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Occlumency :: A Severus Snape archive Dreaming the Wolf Prologue "The wolf changes his coat, but not his disposition."Anonymous The wolf knows no complications. She only knows what she can do and what she cannot. She knows that she can leap over that log with ease. Her heart beats for her life alone. The spark that still held the rational mind of Chloe inside the wolf body took a moment to feel the loss of her humanity. Chloe gave chase and then there was only the crunch of bones and the burst of blood in her mouth. Chapter 1- Heart of the Wolf By the time Chloe found herself in her apartment, she was panting heavily. So here she was. "Easy. Chloe could barely recognize her own voice. He was not of this world. "I'm going nuts. Chloe did the only thing she could do. The last word ended as a sob and a pitiful whine. Despite the fact that it was 3AM, she had to call Clark now or she'd chicken out. "Chloe, is something wrong?" Chloe cleared her throat a few times and finally answered him, "No. "Sure. Chloe interrupted him. "Sure, Chlo'. "Good.

Potions and Snitches Home - Sycophant Hex Ashwinder :: To bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses Harmony Bites Author has written 27 stories for Harry Potter, Star Trek: 2009, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, and Firefly. Believe it or not, it was The Half Blood Prince that made Snape's character intriguing to me and sent me in search of the fandom and its fan fiction. I saw plenty in the novel to make me believe the reader was being set up, and not all was what it seemed--so I went looking and found that others saw the same things I did. Then I stumbled upon Snape/Hermione fan fiction, and I was lost. Some very fine writers not only convinced me the ship worked better than I could have imagined, but made me fall in love with their vision of Snape. And if that Severus Snape, devious rather than evil, is ultimately not canon come Book Seven, so be it. I'm not a Brit but trying to write like one in HPfic, so any pointers on that (or any other crit) would be appreciated. Links to all my stories and information on updates can be found on my Live Journal Happy reading (I hope)!

Pet Project Chapter 1: Default Chapter, a harry potter fanfic Disclaimer: Neither Severus nor Hermione belong to me. Everything belongs to the JK Rowling. I only get to play in the sandbox she's provided. Thanks to raven gr, Liz, Peri and queenp for making the story presentable. Chapter 1 – Revelations and Eavesdropping Severus knew better than to smirk in the face of his colleague's rage. So really, driving Minerva McGonagall into a sputtering, near apoplectic fit just wasn't something he could simply pass up. "Really, Minerva," he drawled, his tone one of someone who honestly doesn't see what the fuss is about, "it was just a prank between boys." "A prank?" Severus smiled though it lacked all warmth. He affected a look of thoughtfulness as if trying to remember a long ago memory before turning slightly to where Dumbledore sat behind his large desk. Seeing his fellow Head of House opening her mouth to start her argument again, Severus cut her off. At that Minerva found her outraged voice. "It is not I who thinks so, Minerva. "Forgive me. "Yes.