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Obscurus :: A Site for Quality Harry Potter fiction. Obscurus Fiction Drive Criteria: Any couple (or non-couple) Any rating Harry Potter with or without any crossover fandom I also thought to make this interesting and give you the option of participating in a challenge too (just in case inspiration is taking its time in hitting). The challenge: Select your couple and write a New Year’s Eve story featuring one or more of the below: Mistletoe One too many drinks of Fire Whiskey A sexy red dress An unplanned public declaration of love Karaoke (pick the perfect song for your character – must be Christmas themed) A game of strip Charades (e.g. boys vs girls) Someone getting caught with their pants down (literally) Someone mooning Dumbledore on a broom (if it is based during Hogwarts’ years) A dare from one of the Weasley Twins that ends up with someone locked in a cupboard with the boy/girl of their dreams, awkward silences and the snog to end all snogs. The most important thing about the Fiction Drive is that you enjoy yourselves. Submission Rules

Dreaming the Wolf Prologue "The wolf changes his coat, but not his disposition."Anonymous The wolf knows no complications. Her heart beats for her life alone. The spark that still held the rational mind of Chloe inside the wolf body took a moment to feel the loss of her humanity. Chloe gave chase and then there was only the crunch of bones and the burst of blood in her mouth. Chapter 1- Heart of the Wolf By the time Chloe found herself in her apartment, she was panting heavily. So here she was. "Easy. Chloe could barely recognize her own voice. He was not of this world. "I'm going nuts. Chloe did the only thing she could do. The last word ended as a sob and a pitiful whine. Despite the fact that it was 3AM, she had to call Clark now or she'd chicken out. "Chloe, is something wrong?" Chloe cleared her throat a few times and finally answered him, "No. "Sure. Chloe interrupted him. Clark knew that something was wrong. "Chloe, I need to meet Lois." Chloe really had no choice. "Clark, just meet me tomorrow.

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