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4 Great Twitter Applications for Teachers Using Twitter In The Classroom

4 Great Twitter Applications for Teachers Using Twitter In The Classroom
These tools offer free functionality that extend and enhance the possibilities for instructional uses of Twitter. Twitter is playing a role in more classrooms every day. Articles like “6 Examples of Using Twitter in the Classroom” and “100 Ways To Teach With Twitter” have drawn tens of thousands of readers, a clear testament to the high level of academic interest in this wildly popular microblogging platform. Teachers are finding new ways to use Twitter to engage their students, build stronger academic and professional relationships, and to share information in a richer learning environment, and they are using tools like these to bring more fun and functionality to the process. It’s easy to get started with these applications. Users can sign up using their Twitter accounts (although GroupTweet does get a little more involved). Twtpoll ( and survey tools provide teachers so many capabilities. About Kelly Walsh Print This Post

Create Great-Looking Interactive Quizzes (in minutes) - embed in Utiliser Twitter pour communiquer, échanger, en pédagogie… (dossier complet) Le site de référence Docs pour Docs (professeurs documentalistes en CDI) a mis à jour début février 2012, sa page de ressources documentaires, tutoriels Twitter sous l’intitulé générique : Twitter et documentation : suggestions d’utilisation au CDI. Ce dossier constitue un vademecum des possibilités d’utilisation du réseau social Twitter au sens large : que ce soit pour de la veille, pour signaler de nouveaux contenus publiés (sur des blogs ou sites), dans un objectif de communication ou d’échanges voire de collaboration. Est également abordé Twitter comme outil pédagogique. Ce dossier comprend des tutoriels Twitter, des exemples de pratiques, des liens vers des outils utiles qui peuvent simplifier et optimiser l’utilisation de Twitter au quotidien, des présentations, des comptes Twitter recommandés (dont le compte Netpublic), articles récapitulatifs… Bref, une pléiade de ressources pour prendre en main et savoir utiliser Twitter.

Stealthy Trick Makes Facebook Look Like an Excel Spreadsheet Now you can get away with cruising around Facebook at work, even when your boss is peering over your shoulder. Well, as long as the boss doesn't look too closely. Even the laziest slacker can look busy in a jiffy with this interactive adaptation of many of Facebook's functions. Simply go to, click "Gimme Dem Spreadsheets," enter your Facebook credentials, and there's your Facebook newsfeed, all done up to look exactly like an Excel spreadsheet. It's not just a static graphic, either — lets you search for Facebook friends by entering names into the formula bar, load more items, check your newsfeed, wall, or tag photos, hover to see who liked a post, and there's even a boss switch (the spacebar) that immediately changes everything into a vast sea of spreadsheet numbers all nestled within their legitimate-looking cells. The only thing missing? Don't be surprised if there's a lot of spreadsheet "work" going on when you report back to the office on Tuesday.

Using MATLAB to Teach Problem-Solving Techniques to First-Year Liberal Arts Students - MathWorks Newsletter The students taking CMP 150: Computer Tools for Problem Solving at Franklin College this spring were not the ones who usually take a MATLAB class. Few were engineering or science majors, and fewer still had any programming experience. Most were pursuing a degree in education, and were taking the course because it is a prerequisite for Calculus 3. While learning MATLAB might not seem essential to a liberal arts education, the ability to use technology and critical thinking to solve problems undoubtedly is. I know that most of the students in CMP 150 will eventually forget function names, commands, and other details, but that's not vital. What is important is that they learn how to use MATLAB to solve problems by themselves. Course Motivation CMP 150 was created to provide students with programming experience in their first year and to enable them to fulfill a requirement of our dual-degree engineering program. Most of the students in Dr. The Inverted Classroom Figure 1. Easing into MATLAB

Wiki, blog et traitement de texte en ligne : quel outil pour quel usage pédagogique ? Le wiki, le blog et le traitement de texte en ligne sont trois outils dédiés à la rédaction. Comment ne pas prendre l'un pour l'autre ? Ou comment ne pas se servir de l'un à la place de l'autre ? Deux questions auxquelles essaie de répondre le Dr Mark Wagner, auteur du blog Educational Technology and Life. Pour ce faire, il établit une comparaison de ces trois dispositifs ; laquelle comparaison porte sur six points principaux que sont : le ou les auteur (s)les collaborateursl'organisationles mises à jourles avantagesles inconvénients. Question de choix S'agissant des auteurs, par exemple, le billet de blog est généralement rédigé par une personne même si le blog lui-même peut être animé par plus d'une personne. Les visiteurs d'un blog ont un rôle restreint, celui de poster des commentaires. En matière d'avantages, les trois outils se disputent la vedette. Le wiki, le blog et le traitement de texte en ligne ne sont pas sans défauts, liés pour la plupart aux limites technologiques.

1512564 1385471268376774 1058665189 n Fate/Heaven and Earth - RolePlayGateway See this thread for the new and updated version of this RPG. ~On Hiatus, Please Wait Till Further Notice~ Storyline: Centuries ago, those with the ability to use magic were once united under an all-powerful Mages' Association, whose influence reached all over Europe and into Northern Africa and Western Asia. The Association however always had a shaky relationship with the Catholic Church, who believed that mages were slowly trespassing into a realm meant for God alone. They may have been scattered and divided since the Middle Ages, but mages still exist, blending in amongst our everyday world, a world they once tried to avoid. What's really interesting is that, if in this timeline she and her family had not been killed first by the escalating war, a woman from the Magic House of Einzbern would've travelled to the then-distant land of Japan and, along with two other families and a powerful sorcerer, created a ritual known as the Holy Grail War. Information: Character Creation: For Servants:

Top Twitter Hashtags for Teachers Hashtags are a great way of searching for tweets in a specific category from the whole of the Twitterverse – search for #ukedchat and you will come up with a huge stream of tweets which have been tagged as interesting to anyone wanting to read about UK education. As well as searching for tagged tweets, you can tag your own tweet to make sure you are talking to an interested audience that extends beyond your followers. You can tag absolutely any word on Twitter so it can sometimes be difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff. I have read dozens of lists of ‘useful’ hashtags where many of the tags have never been used more than a handful of times. Not useful in my book. By talking to my followers and noting which hashtags are most often used by the tweeters I follow I have compiled a list of hashtags which I think will all be of interest to UK Teachers though many extend far beyond the UK. General Education Hashtags #ukedchat – UK Education. Technology Subject Specific Specific Areas / Roles

Requiem - yongguk zelo himchan jongup bap daehyun youngjae Characters Yongguk, Zelo, Himchan, Youngjae, Daehyun, Jongup Description The story of 6 lives that become effortless tangled with one another under the means of a government assignment. Through this, they will find sadness, happiness, love, and loss. Pairings: Jongup+Himchan, Yongguk+Zelo, Daehyun+Youngjae Foreword Requiem has garnered a lot of attention since its start three months ago. And for new readers, discovering this story just now, thank-you! It should be noted to new readers that this story is over 110,000 words, and over 200 pages. So, please enjoy, and be sure to tell me what you think! Poster made by nolimitxinfinite over at Bunny Confectioneries! Enseignants, créez vous-mêmes votre agenda personnalisé Partout la séduction se déploie : aux abords des villages, dans notre assiette, dans l'apparence des gens, dans la nature. On nous séduit par les odeurs, par les yeux, les oreilles, le coeur, le geste, les idées, le ventre… mais encore faut-il savoir s'y prendre. Du coté de l'éducation en ligne, on ne trouvera pas de cours qui sentent bon la lavande, mais qui sont bien présentés, avec un certain prestige, de l'ergonomie et de la qualité. L'idée de séduire va bien au delà des apparences, la séduction est une façon de présenter l'expérience future, une promesse qui sera suivie si on accepte le jeu sans sauter trop d'étapes d'approche, sans craintes ni autres préoccupations. Séduire est tout à fait pédagogique, on est en train de le redécouvrir. Image : Spoiled dog - WilleeCole Photography - ShutterStock

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