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If you're a fan of YA, general book geekery or an aspiring writer (original or fanfiction!), Ascendio has the programming track for you! The Quill Track will be an entire track of programming (both formal and informal!) dedicated to all things books and writing. Best of all, the Quill Track is 100% included in your Ascendio registration! Ascendio is the eighth event put on by HPEF, a nonprofit organized by Harry Potter fans to put on amazing, educational and fun events for fans, academics, writers, authors, Quidditch players, debaters, and anyone who loves discussing - or has been inspired by - the Harry Potter series of books and films.

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Know it Alls Welcome to Know it Alls, the very best of Harry Potter Fanfiction Recs. We want to point you to the best stories in Harry Potter in all pairings and ratings, both Het and Slash, as well as Gen centered on all the different characters, but we have our own preferences that draw us to certain kinds of stories. You can help us diversify by giving us suggestions for stories in the underrepresented pairings on our Suggestions page and a Know-it-All will check them out. And who knows, if we like your recommendations and come to trust your judgement, we may not just include them among our recs but ask you to become a Know-it-All. Wanted ~ January 19, 2007 Know It Alls is looking for rec’ers.

Love Through Pain Chapter 1: Oliver gets hurt, a harry potter fanfic Disclaimer: I don't own anyone or thing that you have heard of before. Note: This takes place around Harry's first year. I have changed some of the things that are found in the books, so please don't review trying to correct me. Rating: PG for slight, tasteful, sensuality. Where your Harry Potter Fan Fiction needs are met Black Cat Across the Road by MirroredIllusions (G+) Harry Potter thinks back on his life on the day he celebrated his first cen... Hogwarts Holiday Happenings by Hot Wheels (G) Some special visitors are coming to Hogwarts...but not everyone is happy ab... The Unexpected Detective(s) by Hot Wheels (G) Spearheaded by the surprise discovery of one student--and with some help fr... A New Understanding?

Harmony Bites Author has written 27 stories for Harry Potter, Star Trek: 2009, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, and Firefly. Believe it or not, it was The Half Blood Prince that made Snape's character intriguing to me and sent me in search of the fandom and its fan fiction. I saw plenty in the novel to make me believe the reader was being set up, and not all was what it seemed--so I went looking and found that others saw the same things I did. Slash & Fan Fiction Archive Summary: Harry is queer, angry and horny. Due to his recent losses and the strain of the task ahead of him, he is becoming more and more unstable. And Voldemort may not be the only enemy that Harry must face. Vampires and Werewolves are entering the battle between Light and Dark, and nothing and no one are what they appear to be.

Of Chances, Changes, and More Chapter 1: Gryffindor, a harry potter fanfic Of Chances, Changes and More The Great Hall was bustiling with noise on the first day of the new year at Hogwarts. Deena Parkes, a third year, sat at the long Gryffindor table, next to her good friend, a fifth year student, Oliver Wood. He was babbling on about something that Deena didn't really have a mind to pay attention to, though she guessed it was probably about Quidditch. At the last Quidditch game of last year (which had left Deena unconcious for a day), Wood, the keeper, had been appointed team captain.

Jamie's Juicy Bits Title: Home is where the heart isAuthor: jamie2109Artist: writinchica2kBeta(s): @psychosm1212Word Count: ~23.5kRating: R (for language)Characters/Pairings: Adam/TommyContent/Warnings/Enticements: Nope.Summary: Twenty years later, a bit of tell-all interview. A/N: Someone asked a question and the answer was, ‘We’ll never know unless twenty years down the track someone writes a tell-all book,’ as they tend to do, and everyone around at the time says, ‘I knew it!’ Well, I figured that I might not care in twenty years (or I might be dead), so I’d write my own version of it.

Pet Project Chapter 1: Default Chapter, a harry potter fanfic Disclaimer: Neither Severus nor Hermione belong to me. Everything belongs to the JK Rowling. I only get to play in the sandbox she's provided.

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