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Draco / Harry Slash Fic

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The Perfect Girl Chapter 1: The Hunting Season, a harry potter fanfic. *Title: The Perfect Girl* Author: slytherin-nette Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or any of these characters but I own the plot and the concept of the 'Hunting Season'. ^_~ Everything else belongs to JK Rowling.

The Perfect Girl Chapter 1: The Hunting Season, a harry potter fanfic

(although I wish I owned Draco. *wink*) Rating: PG-13 (at the moment…*smirk*) Summary: The hunting season has just begun and Draco Malfoy, only heir to the Malfoy line, is on his relentless pursuit of the perfect bride with very high qualifications. Genre: Romance/Humor Warnings: This is a SLASH fic (sorta) so all those who are homophobic or find the idea insulting, PLEASE TURN BACK NOW.

Spoilers: SS, CoS, PoA, GoF, OotP, just to warn you. ;) Pairings: Draco/girl! Short Note: Hey everyone! Chapter 1- The Hunting Season Draco Malfoy, extremely handsome aristocrat and the most sought-after bachelor in Hogwarts was furious. Again. The hunting season had finally begun. He needed to find his perfect girl. Sure, Draco was a jerk every now and then.

He shuddered at the thought. Teddy Bear Rewritten Chapter 9: Training in Hogwarts, a harry potter fanfic. Chapter 8: Recap "I've already forgiven you so hush," Harry said with his finger raised at Voldemort.

Teddy Bear Rewritten Chapter 9: Training in Hogwarts, a harry potter fanfic

"He needs it more than I do and it is his family as well," Harry murmured, looking into the mirror watching Tom pull Harry on his lap in front of the roaring fireplace. "It will only be gathering dust if it remained here; I have no use for it in this house. " Voldemort enveloped Harry in a soft embrace, his chin resting on top of Harry's silky hair. Inhaling the sweet scent of Harry he turned and watched the mirror. Chapter 9: Training While Harry was busy exploring the room Tom was silent. But then, Tom seems to have forgotten how selfless he is towards his Harry, but Harry is always the exception in his world. "What's wrong? " "Harry, we can't trust this yet. " "We don't know who showed this to us Tom, this is a large boon for us, we shall not waste this.

" "But – " "Tom, if this person wants something in return then we'll wait for them to demand it. "I think this is the place. " SOULMATES Chapter 8, a harry potter fanfic. Chapter 8 Disclaimer : J.K Rowling Pair : Draco M.

SOULMATES Chapter 8, a harry potter fanfic

& Harry P. Rate : M / Mature / Dewasa Genre : Hurt / Comfort Warning : SLASH, MPREG, OOC, Modifiate Canon. Beberapa hari menjelang liburan Natal dan Tahun baru para murid sudah mulai mempersiapkan diri untuk liburan panjang mereka. Pintu ruang kerjanya terketuk pelan dan tak lama terbuka menampakkan sosok pemuda yang terus ada dalam hatinya. Fic: Dragon Lily [HP Fandom, Harry/Draco, mpreg] Title: Dragon Lily, NC-17, ~7,200 wordsAuthor: megyalWarnings: mpeg, fluff, OOC-ness (I think), original charactersSummary: Written for friend of mine ( naughtylaundry), who asked for fluffy mpreg H/D, and one where Draco has some sort of high position.

Fic: Dragon Lily [HP Fandom, Harry/Draco, mpreg]

Not much canon-compliant. Notes: The title really has nothing much to do with the fic; it is actually the name/idea of a bit of art that naughtylaundry had done, and a scene in the fic is based on it. Draco Malfoy walked swiftly out of the lift that had carried him down from Level 5, his long dark robes fluttering in his haste. "Good evening, Winchcombe," he said as soon as he recalled the name. "Evenin', Minister-Counsellor," Winchcombe replied, face falling back to its frown as he stumbled over Draco's title.

"Yes, it is. " "There he is! " "Minister Malfoy! " "Still just a Minister-Counsellor," Draco said smoothly, tucking his arms into the wide sleeves of his robes and lifting his chin. "So I've heard," Draco said casually. "Do they? " fin. The Things We Do For Freedom Chapter 3: 02, a harry potter fanfic. Disclaimer – Don't own, don't sue.

The Things We Do For Freedom Chapter 3: 02, a harry potter fanfic

Warnings – Yaoi/Slash/boy-on-boy. Mpreg later. Wandless magic. Harry abandonment. The house elves announced that dinner was served and Draco made his way down to the small4est dining area in the house that wasn't in any of the private suits. Synthetic Bonds - mypetelephant. A Little Bit Unprofessional - charmed310 - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling.