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Awful Library Books

Awful Library Books
Setting Up a Library: How to Begin or Begin Again Smith 1979 Submitter: I showed this book to my co-worker and she said, “Where did you find that?” I hated to tell her it was in 027. Worse, it circ’d in 2011. Here are the totally incomprehensible instructions. To be clear, these are the complete instructions, not the table of contents. 8 pages of this stuff.

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I want that library (Source: mrharristweed, via bookshelfporn) fromscandinaviawithlove: A home in Malmö, Sweden.Photo from the real estate agency Mäklarhuset. fromscandinaviawithlove: simpledesks: The Rise and Fall of Text on the Web In the summer of 2014, I became interested in studying if it was more than my mere impression that websites were beginning to present less text to end-users. Websites such as were gaining enormous popularity and using a communicative style that had more in common with children’s books (large graphics and short segments of text) than with the traditional newspaper column. I wondered if I could measure this change in any systematic way? In this blog post, I will outline a research study I recently published in the open-access journal Information Research that ask the following questions: is the use of text on the World Wide Web declining?

Everyday Cute It’s Tommy the Pomeranian - Pusheen style! Requested by Feb 04. 4425 Notes. Film & Video The following films are presented for educational and non-commercial use only. All copyrights belong to the artists. About UbuWeb Film & Video Book Protection : Easy Bind® Repair and Reinforcement Tape Kapco > KAPCO Book Protection > Products > Tapes > Easy Bind® Repair and Reinforcement Tape All-Purpose Polyester Mending/Repair Tape. Exclusive 1/8" Peel 'n Place® Centering Strip. Acid-Free, Non-Yellowing Adhesive.Reinforce HingesMend Torn PagesAffix Loose PagesRepair Documents, Photos, Drawings and More1 mil Clear, Low Glare Matte Polyester U.S. Patents #4,879,149 and #5,017,070; Canadian Patent #1,324,626; European Patent #EP 0 337 611 B1; Irish Patent #65112.

Visiting libraries is the most popular activity in the UK (spread these resources far and wide!) I'm always struck by just how many people use libraries in the UK. It's a mind-bogglingly huge amount. When we hear about the figures they're always couched in terms of reductions - CIPFA tells us about the continuing decline, noting that UK visits to public libraries in 2013-14 fell to 282 million, from 288 million the previous year. I'm not surprised it fell - we lost 49 branches and 1,000 full-time-equivalent staff in the same period.

Things Could Be Worse I am back and rested from ECCC 2014. Nice to meet so many fine people. This comic-illustration might be of use for those of you who find yourselves in a similar situation wishing to avoid offense. How Open Source Software Can Improve the Library - Remember a time when doing research required us to have to go to the library? Your school had one, and that's probably where you spent most of your library time. If it wasn't your school, then it was probably your local town or city library. Some of these libraries may have been tiny little holes in the wall with just a few thousand books while others were huge university libraries with 10,000 of books, magazines, newspapers, cd, microfiche, and more.

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