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Femslash. Open Air Insane Asylum. Master Elayna's Den. Kracken's GW Fanfic. Triality: The Wuffara Archive. [ Slash fiction ] Wufei & Duo Mailing List Archive. Welcome to the home for all of the great fics that have been posted to the Wufei Duo Yaoi Mailing List!

Wufei & Duo Mailing List Archive

The mailing list has been around for close to 8 years, so there are quite a few fanfics to choose from. Please don't forget to feed the authors! Be adviced that the fics archived on this site may contain the following: violence, sexual situations (lemons/limes), language, homosexuality, and raw humor. The Library of Moria: Lord of the Rings Slash and RPS Fanfiction Archive. For all your Snarry needs. The Severus Snape Fuh-Q Fest Archive. This archive proudly holds almost 600 stories written for the three waves of the Fest by 203 authors.

The Severus Snape Fuh-Q Fest Archive

The stories vary greatly in genre, theme and length, and the authors range from well-known, prolific writers to those trying their hand at writing slash in this fandom for the first time. There's bound to be something to suit just about anyone's tastes here, so long as they like both Snape and slash - which seems like a pretty good combination to us! After all, that was our starting point... Please note that all the stories contained in this archive are slash, and therefore feature sexual/romantic relationships between characters of the same sex. Smallville Index. Supernatural Fanfiction. Jedi Masters and Apprentices Fiction Archive. KSA Fiction. Ink Stained Fingers - Search page. Futures Without End. Area 52: Welcome. Amused and Abused. 852 Prospect: The Sentinel Adult Fiction Archive. The Silver Snitch III. Draco and Harry Fan Fiction Archive.