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AudioAPI - gears - Audio in the browser - Improving Your Web Browser The purpose of this module is to provide an effective (and simple) Audio API through Gears. Playback & Recording (Basic) Multiple channels and mixing (Basic) Editing (Adv) 3D positioned audio (Adv) The scope of this document is limited to items (1) and (2) above. Items (3) and (4) are briefly discussed. The Audio API is designed similar to the HTMLAudioElement in the HTML5 specification. The audio playback, transform, mixing and recording all happen in the CPU (since CPUs today are fast and basic audio mixing/processing takes very little usage).

Modules · nodejs/node-v0.x-archive Wiki This page is deprecated. Feel free to add to it, but be advised that it is, at best, a faded relic of Node modules that were written before npm was a dominant force in the Node.js ecosystem. It is not all that useful any more. Blueprint: Tooltip Menu A simple tooltip menu where the submenu will either appear above or below the main menu, depending on available space. View demo Download source This is a simple tooltip menu that will show a tooltip submenu when hovering over an item. The submenu will either appear above or below the main menu, depending on where more space is available.

Build a simple contact form using HTML, PHP and Bootstrap Hello and welcome to my newest tutorial: Build a simple contact form using HTML, PHP and Bootstrap. We will be building a simple contact form which will firstly validate the content posted then if successful, send an email with the details. Difficulty: Easy Before starting this tutorial I will assume you have a basic knowledge of both HTML and PHP, and also have setup a working web directory. We will be working with the CSS framework Bootstrap (by Twitter) to style the form. Here is what we will ultimately be creating: View Demo.

jRecorder – jQuery plugin for audio recording Recently I made a jQuery plugin named jRecorder to record voice in html pages. This plugin is very easy to integrate with your web page and you DON’T need a flash server or RED5 server to do the recording What all you need is a Web Server (PHP or any server scripting language). You can find the documentation and Download the plugin HERE. eg: $.jRecorder( settings ); RECESS Overview Developed at Twitter to support our internal styleguide, RECESS is a simple, attractive code quality tool for CSS built on top of LESS. Incorporate it into your development process as a linter, or integrate it directly into your build system as a compiler, RECESS will keep your source looking clean and super managable. Installation The Node Beginner Book » A comprehensive Node.js tutorial About The aim of this document is to get you started with developing applications with Node.js, teaching you everything you need to know about "advanced" JavaScript along the way. It goes way beyond your typical "Hello World" tutorial. Status You are reading the final version of this book, i.e., updates are only done to correct errors or to reflect changes in new versions of Node.js.

How to Extend Twitter Bootstrap's Carousel Functionality Bootstrap comes with tons of great, ready-to-use components right out of the box. The true beauty of the framework, however, lies in the ability to build additional functionality for those features with relative ease. This especially rings true in elements like the built-in carousel/slider. For example, say your proposed site design doesn’t necessarily require a slideshow to infinitely scroll leftward (as is the default setting), or maybe you need to cycle several items within a single group. This and other techniques can be simple to achieve with Bootstrap’s inherent accommodations to your supplemental styles and markup. The same idea can of course be applied to the other built in components, but let’s take a look at a few small carousel examples to get started with refining Bootstrap to fit your needs!

Web Audio API – Getting started The Web Audio API is one of two new audio APIs – the other being the Audio Data API – designed to make creating, processing and controlling audio within web applications much simpler. The two APIs aren’t exactly competing as the Audio Data API allows more low-level access to audio data although there is some overlap. At the moment, the Web Audio API is a WebKit-only technology while the Audio Data API is a Mozilla thing. It was recently announced that iOS 6 will have Web Audio API support, however, so there’s mobile support on the way. Tutorial: Developing a PhoneGap Application In this tutorial, you create a fully functional employee directory application with PhoneGap. You will learn: How to use different local data storage strategies.How to use several PhoneGap APIs such as Geolocation, Contacts, and Camera.How to handle specific mobile problems such as touch events, scrolling, styling, page transitions, etc.How to build an application using a single page architecture and HTML templates.How to build (compile and package) an application for 6 platforms using PhoneGap Build. To complete this tutorial, all you need is a code editor, a modern browser, and a connection to the Internet. A working knowledge of HTML and JavaScript is assumed, but you don’t need to be a JavaScript guru. Setting Up

How to create your own URL shortener: Hosted or subscription, here’s what you need to know If you follow TNW on social media sites like Twitter, Google+ or Facebook, you’ll have noticed that rather than use the full, ugly ol’ URL found in the address bar, we use a nice friendly shortened one like If you don’t follow us in these places, what are you waiting for? Do it now! File API Abstract This specification provides an API for representing file objects in web applications, as well as programmatically selecting them and accessing their data. This includes: A FileList interface, which represents an array of individually selected files from the underlying system. The user interface for selection can be invoked via <input type="file">, i.e. when the input element is in the File Upload state [HTML] . A Blob interface, which represents immutable raw binary data, and allows access to ranges of bytes within the Blob object as a separate Blob.

Flippy a jQuery flip effect plugin Markup First, add Flippy JS in your page. Be sure to have jQuery too ! The Flippy content need to be included in a container, this prevents random perspective effects with CSS : Simply call flippy() function

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