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Themed Recs - capitu's Harry/Draco recs. I never make non-rec posts here, but this is a rec post in a way. ^^ For a few months now I've been crossposting the recs to capiturecs at Tumblr, and often I get requests to make these themed recs. I figured I could share those lists here in case someone is interested. :) These recs come from requests people make at tumblr. I'm going to paraphrase the questions for easier navigation, but you'll find the full questions if you follow the links. I won't update every time I make a new themed rec post at Tumblr, but I will update this list, as I do with these lists every weekend.

Themed Recs: Friends set Harry/Draco up Secret Relationship Jealous Harry and/or Draco (first time) bamf! Dark! Creature/Bonding fics Muggle AU Hogwarts Era [not 8th year] Gender-bender fics Over 50K fics Harry or Draco as musicians Heart-pounding Mpreg Alternative Sorting Slow Built fics Humour/funny stories Fluffy Fics Oblivious! Smutty fics Muggle friends [Best] Friends first Veela! Creature! Virgin! Bonding! Raising Teddy Best Friend! Pining! Master List of Fanfiction Recs - capitu's Harry/Draco recs. Drarry Fic List. Reiko Katsura's Ramblings - Harry/Draco Goodie Bag (aka, masterlist of recs) The "Goodie-Bag" was actually compiled for two reasons: 1) So I could clean up my bookmarks, and 2) Because a friend asked me to make a categorized list of rec lists when I told her I had saved lots of them. My bookmarks are, unfortunately, just as messy as always. Also, I don't think my friend quite expected the size of this list (I certainly didn't).

It took me hours and hours to organize. Anyways. Here it is: A Compilation of Harry/Draco Fan Fic Rec Lists, (some) Searches, and Comms. Just thought I'd share. If you have a rec list, or know of one, that you'd like me to add here, please feel free to post it in a comment. Categories: Occupation | Creature/Animal | Length/Status | Kink | Era | Genre/Rating | MPreg/Kids | Health/Issues | Classic/Oldies/New | AU/AR | Holidays | Bond/Spell/De-Age | Relationship | Favorites/Universal | Miscellaneous | Search Communities | Fan Art | Fic/Fest Masterlists & Communities ETA: I'm totally aware of ETA: Everything on here is H/D or H/D predominate. Capitu's Harry/Draco recs - Harry/Draco Fanfiction Recs Archive. Navigate: BY ERA: Hogwarts Era, 8th Year, War Time, Post Hogwarts (EwE & Epilogue Compliant), Post Hogwarts EWE, Post Hogwarts Epilogue Compliant.

BY OCCUPATION: Auror, Unspeakable, Other Ministry Job, Healer, Teacher, Unusual Careers, Working with Potions. BY GENRE:Angst, Drama, Fluff, Humour, Smut (PWP), Dark FicsAlternate Universe: AU: Magical, AU: Non Magical Mpreg: Mpreg: Draco, Mpreg: Harry, Magical Creature: Vampire, Veela, Werewolf, Other. BY CONTENT: Animagus & Transformations, Bonding! BY WORD COUNT: 5,000 words or less, Between 5,000 and 10,000 words, Between 10,000 and 20,000 words, Between 20,000 and 50,000 words, Over 50,000 words And because no romance is complete without this piece of info:Bottom! If you want the links without the running commentary, here you go: A slightly simpler list of Harry/Draco Recs. If you find a broken link or a mistake, please let me know so I can fix it. Oh, hey! The R/S Library - Directory of R/S Fic.

At long last.... This is, by no means, a complete list of fic. Since R/S fic is spread far and wide, this is, and will likely always be, a work in progress. What we have now is a list of commonly rec’d fics (pulled from several lists by other users). Fics will continue to be added so long as there is puppy love to be had. Enjoy! Please contact the librarian HERE with any issues using the directory (broken links, etc).Don’t see your favorite fic? Thank you to pavlablack and m3535 for the help! Snupin Central / Thematic Lists. This page houses links to various thematic lists of Snape/Lupin stories that have been compiled. The page will be updated as more thematic lists are compiled. Each list focuses on stories that contain a particular theme (or themes, since there will be some overlap) with Snape/Lupin as the primary pairing. Alternate Universe - stories set in an alternate, non-HPverse environment. Amnesia - a list of SS/RL story recs featuring memory loss. Betrayal - stories in which either Snape or Lupin betray each other in some way.

Comfort Stories - stories chosen by the members of the lupin_snape community as their favorite comfort stories. Crossovers - stories that include a direct crossover to another book, TV show, movie, etc, or which are direct homages to another book, TV show, movie, etc. The Dark Side of Snape/Lupin - a resource list of dark fic and art, compiled by Snegurochka. Enslaved - Stories in which either Remus or Severus is captured or enslaved. The Essential Snarry Reader. Raconteur. Reiko Katsura's Ramblings - Harry/Draco Goodie Bag (aka, masterlist of recs) Lira_snape: My lists. A short listing of my themed lists, pairing lists and favorite stories listing. My themed lists(Unless noted otherwise, my lists are sorted alphabetically within a category, disregarding articles.)

Harry-centricHarry sends his mind back in time to his younger selfPowerful HarryHarry is related to one or more of the FoundersHarry gets a new magical focusHarry changes his name - legally or for the purpose of hidingHarry as an Unspeakable, Hitwizard or similarHarry on a Chocolate Frog CardHarry has a phoenixHogwarts-AUs (Harry-centric) DumbledoreManipulative DumbledoreGrandfatherly Dumbledore and Dumbledore as mentor to HarryDumbledore in Harry/Snape-fics Mentorship, adoption, different childhoodMentorship and Adoption (Harry-centric)AU: Harry doesn't grow up with the Dursleys DiverseA Cure for Lycanthropy or the LongbottomsTrunks, portraits and other dimensional doorsNormal pregnancyAnimagus StoriesMagical or multiple Animagi Writing Help Links lothy's List of Lists.

Sulky Rhino - Harry/Draco Portal. Sulky_rhino's Harry/Draco rec list Below you can find a list of Harry/Draco stories that I have, for one reason or another, liked, and they've because of this ended up in my bookmarks. I'm a bit of an organisation freak, so all the stories on my rec list are sorted in several ways (see below). If you want to know more about my rec list, for example what kind of stories I put on the list, and how and why I've organised them the way I did, go to the Explanations. You're also welcome to send questions, suggestions, corrections, etc., either by commenting in one of the entries or by sending me an email (found on my profile page). :) I hope my rec list will be useful to you in finding stories you like.

:DNB - Please respect the rating. Thanks! :D Is there anything else you're interested in?