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How English language teachers can go with the Twitter flow. From the Arab spring to the private lives of Hollywood stars, Twitter and other social networking sites seem to have become integral to the news agenda.

How English language teachers can go with the Twitter flow

But despite criticism that Twitter only amplifies the mundane, it is a very powerful sharing community where teachers can find a constant supply of articles, website links, lesson plans, interactive games, worksheets and a whole lot more. In fact, the steady flow of resources that can arrive via Twitter could make searching on Google redundant. The danger is that Twitter could become overwhelming and, like me, you might find yourself putting limits on your use (I survive on a strict limit of 30 minutes a day). Setting up an account is very easy and once you are signed up the first thing you need to do is search for people to follow. Click on the "Who to follow button" and search for terms such as ELT, Tesol, EFL, and ESL. As for suitable individuals to follow I would suggest @NikPeachey, @ozge, @TheConsultantsE and @Larryferlazzo.

7 Best Ways to get full Twitter Exposure ; Twitter Tips. The rate of internet growth in the recent past has been rather steady.

7 Best Ways to get full Twitter Exposure ; Twitter Tips

Social networking sites no doubt claim large share of this rise considering their massive populace. Twitter is one such site that enjoys widespread popularity across the globe. In the recent past, twitter has gained increased importance among persons working in e-commerce as similarly among experts in internet marketing. Twitter generally offers a cheap, simple and efficient way to reach out to the large audience it enjoys.

Jeffbullas. Twitter has always suffered an image problem and is not usually taken very seriously by the general public.


Its name doesn’t help with some people even saying that ‘Twitter is for twits’. Despite this glamor and brand problem this has not held back its growth after its humble origins and launch in 2006. Since then Twitter has gained popularity worldwide and is estimated to have 225 million users, generating 65 million tweets a day and handling over 800,000 search queries per day. Twitterfall. Twitterfall is a UK-based website designed to allow users of the social networking site Twitter to view upcoming trends and patterns posted by users in the form of tweets.


The project was founded by David Somers and Tom Brearley, computer science students at the University of York.[2] References[edit] External links[edit] Definition of hashtags, the easy hashtag directory. AllTwitter - The Unofficial Twitter Resource. Twitter Abbreviations and Twitter Acronymns. Twitter Abbreviations and Twitter Acronymns. Twitter es la red social de la que más se utiliza. La red social Twitter es una de las más famosas del mundo. Aunque no es la más popular, sus más de 300 millones de usuarios en todo hacen que los número se vuelvan colosales. Número de imágenes subidas por minuto, número de tweets o actualizaciones por segundo e incluso el número de usuarios nuevos diarios son cifras que se escapan de las tablas.

Pero no todo es desde el punto de vista del usuario, sino también de desarrolladores y empresas. Twitter ofrece una API para poder utilizar la red desde programas de terceros, webs... y casi cualquier aparato electrónico conectado a internet puede twittear. Ésto viene a demostrar que dicha API recibe más llamadas diarias que Facebook (750 millones de usuarios aproximadamente) y Google juntos. Klout, un servicio de medición y estadística sobre influencias e influenciadores en las redes sociales, nos propone una infografía que compara las llamadas diarias y mensuales a las APIs de diferentes servicios. Twitter 101 : Twitter. Twitter has become one of the most popular social networking sites, mostly due to its ease of maintenance and simple, direct approach.

All it entails is the submission of less than 140 characters, push of the enter key and your news, website, press release, etc. is tweeted to all of your followers. Piece of cake, right? Yes, but only after you learn the language, rules and landscape of the Tworld. Otherwise, it’s a foreign land. Here is the ‘Twrommer’s Guide’ to using Twitter: - Since you only have 140 characters, you’ll want to conserve space by shortening those long and unruly URLs. . - Need Followers (people who receive your tweets)?

- Put a ‘#’ in front of key words in your tweet. 15 Twitter Tips To Get You Tweeting Like A Pro. Thinking About Changing Your Twitter Avatar? 5 Quick Tips To Help You Find The Perfect Picture. Your Twitter avatar, that little picture that accompanies every single message you publish on the network, is important.

Thinking About Changing Your Twitter Avatar? 5 Quick Tips To Help You Find The Perfect Picture

Probably more important than you think – a poll I ran a couple of years ago revealed that only 5% of my readers didn’t care about the avatar of the people they were following. Here are five quick tips to help you get it right. 1. We Want To See YOU You should always use a recent photo of your face for your avatar – 58% of my readers prefer and expect that. And just your face – not a close-up of your eyeball, not a picture of you (at least, we think it’s you) from a mile away, and definitely not a picture of your pet, your baby, your favourite celebrity or all of the above. Exceptions: if you’re a brand with an established, recognisable logo, and/or your Twitter profile is managed by a team (as opposed to one person), then it makes sense to put your ego to one side and use your logo.

Otherwise, no exceptions. 2. 3. 4. 5. And when you do change it, announce it. Conclusion. Twitter como herramienta educativa. Internet es un enorme laboratorio que nadie controla y uno de los experimentos más curiosos y polimórficos es Twitter.

Twitter como herramienta educativa

Empiezas a utilizarlo sin demasiadas esperanzas y termina arrollándote con la cantidad de posibilidades que ofrece. Pues bien una de esas posibilidades es la educativa. Twitter Lists: Frequently Asked Questions and Strategies. Liz Pullen is a sociologist/ethnographer who is working on a qualitative research project on online social communities with a focus on Twitter.

Twitter Lists: Frequently Asked Questions and Strategies

She Tweets as @nwjerseyliz and blogs at Spiral Scratch. Centro de Ayuda de Twitter. Everything I Needed to Know I Learned from Twitter. “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” - Confucius I admit that when I first signed up for Twitter in the spring of 2008, I didn’t really “get it”.

Everything I Needed to Know I Learned from Twitter

It took months for me to “see the beauty”, even though the awesomeness of Twitter had been there all along. 5 Tips for a Twitter Makeover. Caroline Chen | June 30, 2011 | 3 Comments inShare43 Five quick tips that can inspire you to reach full potential with each tweet.

5 Tips for a Twitter Makeover

Not the Clinton and Stacy kind of makeover. Though a little Photoshop to that avatar wouldn't hurt. I'm talking about the writing, content, and networking savvy required to truly cultivate value behind a Twitter page. I had to relearn these essentials after participating in a week-to-week experiment with our own company Twitter page, in which the reigns are handed off to a pair of employees (among three global offices) to host and tweet content however they so choose - with the intention of improving the overall quality of our Twitter presence.

However, there are good intentions to outweigh the risks: healthy competition among the assigned tweeters; diverse quality in content that aligns with our company's fascination and study of digital culture and personal passions; and growth in everyone's comfort level with social media. 15 Tips esenciales sobre Twitter: Cómo usar Twitter efectivamente para los negocios y el Networking. (Tips twitteados por Shara Lawrence-Weis el viernes, 1ro. de octubre de 2010.)

15 Tips esenciales sobre Twitter: Cómo usar Twitter efectivamente para los negocios y el Networking