hard Rock or Clubbing music with some added in push ups or sprints to get you pumped before hand, this will get you warmed up and ready for the challenge. 4. Those who suffer from self-doubt, reek of it! 5. 6. A great & 7. 8. 9. 10.

What successful people do in the morning Yahoo! editors have selected this article as a favorite of 2012. It first appeared on Yahoo! Small Business in June and was one of the most popular stories of the month. Readers traded tips on what works for them in the morning, and why. The day may have 24 hours of equivalent length but author Laura Vanderkam says not every hour is created equal. From former Pepsi CEO Steve Reinemund's 5 a.m. treadmill sessions, to author Gretchen Rubin's 6 a.m. writing hour, examples of highly accomplished folks who wring the most from their pre-breakfast hours abound in the book. "Seizing your mornings is the equivalent of that sound financial advice to pay yourself before you pay your bills. But what if you're a night owl by inclination and you go pale at the thought of setting the alarm for even five minutes earlier? "Around 10% to 20% of folks are confirmed night owls. What's your morning ritual? More from

10 Things to Leave Off Your Resume What you don't include on your resume can be as important as what you do include. Here are 10 things you should leave off: 1. An objective. Resume objectives never help and often hurt. Not only do they feel outdated at this point, but they're all about what you want, rather than what this stage of the hiring process is all about--what the employer wants. 2. [Related: 10 Things Your Interviewer Won't Tell You] One exception to this rule is if the job was short-term because it was designed that way, like contract work or, say, working on a political campaign. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. [Related: How Recent Grads Can Land Jobs] 9. 10. Alison Green writes the popular Ask a Manager blog, where she dispenses advice on career, job search, and management issues. More From US News & World Report

How does today impact tomorrow’s success? Everyone wants to have a good day, but not many people know what a good day looks like – much less how to create one. And even fewer people understand how the way you live today impacts your tomorrow. Have you ever asked someone what he was doing and heard him respond, “Oh, I’m just killing time”? Have you ever really thought about that statement? A person might as well say, “I’m throwing away my life,” because, as Benjamin Franklin asserted, time is “the stuff life is made of.” If we want to do something with our lives, then we must focus on today. The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda. It all comes down to what you do today. Make the decision once, then manage it daily. There are only a handful of important decisions that people need to make in their entire lifetimes. If you make decisions in those key areas once and for all – and then manage those decisions daily – you can create the kind of tomorrow you desire.